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Graves Disease and ttc after miscarriage

Hello ???????? am new here trying to see if anyone else been where am at. I miscarried a year ago today and found out I had Graves’ disease ???? and that was the cause of my miscarriage. I have since got it under control

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Hi, I am so sorry you are going through this. It's best to see a doc in a fertility clinic to discuss your options. Autoimmune diseases could be the reason why you cannot get pregnant, and a doc will offer possible solutions, also considering your age. Online consulting or in-app appointments could be perfect ways to receive medical advice or treatment from the comfort of your own home, without the need for travel or in-person appointments, waiting for an appointment, and potentially saving both time and money. I use iyoni app that offers online consulting at very affordable price. However, it's important to note that online or in-app consultations may not be suitable for all medical conditions and situations, and in some cases, an in-person visit with a healthcare provider may be necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment. I would also recommend visiting your doc asap because of your age as, unfortunately, a biological clock is ticking. All the best on your journey. x

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6 months ago

I have already been to the doctor and there’s no reason I can’t get pregnant now. Even with Graves’ disease which I have had only a year
My hormones are all good bloodwork as well. And age is not the issue cause my sisters had kids in their late forties. I was trying when I got pregnant but the stress of trying now is a problem so I decided not to try anymore

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I am so happy to read your sisters conceived naturally. But each case is unique. By doing karyotyping you could find whether or not aneuploidies are the issue in your case; and also checking out AMH level will provide more info. Women's age is a crucial factor in conceiving, and this article explains why: Good luck

#1 IVF failed, no implantation #2IVF failed, no implantation, #3IVF - a new clinic in Gdansk

4 months ago

Honestly your upsetting me…. I don’t need your advice if you’re not a doctor . I already said all my labs are good so you throwing all this information at me has nothing to do with my ttc it’s just a matter of time which I already said am not trying anymore…. Like that was the end of the conversation you don’t need to respond . If your story is like mine you have nothing I want to hear

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