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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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Fingers crossed Neomasie! I am trying to be on my feet as much as possible, or on my ball....gawd knows if it'll help..but it can't hurt. Going for a nice walk today with the kids to the park...
When are you next in to find out when your little one will be born?xxx

1 year ago

Wow, lots going on!
@dragonfly - so glad BF'ing is going well!
@rooroo917 - welcome and congratulations! I love the name Serenity too. Reminds me of the ship in Firefly.
@Lakarmw - 37 close! I can barely walk at 31 wks so I'm so envious.
@neomasie - sounds like packing a bag is in order. I hope you keep baby in till 37 wks just to avoid any NICU issues, but baby will come when baby comes. Also so close....I can't wait to see pictures and announcements from you guys!
@Kelliria - So proud of you for realizing you are in a bad situation. It's virtually impossible to get out of one when pregnant. Your plan sounds smart. Baby will be big enough and you can be in a less stressful environment. Until then, just hang on, girl! I left my first sperm donor when my son was 6 mos and it was the best decision I've ever made. Scary, but so right. He ended up getting off his butt and being a good dad once I wasn't there to cover for him - he appreciated the time with his kid and learned to be a parent. Son is 21 now and has a great relationship with his dad.

AFM, like previously said, I'm 31 wks today. Baby is transverse still so I'm like a big wide basketball. She's still low, and periodically, her head will slip down into place (I can tell because that's when I feel tons of pressure), otherwise, she's tossing and turning and kicking me in the side - makes me nauseous (and I love every second of it.) She's SOOO much stronger than my son who ended up stillborn, which makes me think there was something always wrong from the beginning. He didn't thrive. We don't have a cause for his stillbirth, so I have no clue. I'm full time at MFM specialist now and next week start the non-stress tests and growth scans. I want to wait till the day after Christmas to be induced (39+1wks), but with my gestational diabetes, history, age and high risk category, I think they are going to want to induce at 37 wks. I'm hoping we can compromise to 38 wks because my stepdaughter's birthday is at 37 wks and she's autistic - doesn't share well, much less a birthday. So shooting for Dec 18th because that'd be a cool birthday - 12/18/18 :) I'll find out more next week when they can get me on the schedule.

1 year ago

@dragonfly - I'm so sorry you're feeling all of this. That's really frustrating. You definitely sound like you have some baby blues. 1) Breastfeeding is hard. The first six weeks, it's a full time job to learn and to have Isaiah learn how to do it well. It's not the end of the world though. Try to pump so he has some breastmilk for a few more weeks, even from a bottle, and supplement. The breastmilk is mostly for the antibodies you make in the first 6 wks - it'll help him not get sick. BUT I totally understand how hard that is if you aren't getting help and support - go to your parents. Your primary concern right now is your baby. Your daughter will understand. I don't know how I would've coped without my parents with my first pregnancy. I had a "non-involved dad" too, and it was so overwhelming between caring for this little one full time and the sleep deprivation. Keep up with your prenatals and know that this beginning part will pass....hugs and never worry about venting here. Your DH will never see it and sometimes you just have to get it out!

1 year ago

Calvingirl my little one was transverse for a really long time too, they started to go head down around 34 weeks but still kept popping sideways every now and again. I haven't had them do it for probably a week now so hopefully he/she has decided head down is the place to be....I hope you can compromise with the doctors at a date they suits you both and is obviously best for baby :)

Dragonfly23 it really sounds like your suffering baby blues....DO NOT beat yourself up about breast feeding...fed is best...and the most important thing for a happy baby is to have a happy mummy. I couldn't breast feed my daughter she never ever latched on at all. I gave myself such a hard time, so much lost time worrying about it. My son had the perfect latch, but I soon realised breast feeding wasn't for all, I'm too much of an active person I can walk into town with a baby in a pram holding a bottle, or in the school playground, but I wouldn't feel comfortable breast feeding like that so I knew it was time to put him in a bottle too...and it was the best thing I did. This time around I'll breast feed a few times for the colostrum but I won't be breastfeeding I don't think. Also about your husband...he is probably feeling as lost as you are. He is a man and he may not quite realise the same if the baby has pooped or how to clean a belly button...some men just aren't as maternal as mummies, he could be sat wondering why your not asking him to help as he doesn't know what's best to do or how to help. I do feel your annoyance though...I hate having to ask my husband for help, with our older kids....he's a very helpful guy most of the time.. but I do get cross if he doesnt do something naturally that so obviously needs doing lol, he says sometimes he just doesn't seem things the way I do xxx

1 year ago

Lakarmw. Thank you for your kind words. My daughter wouldn't latch either and with my DS, I figured I would go as far as tge colostrum as well as I like to do things. I think I may just breast feed and supplment to just get a break. In all honesty, I miss being pregant and feeling all those kicks, pokes and hiccups.

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1 year ago

I'm sorry your struggling a bit @dragonfly23. But i think you really should have a sit down, come to jesus talk with your H. you have every right to directly ask for help and support during this time. and really whatever else you may need. I hate to generalize the whole male species, but we as women are just different in how we think and operate. and men dont take queues the same way we do. Plus what's common sense to one person often times isnt common sense to someone else. Be direct and let him know you're struglling and would like his support, help or just a shoulder to lean on during this time. Of course his hands are full, but so are yours. this is the time when you should be a team. but you cant really blame him for not supporting or helping if you havent explicitly told him what you need.

hang in there mama. you really are doing the best you can and for that you deserve and award!

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1 year ago

Beaut1ful38. That is such an awesome shirt. Put a tear to my eyes.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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1 year ago

Hope everyone had a happy halloween too! How is everyone doing? I'm nearly 32 wks - for those of you past that, did you get really crampy or should I keep an eye on it? I'm having braxton hicks contractions about 1-2 an hour, nothing alarming, but the menstrual-type cramps inbetween suck. No unusual discharge so I don't think I"m dialating early or anything... My growth scan is next week on Wednesday so I'll be really excited to see how she's doing then.

1 year ago

Great pregnancy announcement beaut1ful38...very in keeping with the day
Good luck with your growth scan Calvingirl I hope it all does well. I had lots of braxton hicks all the time with my second....very very annoying.

38 weeks tomorrow for me, I had a crappy week last week with head aches...probably because my children were off school for a week started feeling better this weekend though, and ok again today, managed the 3 mile round trip to school and home this morning...I do drive but I'm trying to keep as active as I can. I'm so ready to Meet our little one now xxx

1 year ago • Edited

Calvingirl, yes, the bh are real! They are annoying and i didn't have them as much with my daughter. They are in my back too.
Lakarmw, no, you don't seem to be dropping yet. Hopefully very soon! Ik how it is being ready and wanting to meet the baby.
Atm, i am 35+1wks. Have to go to the dr 2xs a week now for stress tests. Dr did mention induction at 39 wks. Idk though. Its up to me. If they will do it on nov 29, i probably will. Babys head is measuring very small in the 5% and 2wks behind. They arent too alarmed because my dds was small, just not that small. Her leg bones are 2wks ahead, arm bone right on. Her weight was ahead at 5lbs 8oz last week. I was 34wks then. She has a headful of hair with extremely long strands the tech said. Glad heartburn is a wives tale. The tech said the heart rate being slower for boys is a wives tale as well. Im starting to get tired st work finally and now they are scheduling my 8hr shifts. I begged for them before and never got them until the last month. Go figure. Im scheduled 8hrs all the way up until birth day. On the schedule 8hrs on due date. Lol.

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