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Continuing a closed thread since update

Hello girls. Hope my cycle buddies find the new post :smile:

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October 2018 Babies

Hi and Welcome to October 2018 babies corner! This forum is created for those of us that didn't get a bfp in D ...

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November 2018 babies

Welcome to the November 2018 babies club! I am starting this discussion a little early I am sure. I carried ...

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50 unusual day cycle, BFN, pregnancy symptoms

So I am now 27 DPO, with 52. Days since my period with otherwise regular periods. My husband just came from fr ...

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Who Else Feels Like They're Crazy While TTC?

So today is CD 6 for me. This will be our 3rd month TTC for baby #3 - I spent a collective 15 years TTC for my ...

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Not Just Cycle Buddies!

Hi Friends! Lots of us have gotten our BFPs these past few cycles and we all aren't "cycle buddies" ...

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Being a little hopeful, possible symptoms of early pregnancy.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago. I have recently regained my periods about 4 months ago and ...

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TTC baby #2. 1st cycle: DPO symptoms

Hey everyone, new on here :) I am 24 years old and already have a beautiful daughter who is 23 months old. Sh ...

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Looking for TWW buddies - I'm currently 4dpo & a POAS addict!

Hi All! I'm currently 4dpo, got a super dark OPK on Friday morning and I swear I feel pregnant already - hopef ...

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Testing early

Just wanted to share with you all my new way of thinking after 2 chemicals in two consecutive months. I know e ...

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