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TTC May/June 2019

Hi Ladies!!!! Good luck and baby dust to another month!!:fingersx:

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Question for Short Cycle Ladies

My Cycle is only 25 days long. When did you get your first BFP? I usually never get one until the day before m ...

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End of Summer TTC

Hello, Hannah and been TTC#1 for a year and 4 months. This go around. Been on CTP for a year chit chatting. H ...

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Proov Test?

Anyone track their progesterone through the Proov test? I have been tracking and I am currently 8dpo and my le ...

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39yo TTC#2 Anyone else in their late 30's/early 40's TTC?

Looking for some buddies around my age TTC. I'm TTC my 2nd child and I think I may be pregnant, I'm about 5-6d ...

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What is going on here?? I’ve been testing twice a day since cycle day 4 and I keep getting these almost ...

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June babies 2020

Hi ladies thought I’d make a post for us ladies due with are bungle of joys due in June 2020 so we can ...

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Just some updates for anyone who may still keep up with me!

Going to start some Clomid next month. While most would be so excited, I try to keep myself from getting too e ...


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Ovulation Question

I've been doing some reading about ovulation signs etc.... It states that it really is hard to know when ovula ...

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Implantation bleeding?

So I have never had any sort of bleeding before other than my period which comes in clockwork every 30 days. A ...

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