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To many posting pic

I just don’t understand why so many pictures from the same people… you trying to tell me you just sitting at home testing urine every 15 minutes…. Seriously ???? it’s enough we all here for help and support but let’s see someone else. For the last week same 3 women posting every hour… like am so tired of you guys. I had to mute them. You been positive for the last week and here we go again… you selfish

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I’ve only just started coming back on here yesterday. Maybe say it kindly to them on one of their pics (they might not read this community post) to give them the heads up that they’re taking over a bit ????

9 months ago

Theres an option to post pictures for "my eyes only" and I really wish they would use that sometimes. Ive definitely thought about commenting on a pic from some of the people who post 8 pics in a row, but Id feel so rude!

8 months ago

Well I did and was called a little girl but I see you can mute them so you don’t see it

8 months ago • Post starter

Oh wow i didn't know u could post for "my eyes only" coz i upload to use tools so my apologise if I've annoyed anyone

7 months ago

So I got a rude comment from you and I commented back. For myself I love seeing other women’s progression of test so that I have something to compare to. Though it can be very challenging when you are possibly struggling to conceive to see someone else’s happiness it’s part of the journey and not just about faint positives because those positives can still lead to disappointment and sadness if someone has a miscarriage.
We are to be supportive and caring during this time and if someone posting strong positives upsets you then maybe you should go somewhere else.
I have spent countless hours voting and making positive comments congratulating others and if someone is over posting I just scroll on.
I wish you the best on your journey and after tomorrow I will be gone unless my little one doesn’t make it.

7 months ago

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