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April/May 2020 TTC

Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!! Hi lol... You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this i ...

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Watery cm before af and temp drop, how long till af starts??

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End of Spring/Beginning of Summer TTC Babies

Onto my 14th cycle 2nd Clomid cycle. Hoping for a May baby. 35 and TTC #1. Looking forward to see if my Hope's ...

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Ok I'm 5 days late for period. Said to take one sept 10. I've taken 4 and all negative. Now the QUESTION is, h ...

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TTC June/July 2020

Hello ladies, wanted to get a post going for anyone currently TTC for June/July 2020. I’m currently ...

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15 dpo No AF No Full Positive Test

Has any one ever gone more than 15 dpo with a very very very faint positive? Like almost not there. I took a d ... Updated

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New Cycle .. who’s with me??

Hi Ladies! CD 1 here!! Another failed TTC attempt. Here’s to hoping for a bfp this cycle!!

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Anyone had a negative hpt at 13dpiui and then a positive blood test on 14dpiui?

Clutching at straws today and looking for some hope :pray: :pray: I'm 13dpiui. Negative FRER. I have my blood ...

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When does faint bfp on FRER show up on digital test?

Anyone have experience with this? I'm 12dpiui. I took a test this morning, faint but positive test using first ...

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You would think after so long I'd be use to it?

CD 16 and havn't got a positive on a opk. I've been taking prenatals, Coq10, and Vit D religiously and a late ...


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