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My story after i was told i wouldnt ever have a child

So i thought id post this to help other ladies ..when i was younger (im now 37) i was told i had endometriosis and cysts on my ovarys and after a few years of trying and umpteen gyne appointments i heard the news i was dreading. .you probably wont be able to conceive naturally ..i was deverstated. .BUT im not one to give up i walked away with my mind set to prove them wrong ..with that said i wondered if the opks i was doing from day 14 were maybe to late or early i started to opk on the first day of my period ..sure enough 3 days into a major heavy flow i got that smiling face the oh at the time didnt mind a bit of blood sport so 3 of a 4-8 day period i got busy ..exactly 2 weeks after i did the BD i started to feel funny ..tender breasts nausea like i was going to vomit at work ..i was terrified to test ..i bought a two pack and in the public toilets in our super market i peed on the stick ..BUT dropped it down the loo ????..i took it out and to my surprise saw what i thought was a neg result ..i decided id wait until i got home to test ..especially as AF wasnt even due for another week and a half i got home and POAS again ..i remember my front door knocking as it was a parcel for a neighbour ..i got back upstairs and sure enough there was a BFP ..i couldnt believe it ..i had fallen pregnant ON MY PERIOD ..9months later gave birth to a bouncing baby boy ..

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We're Pregnant!

Hi ladies, I thought I would share my TTC story to give some ladies some hope. So, first off I'll tell you guys, my fiance and I have only been trying for what would make month 3 now. But last month, these were symptoms:

8/18/17 (0dpo) - very light heartburn, nausea, stomach flutters
8/19/17 (1dpo) - nausea, stomach flutters
8/20/17 (2dpo) - stomach flutters - gassy
8/21/17 (3dpo) - cramping/flutters in abdomen, light nausea - tossed and turned in pain all night - gassy
8/22/17 (4dpo) - cramping/flutters in abdomen, light nausea - gassy
8/23/17 (5dpo) - very light cramping/ flutters in abdomen last about an hour, frequent urination - gassy
8/24/17 (6dpo) - some light cramping/flutters and little nausea in the evening
8/25/17 (7dpo) - no symptoms
8/26/17 (8dpo) - mild cramping/flutters during the evening - BFN with evening urine - gassy
8/27/17 (9dpo) - mild cramping/flutters and nausea in evening - boobs started to get tender - gassy
8/28/17 (10dpo) BFN with smu - boobs more tender - light cramping/flutters - gassy - heartburn
8/29/17 (11dpo) BFN with smu - light cramping/flutters - heartburn - nausea
8/30/17 (12dpo) boobs no longer tender cramping and nausea went away (AF on its way I'm sure)
8/31/17 (13dpo) no symptoms - saw EWCM which usually comes before AF.
9/1/17 (14dpo) small cramping here and there - can squeeze colostrum from boobs
9/2/17 (15dpo) no symptoms
9/3/17 (16dpo) gas and metal taste in evening - small cramp when peeing
9/4/17 (17dpo) metal taste
9/5/17 (18dpo) cramping on left side - nausea - heavy boobs - metal taste
9/6/17 (19dpo) no symptoms
9/7/17 (20dpo) twinges in pelvis - tingling nipples
9/8/17 (21dpo) AF showed

With all of that, and my AF being 6 days late, I was sure I was pregnant, but I got BFN after BFN.

THIS month, (when I'm actually pregnant) I had 0, none, nadda damn symptom. But what we did do differently was stop trying. We had sex one time during my fertile window, which was the day before my expected ovulation day, and I noticed ewcm the day we had sex. Other than that, we didn't do anything special, I didn't even think about pregnancy until today, I just decided to take a taste, and BOOM, pregnant!


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Miscarried due to me giving up hope

Never knew I conceived this cycle. Just lost it cos of the drugs I used. It feels like a bad dream. Got to find out I conceived this morning only to start bleeding by noon and then lost it this evening.


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20 Months TTC

I'm finally pregnant with baby #2 after 20 long months of TTC! We were both evaluated at the 1 year mark (I'm 34 and husband is 39) and nothing was found to be the cause of our infertility. Over the past 2 years we tried a little bit of everything: supplements/vitamins, pre-seed, a month of Clomid, acupuncture. Our insurance does not cover any infertility treatments so I made a decision to trust that it would happen when the universe was ready and not pursue any costly procedures/assistance.

