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What is happening?

We removed the IUD paragard on 11/21, my first AF after paragard was normal on the day expected 12/12. This is ...

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October 2019 Babes TTC

Hey lovely ladies! I am back and gonna start trying this cycle for our last babe. I am looking for other ladie ...

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starting to come to terms

I think I am starting to come to terms with the fact that this month I am out. One big sign for me has always ...


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u check test

im 2 days late according ro my period tracker im 16dpo iv been staying away from trying but not being ...

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TTC #1 for us ladies longing to be a Mom

I wanted to make this for all the ladies out there TTC their first little one. Let us come together and shar ...

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HELP?!?! Is this positive or Defective?

I am 11 DPO. I took this test this morning. I saw an instant dark spot that was on the test line and it slowly ...

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early ovualtion

has anyone ovulated on cd 9/10 and got a successful BFP?

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September/October 2019 babies

Mornin' Ladies Welcome back to the new month lol... TTC/Symptom spotting (:sticking_tongue: ) discussion fo ...

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Hormone Profile Test

I have now missed two periods- I have a 25 day cycle and have missed the 1st one and am now a day late for the ...

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BFP! Babies due in May 2019 and after! I’m due in August!

Hey ladies! :congrats: of your :bfp: !!!! My name is Renée and I wanted to start a new and current g ...

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