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Never give up.

I had my egg retrieval about 2 weeks ago and 6 eggs was retrieved. The next day, the clinic called to inform me all fertilised but only one was good for transfer. That was on Saturday. I cried the whole weekend and knew it was over. Worst part was, I was afraid the embryo will stop growing by Monday which was the transfer day.. I praid to God and believed a miracle could still happen. I went for transfer on Monday and the doctor told me my embryo was very good 8 cells. I knew my chances were like 10%. My Blood test is on this Friday 5th I couldn't wait anymore. I tested on Sunday i had a very faint positive and taught must still be the trigger shots. Yester I bought 5 pregnancy test tested it and it was positive. This morning, I tested again in the morning and was very positive I'm only 8dp3dt. (I live in Germany so our time zone may differ) I'm just writing to encourage any Woman trying to conceive through IVF not to give up hope no matter how many embryos you have, miracles still happens.

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Success story

BFP after years...please send sticky vibes

Nervous to post... it’s been years of trying. I got a BFP this morning in a clear blue (free in ov kit). Posted it under photos. My chances are so so slim but please wish me luck


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Success story

BFP. Thank you Jesus

Okay so! During the pandemic I took a huge hit. I had two miscarriages and one of them was an ectopic pregnancy. I was devastated.

This year I started praying daily and that has kept me at peace and stress free.

So, I started taking sinus mucinex like crazy because I have sinuses really bad and I often get flare ups. We had sex as normal. But when my period (which is normally 27 days to the T) didn’t come... I was shocked because there were no noticeable signs. I was a bit hungrier but that’s it.

I had a prophet tell me that God was opening my womb, and I would be pregnant but I’m thinking it would be years from now. I took a test today in the evening at 13 dpo and low and be hold..... two strong lines appeared!!! Which gives me so much hope seeing as faint lines was the first thing that alerted me prior to having previous miscarriages.

Anyways, I can’t thank God enough. I had to share. Please believe there’s hope. It’s God who opens and closes wombs and I am so grateful. To God be all the glory. Blessing ladies.

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Success story

38 and ttc #3

I am ttc 2 months now and no luck, hope it happens this month.


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Success story

Positive line progression at 8dpo

I saw a vvvvfl this morning at 8dpo so I tested again this afternoon and it was faintly positive and by this evening it’s was so clearly positive! Yay! I’m so excited and shocked that it’s so positive this early

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Success story


My husband and I have been trying to conceive baby number 3 since August 2018

I learned during my second time ttc that my mucus is very thick so it’s harder for sperm to pass.
I heard about the Mucinex trick,
Very first time with baby number two using it after a year trying we for pregnant with my now 2.5 yr old daughter
This time, very first time I used it this month, for baby number three and got my BFP at 9dpo very faint positive, I have tested everyday since and they continue to get darker!
100% convinced that Mucinex is my fertility drug.
We see the dr next week!
Baby wishes for all of you still trying ??

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Success story

My symptoms by dpo up until my BFP

2 dpo-itchy breast
3 dpo-shooting zapping pain in left boob, felt like lightening. Let down feeling too.
4 dpo- back ache, tired, sensitive smell
5 dpo-lots of lower back pain
6 dpo-tired, backache, had a dream I took a test and it was negative, so I did and it was negative
7 dpo- very tired
8 dpo-lower backache, a lot of acne around chin
9 dpo-back pain, negative test
10 dpo negative test, loss of appetite
11 dpo-had a dream I got a positive test. Took a test and got a positive frer!!!!!horrible lower back pain.

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Success story

TTC for 5 months

Actually i didn't notice any symptoms except milky discharge that stretched i was 6dpo then i saw this discharge at 7dpo also .
8dpo i had this metallic strong taste in my mouth when i woke up i was angry because it was much i couldn't eat .then i felt this sharp shooting pain in my nipple also some pinching and shooting pain in my uterus at 9dpo nothing except a pink/orange discharge when i wiped
10dpo nothing
11dpo period cramps that was extremely dull with cervix pain.
12dpo tight feeling that comes and goes then i felt like testing and it was a very faint BFP i bursted into tears
Today 14dpo breast and nipple itch so bad while nipples feels like there is a pin in it. ...hope this helps someone i decided to post cause i got strength from other peoples success stories thanks to all of you mummies expectant,TTC baby dust to every.