I know that this may sound insane but I read a book called Spirit Babies: How to Connect with the Child You're Meant to Have and I had goosebumps the entire time I was reading it. I did a daily meditation described in the book to "call in" my spirit baby. This was so helpful for me to try to connect with my baby and also just a time to relax and clear my mind. 6 weeks after starting this practice I found out I was pregnant. I honestly believed that this book helped me to call my baby in.

Good luck to everyone out there in the TTC community, I know how painful it can be. I truly hope that there will be a beautiful light at the end of your tunnel.

"If your path is more difficult, it is because your calling is higher".

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First pregnancy after 7.5 YEARS of TTC!

Hello all! I really wanted to share my story to give hope to those that may have lost it.

I got married to my DH in 2010. Ever since, we had been trying. After two years, we knew we had to try something else. I started to chart, I did OPKs, I checked my cervix, we both took supplements, I read so many studies and articles about natural ways to boost fertility. I took vitex, prenatals, fertilaide, maca, saw palmetto, and just about anything else you can think of. He also took the barrage of male fertility supplements. Four years go by and it's time to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed metformin and clomid. I lost weight on the metformin, which was great, but nothing after three rounds of clomid. The fertility doctor talked about needing exploratory surgery and that was not the road I wanted to take. So, we gave up and decided babies were just not to be for us. Six years into our marriage and I still never had one pregnancy. Not even a miscarriage. Nothing. We decided to do our research again and find any new fertility doctors in the area, and we found her. We told her our story and she was shocked and ran a million tests on both of us. She found that I'm slightly hypothyroid and got me on synthroid straight away. She prescribed me metformin again and this time she gave me letrozole to try for 3 cycles. The letrozole didn't work, but it did seem to help make me more regular and not have such heavy and long periods. Right after my DH and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary, and after the 3 failed letrozole cycles, we go see the doc again to check my blood work and see how my thyroid is doing. My blood work was all clear. My DH was clear. We discuss IUIs, but it'll be about $300 a try. She also tells us about a procedure to check to see if my tubes are open, but our insurance doesn't cover it and it'll cost $1200! We went home and decided to save up for the procedure and the IUIs. Since the holidays were coming up, we decided to aim for February of 2018 to have the money saved, so that would give us about 5 months. Of course, like many women on here, I buy my hpts in bulk off Amazon. So at 9dpo, I decided to take a test, because its just routine for me to. I look at it and think it's defunct, there is an evap. The next morning, I try again... weird... this one has a darker evap... then I think, "WAIT! IS THIS IT!?" So I posted a picture in the gallery here and others also saw a BFP. I wanted to keep calm, its probably a fluke, I should wait, my AF will show up, don't get excited. I took another test the next morning, AND THE LINE WAS EVEN DARKER! My af was due and she never came. More tests and darker lines. I wanted to wait until the doctor confirmed it to tell my DH, but I couldn't wait. For so many years I have thought of special ways to tell him, but when it came time, I just shoved a test in his face and started bawling. On December 9, 2017, I saw my first ever clear BFP. On January 04, 2018, I got to see my baby. I never ever thought this day would come and it happened naturally! It took us 7 and a half years, but we are finally pregnant with a healthy baby due in August. I honestly hate to think about it, but even if I do miscarry, I will know that it is possible.

We did have a BIG scare though. At 11 weeks, I felt like I had suddenly peed myself. I thought it was odd since I had just gone about 15 mins prior. I go to the bathroom and there I see blood. A lot of bright red blood just pouring out of me. I saw what looked like my baby in the toilet. Luckily I was at home, but my husband was at work on his 48 hour shift as a firefighter/EMT. He told me to call and ambulance and he would meet me at the hospital. I couldn't, I was too scared I would know the EMTs and I didn't want them to see me like this - covered in blood screaming and crying on my bathroom floor. So my husband said he'd come get me, he went straight into EMT mode. I finally composed myself enough to take a shower. A puddle of blood had formed under me and in my panic, I got blood everywhere. I took a quick shower, all the while crying and praying to God. As soon as I am dressed, my husband comes in and gets me to the car. I slip and stumble on the snow and ice trying to get in the car. I start to calm down. We get to the ER and after a couple hours and more blood, a doctor brings in the ultrasound. FALSE ALARM! Baby is doing just fine! what I thought was my baby that I passed was really just a huge blood clot. This was the first time we saw it's arms and legs moving around. I was so shocked that after that much blood, I still had a healthy baby! The next day, I see my midwife and she gives it a look too. She diagnosed me as having a subchorionic hemorrhage of the placenta, but everything looks like it has cleared up and I shouldn't have to worry about it.

