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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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YEY!!!! @tryingafteraloss and @Kelliria iI'm hoping to be team girl, too. Rub some of that pink dust on me pleeasseee!!! Did you find out through Blood test or u/s?

@Kelliria you look amazing. nothing but bump! and thanks for your supportive words and anyone else i may have missed. I will get through this next few months

I had my first cervical check today and everything is measuring long and closed, which is great and to be expected at my current gestation (16+4). I'm travelling for work on the 1st and i'll be 18-20 weeks during the trip and my high risk ob is not pleased. so he's asked that I start progesterone supps now. Baby looked great. Couldnt see gender but im team green until at least past viability so im ok with that. But if at the next us baby wants to show us the goods, i wont turn away.

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6 years ago

Congratulations Tryingafterloss and Kelliria :) I soooo am getting antsy now to find out too, next ultrasound is 2 weeks on Friday when I can, my husband's adamant he still wants a surprise though.
So pleased your check went ok Neomasie :) must be such a relief it's doing it's job!
Dragonfly23 is 28 weeks when they do the glucose tests here but only if you need them they don't test everyone xx

6 years ago

@Lakarmw thank you! it is

I'm getting antsy about gender too. I told myself I was team green this time around but as we get closer to being able to know gender, im slowly breaking my resolve!
what are you hoping for?

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6 years ago

Neomasie, it's so hard wanting to know isn't it. I don't think I really have any preference at all, which is why we decided to have a surprise, but I can't help but wonder if there's a baby boy or girl in there. My gut is saying baby girl, but I have no idea why, I know I felt more poorly carrying my son than my daughter but it could have been because i had a 1 year old to care for and she wasn't a great sleeper. It's such a mystery. How about you do you have a preference or any kind of inkling? xx

6 years ago

Lakrmw its getting harder and harder lol! I really really want a girl. But I have a feeling this one's a boy. I, too, feel differently than I did when I was carrying my daughter-so it leads me to believe this one is a boy. But part of me feels im feeling differently only because of 1)the surgery and 2) i conceived less than 6 months after losing my daughter so my body was still pumping with hormones.
Ring test said Boy. Chinese gender predictor said boy. Haven't done the baking soda test this time around.
the guessing game is killing me!

but from what I've heard, mom's usually have a gut feeling thats rarely wrong, so lets see if we're right!

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6 years ago

@neomasie. I believe in the gut feeling. Do you believe in in carrying high or low, oryour belly feeling round or oval? I haven't any tests like that; well the baking soda test I did but I think I did it wrong so I don't think it worked. The Chinese predictor test said girl and the date of conception plus your age said boy. My hands feel a lot drier than they did in the first and that led to boy. Will you find out at your ultrasound on the gender?

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6 years ago

It’s been a while since I’ve logged in here – so sorry, but now I’m all caught up and glad to see everyone doing so well!! I apologize for the long post – but I wanted to comment on everyones posts I’ve missed.

Dragonfly23 – You have such a cute bump!!! I think you look amazing! Yay for running into the woman in the elevator & making you feel better!

Mrsjr96 – CONGRATS on your BFP! So exciting! When is your due date? How are you feeling?

Kelliria – CONGRATS on entering the 2nd trimester! That’s great you’re feeling good! Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant too. My baby tends to stay in the same spot – on the right side of my belly – that’s where I always find the heartbeat LOL… a few times I felt like I felt something going on right in that same spot – could it be the baby? Idk…. I can’t wait to feel and see kicks! When does that usually start up? And OMG about your friend that had NIPT and they said boy and it was a girl… I don’t want to buy any boy stuff until I KNOW for sure – as in see his peesh on the ultrasound lol. Your baby bump is adorable! You look great for 15w!!

Tryingafterloss – CONGRATS on being in your 2nd trimester! I always thought that started at 12w1d, but now I know it doesn’t start til 14w1d… I can’t wait to get there! So happy you found the baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler – best sound ever!! And congrats on finding out the gender! Baby girls are so fun to shop for and dress up! Yay!

Ramenia – CONGRATS on your BFP!! So happy and excited for you! When is your due date? How are you feeling? I’m so sorry to hear about your losses – I completely understand – I’ve had 2 missed miscarriages – one in May 2015 at 6 weeks & one Dec 2017 at 10 weeks. I’m now 12w6d w/ a healthy growing baby… stay positive and I will pray that this is your rainbow baby too!!! Xo

Lakarmw – Sorry to hear about your strange pain – glad they’ve eased off for you and I hope they stay away. I can’t believe you aren’t finding out the sex lol… I’m so OCD I had to know as soon as possible haha. Try not to stress too much about the anomaly scan … all scans/etc have come back great so far, right? Concentrate on that! :)

Calvingirl – I have restless legs too – and it’s def worse with pregnancy – are you still taking medication for it now? Anything else you do naturally that helps it? I am having SUCH trouble staying asleep! As far as dopplers – I use mine once a day and have been since I was 9 weeks – I usually do it right when I get home from work before I eat dinner. My bf thinks I’m crazy but he understand why I do it. It eases my anxiousness so much, if I didn’t use it I’d personally be a nervous wreck in between scans – especially because right now I can’t feel the baby moving around, etc. Sorry your NIPT came back invalid… maybe you were just too early for the tests to pick up what they need to? Sending positive vibes your way mama! And you look beautiful!!! Hang in there and you’ll have the results any day now! Xo GOOD LUCK with your NT scan & counseling today! Xo

neomasie I’ve had bad constipation as well and I’ve never had a problem in that area my whole life. I find taking Colace every other day seems to really help me – that’s what my dr said I should try and I like it. I feel further along too! December seems so far away LOL. How have you been liking the magnesium citrate? I hope it’s working well for you! I think counseling is always a good thing – it’s healthy to get your emotions and feelings out and if it makes you feel better, why not!! It’s worth a try at least! Xo Congrats on your cervical check going well!!

midnightrose3 I’m so sorry about not getting the feedback from your family that you were hoping for xoxo… sending you huge hugs and lots of love. Baby’s are blessings and I’m sure they’ll come around at some point! We are right around the same timeframe too – I’m due Dec 28th – when are you due? That is so nice you had your kiddos with you for the ultrasound – were they amazed or what?

6 years ago

It was def a mouthful lol

Thank you FlamingoGirl! Yes, the nausea has gone away mostly - still get it some days here and there or when I brush my teeth sometimes I gag a little. Yup, I plan to stay plenty hydrated in that hot sun!! How are you feeling?

6 years ago

Hello everyone. I am new here!!

6 years ago

Hi, michelle! Welcome! Always nice to see a new face and belly! Lol.
Lakarmw, love the bump! I think you are carrying low. For me though, with both my girls, i have carried low, and all around big. My belly looked like snoopys nose with dd. I went 6 more weeks after this pic. Everyone had said boy with both and it has been wrong. My hips got big with my dd. My shape looked like yours does at about 18w. I say girl too.

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