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Late af ,negative hpt ,positive opks (PICS)

my Af is a week late and I've taken many hpt and all are negative, I have alot of opks so I been taking them ...

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4 dpo who's with me TWW

Hey there ladies who's out there with 4 dpo? Let's do this TWW together time won't fly and can't stop :weary: ...

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Line eyes

Line eyes 12dpo. Af due in a couple days

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Pregmate tests …

Has anyone had a Pregmate test be a false positive because it was a bleed over from an opk? I’m real ...

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When is the latest you ever got a positive test?

I am 10 dpo, and still getting negatives. I thought I saw like the faintest line on a FRER this morning. But t ...

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Please Help ????

Merry Christmas Eve! I got faint positives on 4 different first response tests earlier today. This is me an ...

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Bleeding 5 weeks pregnant

Hey all, So i have 0 clue when i ovulated and had sex once in March a week after my period. I am now guessi ...

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Success story

Afther 13 years and 5 baby angel

Hello Afther 13 years and 5 baby angel i have 2 amazing kids ?? She is autistic but beautiful ?? dont give up ...


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Crazee 10 years!

It's been 10 years on the Crazee TTC journey and I'm still trying. 5 1/2 years ago I gave birth to a Miracle ...


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Hi I’m pretty new to this! I hope you could possibly help me! So I’m 9DPO today. Me a ...

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