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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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midnightrose3 so sorry to hear your family didn't take your fabulous news well :( can't be nice for you at all and the absolute last thing you need. Really pleased to hear you are progressing well though, and your ultrasound went well :) xxx

6 years ago

Hey ladies!! I hope all is well! I hadn’t felt baby move for about 12 hrs and it was freaking me out. I bought a Fetal Doppler and hubby and I found baby’s heartbeat! 153 bpm. Was so amazing to hear! I was so relieved. Got a bit emotional tbh

6 years ago

Glad your found baby ok tryingafteraloss :) dopplers are very reassuring.
How's everyone's weekend been mama's?
I seem to be getting bigger by the day and little one seems to get more and more active, my husband can even feel his/her kicks sometimes now too. I feel really well but at times very emotional, all seems to be going ok. Tomorrow I have my whooping cough vaccine, so not really looking forward to that one :( xx

6 years ago

Hi @Lakarmw weekend was good. Quiet and restful. I'm a literal loaf from friday night to sunday night, laying about as much as possible and getting as much rest as I can. I'm also feeling a lot more emotional these days. I cried saturday for the first time in a long time. I'm getting anxious as I get closer to the gestational week I lost my daughter, fearing a repeat with this baby. I've been trying to map out this pregnancy with milestones-1st was getting through the stitch surgery and 2nd is getting past 23 weeks. 3rd is getting to the 3rd trimester and 4th is obviously delivery. It feels like this trimester is creeping along and its really messing with my emotions. i'm miserable to live with and be around and I feel so bad for my husband. I'm considering getting back into counselling to deal with the anxiety.

I'm so glad to hear your little one is getting more and more active by the day. How fun! Feeling baby from the outside is the ultimate joy. It makes the whole experience so much more real and tangible! Good luck at your vaccine tomorrow.

Lil 10/28/17 User image

6 years ago

Hi Neomasie, sounds like we are in the same boat emotion wise, I describe it as every emotion have is on steroids, so sad I'm crying, happy, I'm exactic, grumpy is very grumpy etc such a rollercoaster.
Sorry your feeling anxious again, it really is understandable with your history though, all you can do is relax as much as possible, counselling may not be a bad idea to help with anxiety, you don't want it taking over completely so you don't enjoy it at all.
I can all ready begin to feel myself worrying about my anomaly ultrasound I have 2 weeks on Friday.... I was feeling relaxed until someone I know a few weeks ahead, had a problem found with the babys kidneys, it's nothing too serious and treatable but it wasn't expected so it just brings into reality that they don't always go as planned so I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything looks good when I go for mine xx

6 years ago

@lakarmw thank you for the supportive words. indeed, it like every emotion is on steriods! Once i have a break in my work schedule i'll plan a session with a counsellor. My anxiety has already overtaken my enjoying this pregnancy. When i start to get excited, i actually 'catch' myself and remind myself-nothing is guaranteed.

Praying that everything goes well at your anomaly scan. And for all the mamas and babys in this group. Its hard to accept that sometimes things just dont go according to plan in a pregnancy, but we've got to keep the faith and remind ourselves that more often than not, everything does go according to plan and thats what we need to focus on!

Lil 10/28/17 User image

6 years ago

Amazing news Tryingafterloss :) how does it feels to know what you are having? Congratulations xxx

6 years ago

Neomasie, sorry you have such bad anxiety. I understand some of your fear. My 1st died about 7w1d and i didnt find out til after 13w. I carried it for over 6w and it had passed. Nearing the 7w mark and up til now has been rough. I eased a bit after my 11w scan but like you, i still realize anything can happen at any time. I just pray and listen to my doppler a lot. To have that anxiety much longer woulda definitely taken a toll. Praying for you!
Tryingafteraloss, congrats!!!! Yea! I'm team girl too!

Went to the dr yesterday and i heard hb. I have only had one u/s @ 7w. I am 15w 3d today. I guess my 2nd u/s is next time at 19w 2d for my anamoly scan. I was bummed cause i thought for sure i had like 3 by now. I'll have to check but i guess it doesnt matter cause i didn't get one. Lol. Her hb sounded good.
It's miserable at my house right now. The heating and air unit outside quit working Mon night and the guy can't come look at it til tomorrow afternoon. It has been in the 90s. Super miserable. I am so used to modern things i dont know how they did it before electric, deoderant, fans, toothbrush and paste, soap, ect.

Been feeling great except for my crotch throbbing if i walk very long. The best way i can describe it is maybe like I had sex too long and hard and it gets that throbbing, thumping ache. Like it's swollen or something. If i put pressure on it it feels better. It's not inside but just around vagina opening. Similar to smashing your finger and then putting your hand down by your side and it starts throbbing and feels warm as the blood rushes to it. Swollen like everything is about to fall out. I tried a belly support band but the tightness made it worse. May be the extra blood flow to the area? Had a fill in dr and he had no clue. Asked if i was burning or discharging. My female dr may understand better. I cant wait to see her next month.

I am feeling good otherwise. Hungry a lot and really showing now.

user submitted image

6 years ago • Post starter

Congratulations on all the moms that found out gender! A girl for Tryingafterloss - that's awesome! I hope we continue the Team Pink! Kelliria, your bump looks amazing. How beautiful. You look like you're carrying low, which could cause the "lightning crotch" and increased blood flow down there. I'm starting to feel it a little when I walk a ways too. Definitely feel more blood volume down there because I actually want to have sex again - and I haven't let DH touch me in 8 wks. Poor guy's been very patient.

AFM, I'm 12 wks, 1 day and tomorrow is my NT scan and genetic counseling. I'm still waiting for the second NIPT results to come in which literally could come any moment now. I'm freaking out and so anxious for this next 24 hrs to be over so I can find out if 1) baby still has HB, 2) baby doesn't have markers for downs 3) baby's gender, 4) baby's results for all the other genetic mess they test for. PLEASE let me get through the next day with good news!! I still feel like I'm fooling myself and this child will be taken from me at any second.

Doesn't help that my bloat finally went down and bump is almost non-existent now. I still have all my symptoms, and I've heard it's normal for the swelling to go down at 12 wks, but that doesn't quite take away the worry. Cross your fingers for me, ladies. Healthy baby, hopefully girl, but boy is good too.

6 years ago

@Kelliria. Looks like you are carrying a boy. I know what you mean about the crotch hurting as I get that too sometimes.

@Tryingafterloss. Congrats on a baby girl. That's amazing and she looks beautiful.

@Calvingirl. I know what you mean about the no sex thing. It seems that its my hubby who doesn't want it as much as me. With my girl, I couldn't get enough of it.

With all these symptom comparimg from one pregnancy to another, I definately feel this one is a Boy. Does anyone remember when to take the glucose test? I forgot lol. Other than that things are going well. Some emotional days and not feeling the love but other days are good.

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6 years ago

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