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Finally conceived with 4th IUI

I'm so excited the full injectable IUI worked it did the trick. DD 5/16/20. My beta was 132 on Friday took my another beta and blood type test today I get the results this afternoon.


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My husband and I have been trying to conceive baby number 3 since August 2018

I learned during my second time ttc that my mucus is very thick so it’s harder for sperm to pass.
I heard about the Mucinex trick,
Very first time with baby number two using it after a year trying we for pregnant with my now 2.5 yr old daughter
This time, very first time I used it this month, for baby number three and got my BFP at 9dpo very faint positive, I have tested everyday since and they continue to get darker!
100% convinced that Mucinex is my fertility drug.
We see the dr next week!
Baby wishes for all of you still trying ??

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BFP 11 dpo after IUI this cycle

here is my journey to my BFP:

CD# 1-5 - Period
CD# 5-9 - Clomid 50mg 1 tablet a day.
CD#14 - HCG Trigger shot (should ovulate 24-48 hours)
CD# 15 - Peak OPK, IUI procedure in the AM and Sex with hubby that same night.
CD# 16 - Peak OPK, sex in the AM and sex in the PM
CD# 17 (1dpo) - Sex in the AM and sex in the PM, started progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime
CD#18 (2dpo) - started progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime
CD#19 (3dpo) - progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime
CD#20 (4dpo) - progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime
CD#21 (5dpo) - progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime
CD#22 (6dpo) - progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime
CD#23 (7dpo) - progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime
CD#24 (8dpo) - progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime
CD#25 (9dpo) - progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime, painful nipples and throbbing boobs.
CD#26(10dpo) - progesterone pills, 1 tablet before bedtime, painful nipples and throbbing boobs.
CD#27 (11dpo) - missed my period, took a PT test - very very faint line on a clear blue test stick. (wasn't convinced, i said it might be an evap line)
CD#28 (12dpo) - take a PT test first response and two beaming lines show up on one test and the other said "yes". BFP confirmed!!!

** at first, the clear-blue test, i wasn't convinced loll the plus sign showing the positive was super super faint you can barely see it. i thought it was an evap line. and to be honest, i have little to no symptoms so i still wasn't convinced. when i was pregnant with my son i was nausea, sense of smell and vomiting the minute i got a positive test.
currently 4wks 6d and still no symptoms. i hope its just luck and this little bean sticks. :)

please see pictures attached.

also - what are the chances of conceiving multiples after all the fertility help and supplements, and if you have successful stories, please share. :)


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Success story

Finally!! 22dpo and positive test!

Finally got a positive this morning it has been 6 weeks today since my last LMP

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Success story


Who used preseed lubricant??


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Signs and Symptoms by DPO

1-3 DPO not expecting to be pregnant because I’m on the mini pill so not really tracking but did notice a lot of CM
4-5 DPO still not expecting but my boobs got sore and nipple randomly tingly/sore feeling (unusual for me) lots of additional CM
6-8 DPO same symptoms as above, getting what I feel like are very very very VERY faint on FRER tests
9 DPO same symptoms and a bit crampy, negative digital test with FMU but swear I got a extremely faint on Walmart cheapie
10 DPO all same symptoms, a little less noticeable CM though. Faint but visibly noticeable on equate (the frer comparatively test stick)
11 DPO still very faint but more obvious than yesterday bfp cheap equate test
*update* 11 dpo went and got a FRER and definite

