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March/April TT 2020 babies

Welcome back to a new month everyone !!! You've got this ladies:fingersx:

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Late Feb Early March Babies!

Hey gals! I’m on CD 5, and if I get a BFP this cycle, I’ll be due 2/28. How’s everyone else ...

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Ladies, I'm taking Clomid for the first time ever. I am CD 1 and will start CD 5. What should I expected? ...

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Huh? | 35 Day Cycle + Early Ovulation?

Hi, Silly question. I am new to tracking ovulation. I have irregular cycles. (29-35) We've been tr ...

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New Cycle .. who’s with me??

Hi Ladies! CD 1 here!! Another failed TTC attempt. Here’s to hoping for a bfp this cycle!!

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Not Just Cycle Buddies!

Hi Friends! Lots of us have gotten our BFPs these past few cycles and we all aren't "cycle buddies" ...

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Let’s do this TWW together!

Hi ladies! I’m currently going through my first two week wait in this whole, crazy TTC adventure and it ...

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Evap line or positive??

I'm freaking out. I'm confused about the blue dye and the lightness that I have read in other forums. Late on ...

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Anyone Done an IUI before or Now?

Is anyone else doing IUI this cycle? Anyone using IUI w/a donor? I would love to discuss the entire process an ...

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I’m So Confused

07/12 & 07/13 I Had Light Spotting 07/14 & 07/15 I Had Bleeding Like Af But 7/15 Afternoon It Was Bare ...

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