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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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@Beaut1ful38. OMG. He is so precious. Congratulations girl. The wait is finally over and you are finally holding your son.

Hi everyone. It has been months since I last posted on here and I miss each and every one of you ladies and all your babies are so precious and adorable that I miss when my little man was so small. I had to take a step back and deal with with some issues in my life. Just recently, my ex husband decided it was time to put our dog down as she wasn't doing very well. She just celebrated her fifteenth birthday and things went downhill pretty fast. I never really got to see her as he was a trucker and is always on the road. When he messaged saying it was time I was given the opportunity of going with them to the vet to say goodbye. Both my husband and ex husband left the decision up to me but never discouraged me as it was going to be tough. After a couple days, I finally decided that I was going to go. Even though I was going, it was the best decision I have ever made. I never got to say goodbye to my grandpa or to my best friend and have a lot of regrets even though I didn't know. My ex decided to take a step back and let me hold our dog as he knew how much it ment to me. She knew what was going on and with the last bit of strength she gave me one last kiss and she passed in my arms. I held her for a very long time. We got her cremated and her ashes now rests with me in my home. Since going, it has made me such a strong person on the inside and thankful I have made the right choice. With that being said, I have kept up with everyone and hope things are progressing well. For some that know my situation, things are going well and slowly progressing. For some that don't know, I developed a severve case of post partum depression, post partum anxiety and post partum anger. I wrote up a little journal and you are more than welcome to check it out.

Update on Isaiah: Well he's not so small anymore . He weighs a whopping 19.3 pounds at his 6 month shots. Since birth, he developed an umbilical granuloma. Which means that when the umbilical cord fell off, part of the tissue stayed behind. He was getting doses of silver nitrate in the hopes that the tissue would fall off. Months later and after many doses of treatment it has since shriveled up and will not fall off and the silver nitrate doesn't react to the tissue anymore. He has another appointment with the surgeon on May 14 to see what the next step is. On the bright side. He started rolling onto his stomach at 3 months old. Just recently he is slowly going on his knees to start crawling. His legs are so strong that he is able to grasp the handles of the little trampoline and stand unassisted for 3 minutes. I'm not sure what will come first, crawling or walking. He still has no teeth but I am sure those will come in soon. Just recently, I starting giving baby food and he is so interested that he started grabbing the spoon and my hand and feed himself. He has this smile that just lights up the room. Despite everything that is going on, I have never felt this attached to him.

Also just wanted to say, welcome to all the newcomers who have joined this group and pray for a happy and healthy 9 months. Enjoy every moment of it to the fullest and soon you will all be holding your precious babies. Should things go sour, please know that you are not alone and to ask for help if you need it and take time for yourself to relax.

1 year ago • Edited

@Beaut1ful38: The news of your adorable boy, Elijah made me so happy!! He is so precious!! And I’m so happy to hear that you are both doing well and healthy! You did great, Mama!! And “Elijah” is a beautiful name! Wishing you many beautiful moments with your sweet baby! Enjoy every second of being a new mommy!

@dragonfly23: I’m so sorry about your beloved doggie... I had to go through this with my belongings dog last December... ;( It’s never easy. There Family ... Bit it’s good and comforting that you could be there with her.

I’m so glad you’re doing better!! That’s FANTASTIC!! And it sounds like Isaiah is growing and developing super fast!! It’s hard to believe that only recently (as it seems) we were talking about TTC and now both of our boys are mobile! Lol I miss you too and think about you very often! I’m so happy to hear that things are getting better and better for you!!

My baby was born on July 26th, 2018 And it's a ! And my 2nd baby boy was born

1 year ago

Beaut1ful38 - Congratulations!! Elijah is just gorgeous, and a good size for a 36 wkr. Hope he comes home quickly and quick healing to you. The first few weeks flew by in a blur for me.

Hope4rainbowbaby - Wow! Congratulations on your upcoming sibling! Now that Phoebe is almost 5 months old, and with that pregnancy scare, I realize that I really wish I could give her a sibling - that I wouldn't really mind if I got pregnant again. Of course, I think that's the birth amnesia setting in....I do remember that I hate being pregnant, just not with the conviction I had a couple of weeks ago lol.

Dragonfly23 - Welcome back and glad Isaiah is doing so well! Phoebe isn't old enough for solids yet, but she's starting to be interested in them - keeps trying to grab the food off my fork. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I have two older dogs (16 and 11) that aren't doing well. It'll break my heart when they decline. I've been struggling with PPD a bit too, which only showed its face about 6 wks ago. I've seen a doctor for it, but have been trying to manage without meds. Not sure how successful that is going to be. I just hate antidepressants since they don't work well on me, and I hate to start the cycle of taking something and waiting forever for it then not to work, and then having to switch again and start the whole process over with. Last time, about 10 yrs ago, I was bad enough to be medicated and it was two years of bouncing from med to med and we never did find anything that worked. In the end, I just quit all of it and drank a lot lol. I hope your journey is going better, and recovery is quick. PPD and all its forms suck! I feel for you.