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Success story

Had 1st Ultrasound done!!

FINALLY!!!! After a total of 5 miscarriages (3 since ttc #3), we FINALLY have a baby with a heartbeat and measuring on time!! Baby #3 is actually measuring a day ahead than I predicted!! EDD 3/29/21 now!! TTC #3 has not been easy. We had a chemical that almost required surgery because my hcg levels wouldn't drop after already bleeding and passing everything, a blighted ovum at 7 weeks, then a late chemical pregnancy. I have the genetic disorder MTHFR (2 copies of same gene) and I've been taking all my vitamins needed for this, so it's been a rough ride. My first two losses happened before we had our two boys. 19 week missed miscarriage was our first heart wrenching experience. Then a chemical. Then we were blessed with our oldest son, Tim. Wyatt, our youngest, came without any issues and first try not sure how that happened So we assumed #3 would be a breeze since Wyatt was so easy.... were we ever wrong But, after almost 2 years, we finally have a sticky, growing, healthy rainbow bean in there and I can't wait to meet her/him

BABY DUST LADIES!! Never give up!!

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Success story

7 years and then an miracle occurred

I wanted to share my story to give other couples ttc hope. I had a daughter in 2012, after having her I wanted another child, My husband and I tried for years to no avail. sometime last year I decided that with our age it was highly unlikely. I ovulated every month , all the test came back normal. I did try medication to help my eggs mature faster, all attempts failed for years. I honestly stopped tracking my ovulation. I stopped saying its go time to my husband. Eventually we accepted the idea that it probably wasn't going to happen for us. We had a beautiful child together , so we chose to be thankful for having her. Although in all honesty it stings to realize , something you wanted so bad for so long , a dream you fought for , had to end, we had to let go of our wish. It was sad . On April the 3rd 2020 , I found an ovulation test in my drawer and thought what the heck , just for kicks, I tested. It wasn't positive but I could tell it wasn't far off. (or so it seemed). I let it go and about six days later , I had one romantic night . Of course my mind didn't even think back to the test ( for hope) because I thought I had already ovulated. To be quite honest I had tracked my ovulation for 7 years and it never helped. on April 18th 2020 , I went to sleep and had a dream about a dear lady I loved whom had passed and My dad whom had passed a year ago, They were standing side by side , smiling and she handed me a baby in a white blanket. I took the baby and my dad touched my hand and I could just feel this over whelming amount of love , he slowly walked away and she slowly disappeared. When I woke up , I went into the kitchen and told my husband , that I needed to buy a pregnancy test . I remember the look on his face like what? huh? I was like I had a dream that I was given a baby , lets go. So Before he finished his breakfast I had him out the door. I didn't want to spend a lot of money , because a major part of me thought it wasn't possible. Also a part of me thought I'm doing this because of a dream. I didn't want to put myself through another negative test . However there was this nagging thought, I never felt so much love from a dream before. My dads hand felt real. I drove to the dollar tree and got a test, went to Walmart and got the cheap .88 cent test. I came home and took the test and I saw a faint pink line. I told my husband, I think I'm pregnant. I handed him the test and he said I see it. I shared it on this site and people were so positive. I'm thankful for receiving this blessing. I pray for each person on this site. I know the struggles, the tears, the not another month, not another negative test. The I swear I see a line, even when no-one else see s it. I know the mental toll it has on our mind and the pain that twist in our hearts. Its a hard , tough , journey , However if you get the opportunity to become pregnant , Your childs story was about the strongest desire for them to be with you. I pray you find strength, courage, and self love no matter the outcome. It is possible , it can happen even when you think its impossible. Best wishes . Baby dust to all

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