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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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Hi, ladies! I've been mia lately but i started my new job, daughter was sick with a yucky nose and thurs a fever. That's when i started work. Work is tough. I work in the deli at Costco. They don't slice meat though. They prepare ready to heat meals where you just throw in the oven and eat. I buy a lot of food from there and is pretty good. It is about 45° and the floor is slippery wet. We lift a lot of frozen boxes, use 4 ft wide mixers, and stuff. I like it so far. My upper back was on fire first few days from lifting and bending over the tables. It's ok now. We make a lot. We did 35 18" pizzas yesterday, 200 enchalada bakes, ect. Everything is family sized.
I have been feeling completely normal with no symptoms. I have been finding the babys hb with my home doppler since 8w2d! Took me a minute but i know where to look now. It's funny, i was so cautious not lifting over 10lbs with my dd. Now, i carry her everywhere and my work is physical. I am careful though. I figured I'd tell my manager in a few weeks because i don't know how long I'll be able to do a few things and want him to know soon. I hope they dont let me go because i am i 90 day probationary period. I cant hide it 3 more months. Ill be 5+m by then.
Tryingafteraloss, i have never heard of them the whole pregnancy? I had a uti with dd and jyst took a normal round of antibiotics. Hopefully, that's what she meant. I would get a second opinion on taking them the whole pregnancy.
Dragonfly, good luck on hearing your hb. I'm sure you will this time. You are much farther along now. Crossing my fingers for you!

2 years ago • Post starter

@tryingafterloss i have not heard of antibiotics for the duration of pregnancy but perhaps your doc is being overly cautious as an infection can cause pre-term labour/pprom. From my history of loss, my docs are starting to piece together that an infection may have caused my cervical incompetence. *disclaimer-not medical advice, just my take on my situation

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2 years ago

@Kelliria. Thank you. I will keep you posted and everyone else.

2 years ago

Im glad someone mentioned about a UTI and antibiotics. I believe I have a UTI as the last week the odor is so strong when I use the bathroom it takes my breath away. I am trying hard to up my water intake. I agree taking antibiotics for a whole pregnancy is a little over the top unless it's a high risk pregnancy.

WARNING, TMI: Yesterday and today I had weird spotting. Yesterday was in discharge. Today I've only had 1tiny spot of red. My next appointment is on Wednesday so I'm trying to hold off till then and not stress. I only bled in my last pregnancy and he's obviously fine. But its been 10 years.

Hoping everyone else is doing well!

2 years ago

Morning ladies. I'm still here and didn't need to delete my account. My appointment went well and measuring on time, with a heartbeat (yes, I finally heard it ) of 146bpm. I literally cried when I heard it. I have to go back next Monday to discuss my anxiety but I am sure that hearing the hearbeat will take it all away. He says the gurgles could be the baby kicking and should be able to start feeling it in another week.

@Midnightrose3. I hope the spotting isn't serious and that it stops for you. Try not to worry as I am sure all is well.

2 years ago

@dragonfly - so happy for you that the scan went well and you heard the HB. That's wonderful!

@midnightrose - Hopefully your spotting is just a random cervix thing, especially since it stopped.

@Neomasie - how was your stitch? Did you get it put in? Was it painful? I'm worried in case I might have to have one - my cervix was really damaged with last birth, and I'm not sure how strong it'll be for this one.

@Tryingafterloss - Yeah, that seems weird to take antibiotics the whole time, because if you became immune to them and then developed another resisitent infection later on, that would be bad. Plus, can you imagine the yeast infections you'd have??

Keeping hydrated is really important, and because I'm extra paranoid, I ordered the strips that they have you pee on in midwife appts? It measures leukocytes (white blood cells - infection), protein, sugar, etc. in your urine, so if you get a positive, you can bring it to the attention of your doctor. Here's the link of what I'm talking about -

You can talk to your doctor and ask if you can take a regular run of the antibiotics, then use these strips to make sure the infection doesn't come back. If it does, you can do another run of antibiotics. Instead of continuous... Just an idea.
My DH thinks I got them just to have something to pee on - after so long TTC, I'd developed a serious POAS addiction lol. But they make me feel better, so it's worth the $18.

2 years ago

Yayyyy dragonfly23 - that's GREAT news!!! So happy for you! You must've been so relieved hearing the heartbeat!

midnightrose - I'm sure your spotting was nothing, could be for so many diff reasons, our bodies go through crazy stuff creating a little human!

Tryingafterloss - I would def get second opinion, taking antibiotics for entire pregnancy doesn't seem like it would be the norm.

Water is a struggle for me too, but I try to drink a minimum of half my body weight in oz a day... living in the bathroom though! lol

I have my first ultrasound this Friday and I'm starting to get nervous about it! I just want this baby to be okay and to hear/see a heartbeat. Everyone always tells me to relax and what's meant to be will be. That is not reassuring and it doesn't help, it actually makes me wanna punch them in the face, sorry not sorry... am I the only one that feels like that? People who haven't suffered a MC just don't get it I feel like and I feel like the people I personally know are not very sympathetic. Please God let her/him be okay and growing on schedule. I still don't have many symptoms... bbs are super sore, especially when I take my bra off, gonna need to get bigger bras asap! Anyone know a reasonable place to buy some? I don't want to spend a ton, but want them to be comfy. I also need to get some new clothes because my work pants do NOT fit me at all :(

2 years ago

@BB2018. I totally understand whatever will be will be as my hubby tells me that all the time and it's like they don't understand what we are going through as they aren't the ones carrying the baby. It is such a relief to finally be able to hear it and can finally start to relax a bit and then just have to wait till my ultrasound on May 28 that definately seems like eternity but I am sure it will be here before I know it. I am sure your appointment will go well. How far along are you again? I can help you get your ticker working as I see it only shows the link.

2 years ago

@tryingafterloss I would definitely not take antibiotics the whole pregnancy!! No way. My urine culture came back with some bacteria in it too. My midwife messaged me asking if I had any symptoms of a UTI as the numbers weren't high enough to treat if I wasn't having any symptoms. I don't think I have a UTI at all but just in case I started taking some D-Mannose, extra water, and making sure I fully empty my bladder each time. I sort of suspect I didn't clean well enough to do the test right and the sample got "contaminated." I have zero symptoms of a UTI and I've definitely had them before! I'd ask for a retest. (I probably will.)

@dragonfly23 Yay you heard the heartbeat!! I hope they give me the chance to hear it at my next appt. I'll be 13 weeks then. I want to be able to tell people after that appt but only if they can somehow confirm the pregnancy is still on track.

2 years ago

@SheRiskers. I hope you are able to hear it as it is such a relief. My one friend thinks it's a boy and my other friend says it's a girl. Here's hoping for a boy and my family will be complete. I am sure everything is right on track for you. When is your next appointment? My doctor also told me that I should be feeling tge kicks after 18 weeks so that's another thing to look forward to. UTI's aren't fun. I drink water all the time and limit sugar intake so I don't get one. They are so uncomfortable.

2 years ago

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