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I'm currently 3DPO and absolutely hate the TWW! Was just wondering if there was anyone out there going through the same thing.

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YES!!! I am currently 4dpo (I think) and am now second guessing everything I so painstakingly charted this month!!! I got three full days of positive OPK's this month and it is just really throwing me off...then my temp only just spiked today 3-4 days after I thought I ovulated...I thought it was supposed to spike sooner than that...BUT this is only my first month charting BBT and I have missed some days and really shouldn't rely on that!!!

I am just driving myself INSANE...and to top it all off I have a baby shower at work today and totally stood in the baby aisle last night hoping and wishing...LOL :)

Good luck to both of us...but I am here if you want a cycle buddy!!! :)


6 years ago

I would love a cycle buddy! And I had the exact thing happen to me...three full days of positive OPKs!! The darkest one was the cycle day in the middle. I read it can take up to 2 days after the LAST positive to ovulate. I'm sure all your charting is fine. I totally second guessed myself on two of the temps. And, I know how you feel with the shower. Two of my close friends just found out they are pregnant. I m/c four months ago and this is our first cycle trying again, so I'm really nervous and just hoping it works out. This is my first time BBT charting as well. I enjoy it though. It's neat to see your body functioning properly. Well, good luck to you and keep me posted! I know it's early but are you having any symptoms?

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No symptoms yet...I used to have sore bbs before I ovulated but I havent had that in a while...certainly don't have them now...i dont know if that is a bad sign but i am only 4 dpo!! lol...

I have been having massive hot flashes this last week...MASSIVE!!! but that is really all I have been feeling. I usually start cramping with AF about 1 1/2 weeks before she arrives so that will be the end of this week. We will see if those come and if so then I will definitely be out :(

I am trying to find things to keep my mind occupied!! It is tough though not thinking about it 24/7...but then of course I worry I am stuntin my O cycle with all the worry!!! This feel like such a scientific process!!! UGH!!

I am sorry to hear about your loss 4 months ago...I am happy to hear that you are finally able to try again!! Have you had any symptoms yet??? I am trying not to be all mental this month and think every little thing is a sign...LOL ~ Last month i was completely crazy with it!!! This month I am trying to just go with the flow...but it is HARD!!! :)

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I hear ya. I tend to over analyze things too. I've been having some symptoms but who's to say those have anything to do with a potential pregnancy. I've had a weird headache since last night. It's much better today but last night it was brutal. And I've felt a bit nauseated but that could be the head thing. I have some increased CF too but again who knows. I had no symptoms with my first pregnancy and just a few right before I tested with my second. I tend to think no sign is a good sign usually but you never know. Even if you do cramp later this week, you can't say you're out. I thought my period was starting with my first but I was preggo. It is hard to keep from obsessing but luckily work has helped the past two days with that one. Hopefully the time passes for us quickly! Well good luck and keep me posted, Lizzy!


Hoping for a and

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I am 3dpo, I am very tired, slightly sore bbs, mild cramps on and off, mild back pain on and off, forgetfulness and increase creamy cm. Today I drove down the wrong side of the road, the last time I did that was 6 years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, so I hope this is a good sign. At 1 dpo I had a hot flash and the shakes. I am so out of it, my dh keeps asking me if I am ok.

6 years ago

YaY! I wanna join in the "FUN!" I am about 1 or 2dpo. I was hoping on testing Christmas eve and Surprising hubby! These plans NEVER work out, but maybe we will ALL get our Christmas miracle.

Impatiently waiting for my to all my fellow ttcers to those with BFPs

6 years ago

I love it girls!!! We will all be in this "FUN" together...LOL!!

It would be wonderful if we all got our BFP's and could wrap up those two lines to suprise our dh"s!!! Tonight I was shopping for a friend's baby and added a cute stuffed, giggling monkey to my hope chest!!! Do you ladies have hope chests??? Mine only has a few little things in it...the first baby blanket I crocheted and a couple of onesies and now a giggling monkey :) But it keeps the hopes up everytime I look inside!!!

So far I still don't have any real bbs aren't sore at all so that is concerning...I have had a wierd headache over the past week and I am very tired today...but it was a long day!!! Today I had a temp spike and creamy cm...gross :)

It is so nice to have people to talk to this stuff about without them gagging like the dear old H!!! :)

How are you girls doing??? I am going to start a new stroller blanket and settle in for a big bang theory marathon!! :) Have a great (symptom filled) night girls!! :)

6 years ago

i am 4dpo.. i wanted to join in the FUN..

for the past 3 days i am having mild headaches.. sometimes felt nausea.. my hunger just doesn't come out.. last night my temp went up 99.06, i also cried over some commercials.. feeling bloated now..

hope we all got our

6 years ago

Hi ladies! And I'm glad you're still hangin' in there with me, Lizzy. I love this! It's nice to have support out there during the waiting game. Some of your symptoms sound really promising! I thought about wrapping the test too! What a great Christmas gift that would be! That would be awesome too if we could all have that experience! As for symptoms, I'm still having the occasional headache issue and slight nausea. That's really about it for now. I'm excited! I hope you guys all follow this thread and keep us all posted! I'm rooting for all of you!

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Oh girls...why is it that you can do everything right just like you should and the ugly cramps just always rear their ugly head???? I am at this point jus hoping I'm imagining them or that implantation cramps are miraculously occurring on the exact date that my pre af cramps usually arrive lolz...ugh :)

How are the rest of you fabulous girls today?? Symptoms????

6 years ago

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