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weird craving at possible 5 dpo?

Today I was at work, and all of sudden i had the urge that I wanted a cheese stick. Two nights ago, I had some shredded cheese on a dish I made and I felt like I could eat the whole bag. I never had this before, I think I'm around 5 dpo. Is this normal??? The sad thing is that this is the worst time for me to eat cheese, since I haven't been having good bowel moments. Sorry if TMI...
Anybody else????

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YES!!! I have been craving eggs, specifically hard boiled ones and peanut butter, but mostly eggs. and i rarely ate them before this. i am also 5dpo and i have convinced myself i am totally going nuts because it has to be too soon for cravings. everything online says 3 weeks is the earliest they start...

my bowel movement arent great either so i totally inderstand

13 years ago

Huh, that IS funny! I'm expecting AF on saturday, and I've been craving spicy food (and a lot of it). Usually when I'm PMSing it's all about the chocolate. Yumm...

I suppose it's possible! FX'd for you!

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13 years ago

Thanks for responding.... I mean this was out of the blue - So weird!!!! Wasn't even thinking or wanting cheese. I went to the grocery store and bought some and had one just now and it tasted so good. Keep me posted on how you do.

13 years ago • Post starter

I craved meat last time I was pregnant at about 6dpo and now I want seafood!

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13 years ago

I was craving Swede on Wednesday!! Very odd. That was 5 dpo x

13 years ago

I’m 5dpo today and having a strange sweet craving! I usually don’t like sweets, but today I wanted butter and honey on my breakfast toast instead of avocado. Very unusual for me!

5 months ago

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