It took so long, but it finally happened and I couldn't be happier. I thank God everyday. to all!!

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Success story

(Breastfeeding mom) Insemination with monistat applicator

Hi! I have been pregnant 11 times. My husband has some performance anxiety so I had to be clever and come up with a way to get pregnant even with his performance issues. I tell this story in case another could benefit from this information.

We used opk through the week and on the evening the opk was nearing positive, my husband did his "thing" in a small plastic cup. I then placed the semen into a monistat applicator (the applicator from 7 day kit). I placed applicator way up next to my cervix. Most of the applicator was inside. I did this while standing. I then carefully got onto the bed and laid down and propped hips up. I did this while holding applicator in place inside me. Once hips were elevated, I pushed plunger on applicator and then removed applicator. I laid with hips up for one hour.
I did this day before positive opk, day of positive, and day after.
*I have gotten pregnant this way multiple times*
*I am still breastfeeding my 14 month old son almost exclusively*
1 dpo-5 dpo: nipples sore (normal for me)
6dpo: nothing noticed
7 dpo: during a night nursing session with my son, my milk did not "letdown". This has never happened before except when I got pregnant with my son and breastfeeding my daughter.
8 dpo: I had a pinch in my uterus that was followed by menstrual cramps that lasted about 4 hours. This was followed by a red/pink discharge that afternoon in a dime size amount.
9 dpo: no cramps or any symptoms. Negative pregnancy test
10 dpo: very very very light positive test with fmu


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Success story

Signs leading to my BFP

Hey ladies, I figured I'd give a little info about my symptoms leading up to my bfp for anyone interested. A little background first. I had the IUD in for almost 2 years and my husband and I just randomly decided we wanted to try for one last baby. I got my IUD removed while on my period. This was January 1st. I started tracking my cm and taking OPKs starting cycle day 11. I ovulated late, on cycle day 17, but after ovulation, I didn't have any symptoms. I was surprised and figured I was out for the month. Probably around 7 or 8 dpo my bbs were getting a little sore, but I was wanting specific foods. The absolute only thing I can think of that stood out this month compared to months that I got AF was that there was no cramping. And I mean that deep pelvic cramping that you feel right before AF shows up. There's been a little nausea since my bfp at 9dpo, but mostly to note so far is a bloated feeling. Anyway. If you are in your two week wait and don't really have any notable symptoms, don't be too quick to count yourself out! Baby dust to all that are TTC!!!

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Success story

Help for TTC!!!

I am not a sales person! Anyone struggling to get pregnant and has high FSH, PCOS, or is over 35, or just has trouble ovulating, YOU need to try this!!!! My husband and I tried EVERYTHING! For 10 YEARS!!!! Without success. Until I found OvaBoost on Amazon. Seriously!! I bought 3 bottles and before I was finished with the second bottle, I was PREGNANT!!!! My baby boy David just turned a year old on December 14th and he is perfect!!! Just thought I'd spread the knowledge. Baby dust!!


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Success story

I'm Positively Happy

I do believe this pregnancy may go in the records for quickest turnaround. Just 18 days after the removal of my IUD we got a Big Fat Positive. I'm so so very happy and my Husband is so proud. This is the sweetest news since the last double line only 18 months ago.
Am I crazy to have another baby so soon? Maybe but I don't care. My dreams are coming true and I love my God for allowing this all to happen.


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Pregnant after mirena removal

I had my mirena removed on 19/12
DTD only a couple times during my cycle, and on CD 40 at approx 12dpo had a faint BFP on FRER.
Did not expect this at all, but thought it might be helpful for women interested on how fast you can get pregnant after mirena.

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