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Success story

She’s 9 months old now!

I’m 43 years old. I have 3 older children from a previous marriage. I remarried and my husband had no children. He doesn’t believe in fertility treatments or anything like that so he always said whatever is meant to be will be!

We tried on and off for 3 years. I never even got pregnant once. We had excepted it wasn’t in the cards for us and made peace with it. My cycles became very unpredictable anyway. I used to be to the day regular every 26 days! Then it became 19 sometimes, 34 sometimes but mostly 23. I was sure I was going through the change.
We went on vacation and I when we got back I was 2 days late. It wasn’t unusual but for some reason that time I was thinking could it be? I didn’t want to keep wondering so I went out and bought a test and the line was immediately dark! I was shocked! There is no way!!
I had my yearly scheduled for the next day anyway so my dr told me to come in anyway and do a test in the office. It was + sent me for BW about 2 weeks later and my numbers were over 16,000 BUT I was bleeding. I started seeing the blood the day of my appointment. It was a deep almost wine color blood. And enough to fill a liner. I was so worried. I had many scans and they never found out why I was spotting. It happened randomly up until about 23 weeks. I had maybe one or 2 more episodes of spotting after that.
I had my baby girl 3 days before my due date! 7lbs 4oz!
She is now 9 months old, crawling, cruising and thinking she’s big stuff!
When they say to relax while TTC it sounds so cliche. but I truly believe sometimes u gotta block it out of your mind and just know it’s going to happen. I dunno when, how long it’s going to take but it will happen.

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Success story


After 6 years of trying I finally succeeded. We wlcomed our twin boys on December 10. Theyre everything to me. I am so grateful for them. After so many losses, we are finally parents! Dont quit! There is always hope!

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Success story

Baby has a heart beat

We had an amazing scan today. Our little baby had a hr of 122 and they say I'm due Oct. 6th!

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Success story


My husband and I have been trying to conceive baby number 3 since August 2018

I learned during my second time ttc that my mucus is very thick so it’s harder for sperm to pass.
I heard about the Mucinex trick,
Very first time with baby number two using it after a year trying we for pregnant with my now 2.5 yr old daughter
This time, very first time I used it this month, for baby number three and got my BFP at 9dpo very faint positive, I have tested everyday since and they continue to get darker!
100% convinced that Mucinex is my fertility drug.
We see the dr next week!
Baby wishes for all of you still trying ??

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Success story

Positive frer 9dpo neg 10dpo

I took a frer at 9dpo there was a definite line and the next day was negative anyone had this and for a line later

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Success story

Never give up hope - miracles are possible

Hi everyone.
Just a story of my journey; don’t ever give up. I never.!

I began ttc quite some time ago -
My first mc was Dec 2013. Advised likely chemical.
Long story short; after ttc for a long time; not successful

investigations etc, I eventually got a diagnosis August 2017 for endometriosis. Had surgery to remove.
Had all the tests beforehand and all hormone levels came back fine and partner fine.
Repeated after surgery and again all ok. No issues identified.

Told I had unexplained infertility. Was ttc over a year prior to diagnosis of endometriosis.
Told I’d unlikely conceive naturally or without help!

Referred for HSG test and to fertility consultant Feb 2018.
Low and behold - at appointment they do urine sample - pregnant! Discharged from them.
Sadly ended in mc 9 weeks April 2018..
Large bleed within sac and baby hb stopped.
Surgical removal due to issues and risk as I’m rhesus negative.
Tests carried out - nothing abnormal identified - ruled as a likely loss of natural cause.
Gave all clear ttc again.

Booked back with consultant - again got my BFP week before my appointment!

Referred for beta hcg and ultrasound -
Beta hcg taken two days apart - all fine and increased well.
told had pregnancy of unknown location at scan and likely ectopic - sent home and scan rebooked for two weeks after.
Attended scan - confirmed I had a likely continuing NORMAL pregnancy. Dated perfect at 6wks 3 days. Over the moon.

Fast forward -
first dating scan received after all booking in with midwife etc...
Was very scared as had been severely affected by morning sickness and terrified something would be wrong - scan went perfectly well and baby measured 3 days ahead at 12+6!

20 week scan - all ok and baby growing well. Still measuring ahead - growth charted as average.

Currently 25+2 with my miracle rainbow..
Pregnancy going well and looking forward to welcoming our bundle of joy.
DD 19th april 2019

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Success story

Pregnant on IUI #2 after MC and Infertility with PCOS

Hi ladies,

I'm here to share my success story and will keep it as short as possible. After getting pregnant off the second cycle off the pill (and I've been diagnosed with PCOS since 2008) and having unfruitful cycles with Clomid and Femara/letrozole at my GYN, I moved on to Bloom Reproductive Institute in Scottsdale, AZ. From there we went through some tests and I went on letrozole and Menopur injections to get ovulation going. (I have textbook PCOS and had a really rough time ovulating after my miscarriage and even before going on birth control years ago.)

