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Frustrated! 25 DPO, cycle is 9 days late, 3 negative home tests! Could I be pregnant?

(Sorry, posted this on the TTC forum, this one seems better suited)

I just can't figure this out!

Been trying to conceive for almost a year now, I'm 27, cycles have always been like CLOCKWORK, 18th-20th of each month, 30 day cycle. Ovulation tests say my best day was the 5th of March, hubby and I were on vacation, so we had fun those few days ;)

Almost 2 weeks after my last period was due, and 3 negative pregnancy tests later, I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, but I am SO desparate to find out for sure!

How long should it take before I get a positive home test?

I've tried 2 different brands, no digitals, the one I took today (Clear Blue Easy) showed a very faint positive line about 30 seconds after the test, but by the 1 minute mark it had almost disappeared. I have one more test left at home, and I really want to take it NOW hehehe but I will wait till tomorrow morning.

I have no other symptoms that I can tell, except extreme fatigue, tired all the time!

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You should have gotten a BFP around the time AF was late. Have your doctor run a blood test. Those are more accurate. If the blood test is negative, then you probably aren't pregnant and there may be something else going on. If that one test showed a faint line it should have stayed positive. There are rare occurences of a women being pregnant but not getting a positive urine test. Unfortunately, I'd say you'll have to wait until your doctor's appointment:-P Good luck!!

12 years ago

Thank you! I will wait till the doctor's appointment with fingers crossed!

12 years ago • Post starter

Feeling incredibly frustrated! I'm currently 25 days past ovulation, my cycle is 9 days late, and I've taken 3 home pregnancy tests, all of which came back negative. Despite this, I'm still hopeful and wondering if there's a chance I could still be pregnant. The uncertainty is really getting to me. Any similar experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated!

7 weeks ago

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