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Bleeding on day 18 of cycle

Hi. The first day of my cycle was on April 26th, it wasn’t heavy, just the start of my period and then i ...

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So husband said today he wants a couple of months to get healthier. So in july we are gonna really give it a g ...


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TTC January/February 2020 babies

Hang in there ladies!!

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CD5 - looking for a cycle buddy?

Hi, I’m on CD5 (plus size and 35+) and looking for a cycle buddy - is anyone is a similar position? ...

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I just want to cry....

A little back story.. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks 4/28/13. Had our rainbow baby 6/2/14. Started trying ...

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Skipped period? Never happened before.

Just as the post says. Period is late by 3 days now. This has never happened to me before (apart from 3 times ...

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Still can’t grasp what’s been going on the past two days. First yesterdays vfl on a FRER then to ...

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2 years and counting

We've now been TTC for over 2 years. I had a feeling it wouldn't happen in an instant, since it took 17 months ...

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How many Dpo did ladies start to see their BFP!!

Hi Ladies this 2ww is draining me!???? When did u all first see your BFP?x

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Success story

Sometimes it happens when you arent planning it

Weve been trying for a baby for months, after a chemical pregnancy in March I was really depressed and negativ ...

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