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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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@neomasie. I'm 15 weeks and still haven't told my family. Just a couple close friends and work. I wanted to wait till after the second ultrasound to start telling. I kind of wish I told them (family) sooner at Easter dinner but it never happened. I also feel that talking about the pregnancy with others who are still ttc is hard as I feel for them when their period starts and has to wait another month. I love your ticker by the way. It's cute.

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2 years ago • Edited

neomaise: I hear you. This time, DH & I are not telling anyone till I hit 12 weeks. I'm hoping I can hide it till then.

Winnie91: your fiancée mother is very fortunate to have you to at least understand where she is coming from. I'm preparing for that reaction from my own parents. At 35 , they still make me feel 15 so I'm not sure what the reaction will be but mentally preparing myself. Continue to show support and understanding. Your fiancée and mother in law will love you for it!

Kelliria: Our family situation is unique! SO and I had our three children, split up a few years later, he had another child and somehow we managed to reconcile a few years after that and now we are expecting again, 10 years after our last one! It boggles my mind but I'm so happy and excited!

2 years ago

I love the idea of a separate thread! I feel exactly the same way talking about my BFP in the TTC forum.

I'll be 31 when our jelly bean is born. Hubs will be 33. Our son is turning 2 in two days! I'm 7w1d today and still have symptoms going on. Mostly intense food aversions, definitely some nausea, fatigue is slightly improving, boobs are staying pretty sore, and this bloat is insane! Fortunately they're staying consistent and not getting worse. They're already kind of hard to manage when no one but me and the hubs know! Ugh, side note... The MIL is in town from FL for my son's birthday and keeps trying to peek at my belly. They've been here for like 6 hrs and already pulled my DH away to ask if I'm pregnant yet. They were kind of annoying to tell when I was pregnant with DS so I haven't been looking forward to doing it again as it is and that just made it even worse. I just know she'll play the "I knew it!" card all over again. I'm gonna spend the next few days throwing them off the best I can hehehehe
My first scan is May 2 when I'll be 8w6d. I'm so excited and so nervous!

2 years ago

Sheriskers, my bloat is horrible! I look like i did when i was 14w last pregnancy and I'm right behind you. Definately showing earlier this time. My abs are not as tight and my bloat baby is really poking out. I live with my inlaws and am hoping to keep it secret til 12w. I dont know if i can! Im nervous for my scan next Friday. My mmc stopped growing at 7w1d and I'll be a few days over. I wont breathe good til 12w, and I'll still be nervous. I'll at least wait til after scan to tell everyone.
Do you think you will tell them before they leave? I don't know if i would just get it over with or wait and tell them on the phone after they're gone! Lol. Im kinda feeling the "i knew it" thing. My mil has dreams that come true. She thinks she really has a gift. Before i was pg with dd she had a dream about a little boy and girl at the top of their stairs. I didn't think i would have 1, let alone 2. Then, she told me about a month ago i needed to have another one soon so Ruthie has someone to play with. I know the "i knew it" is on the way.

2 years ago • Post starter

Hey ladies! I’ll join you here! I’m 38 will be 39 when baby is born! EDD Dec 2. I have 1 DD who is turning 18 next month! ????. She is from a previous relationship so this is DH’s first baby. I am 7w6d and feeling nauseous, bloated (can’t fit in my pants already!) sore BBs and sleep issues!! I keep waiting to feel emotional but all I’m getting is cranky off & on! I am from Canada but am living in Australia so I’m on a different time zone ????

2 years ago

Omg the bloat and gas is brutal. I don't recall it being this bad this early with my first. Some days I feel like I'm letting out one giant, long marathon fart from the moment i wake up till I go to bed. I'm a hot air balloon. And farting is the only thing that bring relief, all be it temporary. My doc gave me some natural tricks/tips on how to manage it but said that if it gets worse and the tips don't ring relief, he'll prescribe medication. The only thing that's managed to let up is the constipation by getting serious about adding fiber.

@midnightrose3 you do have a unique family situation! It's also very cool! A family is a family, no matter how it's made up. Love it!

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2 years ago

Hi, tryingafteraloss! Glad you found us! I am loving that a lot of us are a little older! Makes me feel a little less crazy for wanting another baby. All my friends have kids that average in high school and here i am, just starting! Lol. Austrailia! It is 5:14 am here. Yes, i am there with you on sleep problems. I wake up nauseaus and having to pee and can never go back to sleep.

2 years ago • Post starter

Omgosh I'm so glad it's at least not just me with the bloat! I did the hair tie around the top button trick yesterday and by the end of the day even that popped off lol I'm waking up sometimes multiple times to pee at night and have an awful time getting back to sleep.
@Kelliria no, we won't tell before they leave. My parents don't even know and they were the first ones we told last time. We have to go down to FL for my SIL's wedding in 2 weeks and I'll be facing it all over again. By then I'll have had my first scan so I'm not against telling them then but part of me still wants to hold off to lower their expectations even more Hahah plus, I don't want to steal SIL's wedding thunder. Agh. I don't know! I just want to make it to the 12 week mark quickly!
@neomasie hot air balloon!

2 years ago

Hi ladies!! I’m 37, will be 38 in Sept and my EDD is 12-30! I’m hoping I’ll have the baby before Christmas as Christmas is my favvvvv holiday because can I spend it with my entire family!!

I’ve had 2 MMC - 1 in May 2015 and last one was Dec 2017. I’m just trying to think positive thoughts and stay as relaxed as possible th is pregnancy. I just found out the other day, and I’m super early!! I’m 3w6d right now and can’t wait to have my hcg and progesterone checked. I’m also going to go with a new doctor because my old one just rubbed me the wrong way and I don’t need any extra stress!

My bf has 2 kids already and he hasn’t been with his ex wife for almost a year and they’re now going thru the divorce process so that’s a little stressful but I know it’ll all work out. Him and I live together and I love him with all my heart and I am SO EXCITED to have a little piece of him and I in one little baby! He’s an amazing daddy and I know our baby is gonna be so loved!!

My symptoms - so gassy!, like wake myself up from farting in my sleep haha, wake up multiple times thru night to pee, I want sweets, specifically chocolate all the time! And I’m so bloated!! Bbs are def larger but not sore every day

2 years ago

Only had digital test left so I took apart tests to see the second line. Top test is from 4/20 at 2am and bottom is from 4/21 at 2:50pm (like 1 he hold). I’m waiting on my tests to be delivered on Monday but I may go to cvs to get more before they show. I have a need to see line get darker and it does look darker today so that makes me very happy!!

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2 years ago

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