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End of Spring/Beginning of Summer TTC Babies

Onto my 14th cycle 2nd Clomid cycle. Hoping for a May baby. 35 and TTC #1. Looking forward to see if my Hope's ...

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April 2020 Babies

These tests were from today at 13-14 dpo, I have a good feeling about this little beanie baby and have convinc ...

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April/May 2020 TTC

Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!! Hi lol... You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this i ...

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Ttc after loss... starting clomid.

I am starting clomid tomorrow due to trying for 6 months at 41 and not conceiving. I check opk and temp. So I ...

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New Cycle .. who’s with me??

Hi Ladies! CD 1 here!! Another failed TTC attempt. Here’s to hoping for a bfp this cycle!!

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BFP! Babies due in May 2019 and after! I’m due in August!

Hey ladies! :congrats: of your :bfp: !!!! My name is Renée and I wanted to start a new and current g ...

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So this is the first cycle my temps are low through the beginning of my cycle. Ik I started after af but it's ...

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In Need of a 2WW Buddy - April Babies

I start my 2ww on Saturday but I'm trying to get a jump start on having a group of ladies to journey the 2WW, ...

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I think I'm knocked up

Sorry I have been away for a while. TTC was getting to me so I had to take a step back for a month or so. This ...

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Waiting game...

As of today I am 5 days late. Took 2 equate blue dye test and got a faint positive. Took a FRER this morning a ...

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