RooRoo - are you next? Looks like you're close too! I love seeing all these baby photos...keep them coming mamas!

1 year ago

@ calvingirl. Yes, it was very hard to say goodbye to her as I only got to spend a total of 2 hours with her before we took her in. Other than that, the last time Ibreally saw her was when I was a few months pregnant with Isaiah. I totally understand what you are saying with the anti-depressants. The doctor first put me on Welbutrin (also used as a quit smoking aid) and it did wonders for me. Even my husband noticed a huge change in my attitude and everything was coming together. The bad part was is that I wasn't getting any sleep and my anxiety was through the roof. I was only on it for a couple weeks and then I made the mistake of quitting cold turkey. Let me tell you that was a no no. I was so sick with flu like symptoms and had diarrhea for 3 days straight. Couldn't even walk and not have an accident. Talk about embarassing lol. So, I booked an appointment to change my meds and the appointment kept getting moved as the doctor was really sick. I finally got the meds changed and so far seems to do okay but still have some episodes. Not sure what to do with the meds like you mentioned on how you bounced around lots trying to find one that worked but I am sure something will work. My hubby and I decided to have one last child as he won't live forever (he's 61; 62 in Aug) and then I will get my tubes tied. But that won't happen for a couple more years. With that, I can't take the meds I am on as it's not safe so will have to change. So will see what happens. I'm sure Phoebe will have a good time trying new foods.

@hope4rainbowbaby. That's sweet of you to think of me; I appreciate that. I miss our little chats. I hope your mom has made a full recovery and is doing well. Also hope your little boy is as active as all can be. I so miss being pregnant and feeling all those little kicks is so amazing. I'm still on the fence about a third based on everything but we have a few years to work on it and then I will make the final decision. I will be getting my tubes tied as three is my max but will be happy with two if the situation arises. Talk soon.

1 year ago

Hey ladies! Oh what a week it’s been. First we are doing great now. Second my house is a mess (welcome to newborn life) third 5hours asleep a day is rough but so worth it
We are home and got to come home right on the usual time frame. He did have a close call to NICU for his body temperature we couldn’t get him to stay warm at 97.7. His sugar levels passed the 24hours testing. He passed all other test as well. He has no health problems at all. I am breastfeeding and had some difficulty birth (since he was late preterm baby.) So had to get a Lactation Specialist to come out to house to help me. We have to use a “nipple shield” for 2 weeks and mouth exercises to help him latch and suck better. Soon will ween him off the nipple shield. Also she recommended me a hospital grade breast pump WOW!! That is better than the one my insurance gave me LOL.
Other than that we are doing great and wet/dirty diapers are coming along well. I have been peed on twice and pooped on once baby boys!!! Lol. Oh and he doesn’t cry much at all. Loving every moment. I do miss my pregnant belly.

1 year ago

@Beaut1ful38. He is so adorable. I'm glad everything is going ok and that he passed all of his tests. I've only been peed on a couple times, it's quite a shocker when one isn't expecting it. He even peed on my hubby and I had quite the chuckle.

AFM. Yesterday was a good day for me and Isaiah. His legs are getting stronger every day and I am sure he will start crawling soon. We also had some amazing bonding time. Was in the process of giving him a bath and he started to get upset a bit. So, I climbed in the tub with him. Let me say it was an amazing experience. I have a question for you ladies. Isaiah has a case of baby shudders. I read that it is a neurological thing and can be alarming to some parents. But should I beconcerned. He sees his paediatrician on June 4 and I will ask the doctor then.

Other than that, I hope everyone is doing well with their pregnancies and enjoying every movement.

1 year ago

Thank you RooRoo. I wanted to comment but the stupid ads wouldn't let me click on the post. It even won't let me add my period date. It's nice that the site is free and all but wish there wasn't so many ads popping up all the time.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and soon to be. I hope you all had a wonderful day.

1 year ago • Edited

Hi ladies. I was given some sad news today but I know my son will be in good hands. I was told that Isaiah will need to undergo surgery because the umbilical cord stump will not fall off. I can't remember the exact name and if I do then I will edit this post. If things go well he can go for surgery next friday. He wont have to stay the night unless the stump goes through his stomach then he will. I will be allowed to stay with him if that is the case. There is also a risk that he could get an infection because it is such an isolated location. I am nervous as I have grown so attached to him. In the long run, I want this taken care of because this could cause more complications down the road. I will keep everyone updated.

1 year ago

Dragonfly23 - I know you sound calm about it, but you have to be freaking out. I'm so sorry - it's so scary when your baby has to go through something like this. I'm thinking of you and little Isaiah, and I'm sure it'll go fantastic. Fast healing to him and calm thoughts to you.

1 year ago

I'm just catching up....Happy Mother's day to all you ladies post and pre-baby. Dragonfly, no I've never heard of the shudders thing, but I looked it up out of curiosity and I think I remember my brother having that. I have no clue the cure. I know that bad restless leg syndrome runs in our family too, and that's neurological as well. I guess he'll grow out of it. Again, hope his surgery goes smoothly!

1 year ago

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