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TTC Journey and How we FINALLY got BFP - after 1.5 years

It was quite a sad realization when month after month we got BFN and after a few months I started to research. Based on what I was able to research seem to be that I had PCOS. No doctor would see me, since we didn't TCC for a year.
I tried everything: vitamins, pre-seed, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, I can go on and on and nothing seemed to help. At the year mark of TTC I made an appointment with another OBGYN (since mine stopped taking our insurance)
Going in to the doctor I was sure she would diagnose me with PCOS and was hoping she would have some sort of solution. Quick ultrasound showed that one of my ovaries is showing signs of PCOS, but she had to run the blood work. Blood work came back normal and she suggested we continue trying; at the same time she agreed that based on the symptoms I was having I probably have PCOS.
All of my instincts told me something is wrong and I have expected more tests, but she insisted on us continue trying.
After few months, I came back for a consultation and options I was given:
1. Take birth control for 3 months, then stop and TTC
2. Laparoscopic ovarian drilling
I have never in my life taken BC and the idea of it terrified me, so I ruled that out.
When I suggested Chlomid or Femara, she said they wont work and those are the only to options I had.
I remember walking out of OBGYN office completely confused and scared.
Nothing that the doctor did made sense to me, but I kept telling myself, that she is the doctor and she must know what she is talking about, BIG MISTAKE!
By that time we change our insurance and my old OBGYN was accepting it, so we decide to have a second opinion. But if you have TCC any time, you must know how exhausting it feels to wait yet another cycle and we want to rush time and fix what ever is wrong as soon as it humanly possible, so I was still strongly considering the surgery at that time.
my original OBGYN run several excessive blood works, ultrasounds, send my husband for test - everything came back normal. My doctor agreed that I might have PCOS based on how one of my ovaries looked on the ultrasound, but she was not convinced.
We did 3 rounds of Chlomid (unsuccessful)
Then she wanted me to do hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to check my tubes and uterus before we considered more options.
The test must be performed before CD10 (at least at the radiology place that did it for me), so we had to wait till my next cycle.
Going to my appointment, I was feeling all sorts of emotions. I hopped that everything was OK, but at the same time I hopped for answers, I of course researched about and was prepared for all sort of pain and possible answers that they could give me, but I could not have thought of what was going to actually happen.
To my surprise and something that I did not prepare myself at all, they could not run the test! What?! The radiologist has to insert small catheter, to inject the dye, but she could not do it!
Once she was done trying, she advised me that my OBGYN had to dilate me and then I would come in for the procedure again, she also mentioned that this might be the reason for infertility.
We had to wait another month, since my appointment was on CD9 and they would not schedule me again, even though my OBGYN would squeeze me in to her schedule for dilation.
Per my OBGYN, while she did the procedure of dilating me, she said that it does look like I might have cervical stenosis (the passageway through the cervix is narrow or completely closed).
Right after the procedure, I went to have HSG done, which was successful and came back with no defects found.
That cycle we got pregnant :) we lost the baby, due to chromosomal dis balance, but this is another story.
Good Luck Ladies!!! Never loose Hope!

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