We did 2 cycles with timed intercourse and the injections and didn't have anything, so we tried an IUI, or the 'salad spinner' as my husband called it. Negative on that one, although I think the timing wasn't quite right on the procedure and my trigger shot. IUI #2 comes around and I still kept that sliver of hope that God would finally give us a natural baby. If it didn't work we'd maybe try one more and then look into adoption, so when I nervously took a pregnancy test the day before my beta at the clinic, I was equally happy and scared that it was POSITIVE! I believe that the progesterone helped my body know that it was pregnant and to keep that little bean warm and snug, and as I type this I have a healthy, beautiful, smiley 7 month old girl, Evangeline Faith. She is worth the wait and the tears and the anxiety and the complications, and I want to tell whoever ends up reading this: DO NOT GIVE UP. The Lord with sustain you and keep you on the path you're meant to go on, and if that means going through infertility while it seems like everyone else just drinks the water, so be it. If you don't have God and the Word to be your helper, please find an outlet to reach out because it's TOO HARD to keep to yourself and your partner. It really is.

If you want to join another community on a super user-friendly app, get Kindara from your app store. I promise you will find women that are going through the same thing, whatever that may be, and you can encourage each other all while staying private. So many of us are now Facebook and Instagram friends now and even plan to meet in person! Keep advocating, keep hope alive, and keep treating the temple that you occupy with love and care!!

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Success story

11-25-18 BFP!!!

To God be all the glory! I got my first ever vvfl 11-22-18 Thanksgiving, I couldn't believe it so I tested again the next morning still vvfl I was only 11dpo. I'm super excited and still in shock. I did bloodwork to confirm. My doctor was happy also. My husband and i had been ttc for years no success, we got serious and started letrozole aka femara in June started on 2.5 mg. Cd 5-9. Then I did 3 rounds step up 2.5 to 5 mg cd 3-7. My last cycle i conceived i did cd 5-9 7.5 mg only bd once when i got a positive opk. Prior to that we dtd every other day during ovulation. I also dedicated to a 31 intentional prayer to get pregnant in October. I'm 36 dh is 43 we have tried off and on for our 1st baby for 15years plus. I tried 2 rounds clomid and 1 round femara in 2012. Not the right time. It's our season now. Much live and prayer to anyone else who has ttc for years wait for the chapter in your story it will happen!!!

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Success story

BFP? please share!

Nothing gives me more encouragement than seeing those BFPs! Please share and post pics :) I think it could help other women too


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Success story

Please never give up!

I'll give you a short breakdown of how my TTC journey went..

August '15 my partner and I decided we wanted to try for a baby! Come October and I got my first BFP. I was so elated to see those 2 lines so soon after trying. With in a day I was bleeding (chemical pregnancy). Disheartened but not ready to give up just yet..

November '15 swings round and just like that, I got my next BFP. I was again so shocked that I managed to catch so quickly. This time round I was very nervous. Every trip to the toilet involved a panty check and it was all just very stressful. Despite my fears, 2 weeks went by and I was still carrying my little poppyseed sized baby (roughly 6 weeks pregnant by this point). However not long after I started cramping and yet again found myself heavily bleeding. This time it was a lot heavier and full of clots. The pain was excruciating so I knew something wasn't right. A trip to the hospital a few days later confirmed I had indeed passed the pregnancy. Yet again I was filled with so much heartache and feeling very disheartened.

After putting my body through the works I decided to enjoy Christmas and NYE and resume TTC once 2016 rolled round so that's what I did. Getting my first period after all of this was, in the simplest of terms, shitty... I felt increasingly more uneasy about whether my body was capable of actually carrying a child.

Come Feb '16 and I was greeted with yet a lovely BFP. At this point I had the choice to celebrate or stay level headed. I decided why shouldn't I be excited for this new life growing inside of me?! So that's what I did. The pregnancy progressed nicely and nausea set in slightly. I even got to see its little heart flicker on an ultrasound which was magical. The weeks went by and the uneasiness settled significantly.

It didn't stay this way.. of course it wouldn't! he 25th of April will be a day that will haunt me for the rest of my life. There we were sat in the ultrasound room at our 10 week appointment. I could see the ultrasound techs face making all sorts of weird expressions.. "oh no... what's wrong? Where's the heartbeat?!". Those next 10 seconds felt like an eternity before I was told "I'm so sorry but there's no heartbeat". The next week was the worst week of my life. I was given medical management where they put 2 large tablets at the entrance of your cervix which promote contractions to help you pass the fetus. That pain that I experienced was something I can't even describe but that was nothing to what I had to experience a few days later. While sat on the toilet I felt something big fall to the entrance of my vagina. I just knew what it was but I didn't want to look. I rolled up some tissue paper and placed it underneath me and squeezed. Out came my perfect little baby full in tact in its sac. Seeing its littler fingers and eyes was an image that will forever be etched in my memory.

Anyway, those next few months were excruciating. I ended up drinking and smoking excessively and was just an all round depressed person. I felt like my body had failed me. It had failed my beautiful babies and I felt so unwomanly. The one thing my body is designed to do and it can't do it. We had decided to put TTC on hold while we got recurrent miscarriage tests done but by June I started to feel different. "Am I pregnant?! surely not?". Reluctantly I took a test and there it was, clear as day, 2 pink lines.

I am now 22w4d with my miracle baby boy who is kicking away as a type this. Before finding out I was pregnant I truly had given up trying as I just didn't want to have to deal with any more heartbreak. Don't get me wrong, that fear lives with in me every single day, but to be where I am now is just amazing and I beg that any of you going through heartbreak in this journey to never ever give up. You really don't know what is just around the corner when you least expect it.

Over and out,
A very proud mummy to be xxx

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