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Which is it??

This site has a way off Ovulation date compared to the other 3 apps I use.. 3/6, 3/7, 3/8 ... this app has t ...

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TTC November/December 2020

Hello friends! I’m here to keep active our previous boards! Since as it seems I’m not going anywhe ...

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Pregnancy Unicorn - Fertility & Pregnancy Tarot Readings




I need help with the bbt chart

I started charting last month, and last LP was 13 days. I know it can vary from month to month, but it still g ...

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Group for the BFPs

Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and ...

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Only getting positives in the morning

So I’ve been doing hpt since 6 dpo, 6/7 dpo there was nothing, on 8 dpo morning I had 3 positives, 2 wit ...

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Miscarriage!!! What to do to increase progesterone.

Hello CTP Family! I'm totally hurt & feeling a bit hopeless at the moment... I had a 9 lbs. Stillborn on J ...

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13dpo, no AF, faint line and BFN ?

Hi ! I had my last period from february 23rd to 27th. I took an ovulation test and I ovulated on march 5th ...

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13dpo af due tomorrow

Hey ladies I just wondered if anybody else is at the same stage as me? This will be our 16th month trying for ...

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How are you

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Pcos have been ttc for 5 years :(

Hello my pcos sisters! Feeling a bit down today, I have been ttc for almost 5 years and recently my younger s ...

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