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Success story

Pregnant after about 1.5 years

I wanted to share our TTC journey because I found so much comfort from others on here who struggled as well. We were trying since Dec 2017. I had been off of Nuvaring for years anyway and we were using condoms for BC. We stopped and had fun the first few months thinking oh it will be quick... yeah right. I then started tracking ovulation with OPKs which were fairly consistent each cycle. We BD all around. Nothing. I started getting into more information like tracking fertile CM and body temperature a few months....nothing. By the way I am one who has VERY minimal detectable change in CM so I was getting very annoyed with that personally. I had a preconception appointment with OB about months 7ish months TTC which consisted of a sperm analysis and trying a few more months. Husband came back with the lower end of normal on most of the numbers. A few months later I went in again. MD said to wait until positive OPK to BD to optimize sperm count and schedule for an HSG test if nothing in the next months or so. Well I wasn't looking forward to an HSG bc they were somewhat expensive, were known to be painful, and I wanted to do this as naturally as possible. Besides, scheduling the test was super hard because it has to be a certain time frame after the start of your period which as a healthcare provider myself was hard to be able to take off so specifically last minute. I tried a few times earlier on to schedule but of course timing fell on a week my MD was out of town, on a holiday, and then when I was out of town. LOL REALLY?!?! I decided to wait after the holidays and got bogged down with work and life. In the meantime I had my husband taking Ashwagandha for sperm boost for months. I was already on prenatals for over a year, I just started taking Upspring fertility supplements for 2 cycles until ovulation started, we had been using Preseed just as a lubricant (not full applicator - we were over that a few months in) then I got this idea to just make this HSG test happen. My MD stated that sometimes the Fallopian tubes can be sticky even if there are no true blockages. She had to have the test done herself 2x for her last two babies. It was finally scheduled for June 19th 2019 CD 8. It felt like a really intense menstrual cramp (I can have really bad cramps anyway) which was tolerable for a few minutes, I just have a vasovagal response to stuff like that which was the worse part. BUT it was over quick enough. I loaded up on ibuprofen before and after. I was crazy bloated the next day and after that perfectly fine. I was told optimize BD for the next three months bc my chances of conceiving were higher. I got a positive OPK June 29th and 30th CD 16 & 17. We BD CD 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, and 21. I started testing I think around 6 dpo and did not realize I had a very faint positive at 9 DPO until I went to place what I though was my negative 10 DPO stick next to it!!!!! The last one in the picture was 11 DPO. I was pregnant the SAME CYCLE I had the HSG done... CRAZY . I also had a positive digital the next day. I go for my first appointment and US next week at exactly 8 weeks since LMP. Looking back I think that the timing was best because I ended up making some stressful yet much better career moves for me, my family, and our new addition coming soon. I hope this might help others who may be at the stages I was in and maybe help those on the fence of their next step. God bless all of you that are trying for your sweet babies. I pray the journey will be less stressful and will happen sooner than later in perfect timing.

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Success story

Pregnant before first postpartum period?

So I got a BFP on Sunday, 13 months after I had my baby, and before I've even had my first postpartum period. I'm one of those "caught the first egg" stories, I guess! I was breastfeeding, which kept my cycles away for so long. Anyone else catch the first egg? I'm already struggling with explaining to people - the receptionist at my doctor's office of course asks "what was the date of your last menstrual period?" To which I replied, "August 30, 2017" haha she had to get someone to help . Praying for a healthy 9 months, can't believe this!!

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Success story


Se’Kani’s gotta little brother or sister on the way.. can’t believe after one try I’m pregnant again ?? Yaaaaaayyyyy!!! Everybody else on their journey I send nothin but good prayers and love for you ladies!!! It’s a miracle!!!


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Success story

BFP 14 dpo, implantation pinch, hoping for a sticky bean!

Hi everyone, these stories helped me so much during our TTC journey so like many of you I wanted to contribute. We started trying around a year ago but during that time, my husband and I were living in different states so he would have to fly back and forth during my ovulation time. Needless to say, this didn't work well and after trying 6 or 7 times, we gave up. I am 33 and my husband is 41 so I started to worry that something was wrong. We were going to try one more time since I moved in with him a month ago and if we weren't successful, we were going to see what our options were for IUI, etc. Over the past year, my husband also started exercising more and eating right which I've tended to do for the past few years. This cycle started on 6/29/17. I didn't go crazy with symptom tracking because I've felt every symptom under the sun in prior unsuccessful cycles, gotten my hopes up and then crash!

CD 1-8: nothing that stands out, I didn't track my BBT
CD 9: started OPK tracking on CD 9.
CD 11: BD
CD 13: Positive OPK in the afternoon, EWCM, BD
CD 14: Assuming ovulation day, EWCM, BD
1-9 dpo: intermittently full or sore breasts which I've had with other unsuccessful cycles
10 dpo: I was settling down to sleep and felt a sharp stabbing pain just for a few seconds in my right lower abdomen which could have been implantation. This was so different from any other cycle. I actually sat up part way and said ow. I doubt I would have felt it if I had been asleep.
11 dpo: intermittently full or sore breasts still, whitish CM
12 dpo: my cycle ranges from 24-28 days so I was watching for spotting before AF which sometimes I get. There was none. I also woke up at around 4-5 am and couldn't get back to sleep - usually I sleep like a baby!
13 dpo: getting my hopes up because usually I spot a little bit by now and there still wasn't any. Again, I had insomnia - I think I woke up around 2:30 am and stayed awake for a couple hours.
14 dpo: Still no AF!! This is the latest I would have ever gone in the past so my hopes are up. The reason I didn't do POAS checks yet is because when I did in the past, starting at 11 dpo, every negative felt like a slap in the face. I decided to delay it as long as possible since then and just wait for AF. FRER's second line popped up right away, within a few seconds! Clearblue digital took some time and said pregnant!! :) I put these in a little box and gave it to my husband along with a card that said congrats, you're going to be a dad! He was shocked and kept asking if this was real since like me, he started to think it wasn't going to happen without help.

We are so happy and hoping for a very sticky, healthy bean. My heart goes out to all of you that are TTC, it can be a very difficult journey and a heart wrenching roller coaster. I'm usually so calm and it made me crazy, obsessive and emotional. I have so much more respect for those who have gone through infertility issues or took a longer time to conceive. Baby dust to all! Please keep your head up and keep going!!

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