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Just starting TWW

For those that are just starting the tww. Join me. Post your dpo and symptoms. If someone gets a bfp at the en ...

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TTC March/April 2021

Hello friends! I’m here to keep active our previous boards! Since as it seems I’m not going anywhe ...

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Conception with one fallopian tube.

Hi all, I have only 1 fallopian tube after an EP. I am 30yrs old and was wondering if you could help me unders ...

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Chemical Pregnancy

I just went through a chemical pregnancy. It was first for me and I was really sad about it even though the pr ...

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February 2021 BFPs

Hi ladies. My due date is February 2, 2021. My first ultrasound is June 22. Come and share your success story ...

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finally caved

Been TTC 1 year and 2 months now. I finally caved and contacted a fertility clinic. I have been delaying it du ...

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Hormonal blood test

Hi I made an online blood test. The result came back today. I don't really know wich result is good and wich ...

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Probably stressing over nothing

I hope it’s okay for me to post this but I’m just trying to figure things out. Lately I have been ...

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Have been trying for so long with nothing. Not even a hint at a faint line. Every month I feel defeated. I fe ...

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10 dpo bfn but feel prego

With my son I had no period boobs when I usually get them and this cycle it was the exact same thing so I thou ...

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