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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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Lakarmw, it was calvingirl who can get the sweep before Christmas. We'll blame it on pregnancy brain, hehe! We're in the same boat right now. Last appt i was 2cm and 50%. Going in today for another stress test and we'll see where i stand then. 36w 5d. Did your sweep hurt?
Calvingirl, i wouldn't want a sweep that close to Christmas but if i was hurting I'd probably have to do it! A Christmas baby would be crazy. Maybe she will be a new years baby!!
Rooroo, how are you feeling? I wish i was in the beginning again. This is my last and i want to savor every minute of my pregnancy. I love being pregnant and also not hurting. Lol.???? The 1st and 2nd trimester wasn't painful on my pelvis.
Beaut1ful38, how are you holding up? I have been thinking about you and the baby. Those tests are known for false positives.

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Ooops sorry Kelliria definitely blame the pregnancy brain lol. Good luck for your stress test later, I hope it all goes're getting really really close now too! Yes it did hurt wasn't very nice at all but I managed to let her keep with it...not a very nice experience at all I'm really hoping it works or baby comes soon as I've another booked for next Friday and I don't want to have another one xxx

1 year ago

Lakarmw, when she checked me last tues, just the check hurt. I'm dreading my sweep. Hopefully i wont need one. It only lasts a few minutes so that is the plus side. It isn't a pleasant experience though. Good luck that it works for you!! Hopefully we will have a baby update soon!

1 year ago • Post starter

Hey kellerina your bump looks awesome.. hope you enjoy last few days or weeks...
I'm still not fully moved . . At least not unpacked... Tiredness was a big issue...and SPD... Can bearly move but then I get a wee shot of energy and do things like clean algae off front Street... Frustrated.
I haven't slept well for months but past few nights have been great for sleep.
Not due until December 10.. three weeks to go.... Like most people I'm sure... I'm convinced I'm going early!
Gud luck.. and flamingo girl.. good to see you too.. hope all going smoothly!! X

1 year ago

Kelliria- im good! We just having problems woth paperwork and insurance thats its stressing me out. DH said maybe its a sign that everything is ok. So we are just believers that everything is ok and we will leave it to the one above.

I cant wait to see some baby pictures of your bundle of joys!! So many right back to back!!!

I go to the Doctor Monday and she will check placenta to see if it moved. And as well cervix. The NO Sex for a month is ugh!!!

1 year ago

look at that baby bump!! 40 weeks already!!! i see you trying to get this labor started. When do you see doctor again?

1 year ago

Lakarmw, i was just thinking about you last night. It has been a little quiet on here and was wondering if your LO came yet or not. How are you feeling?
Beaut1ful38, how are you doing? Any luck narrowing down names? I am having problems with a name. I am still kinda stuck on Teresa Marie Denise aka Reese. Short for Teresa. Moms, my aunts, and babys aunt names. My mom is Teri short for Teresa so i would have a Reese. That could change in these last few weeks though. My first was a Maylee Ruth and the last week i switched to Jordyn Isla Ruth. Dad wanted Jordyn. I call her Ruthie though after my grandma. So nothing is set in stone.. lol.
Yesterday was a bad day. Had to go for my stress test and failed miserably. She was supposed to move/hr increase 2 times in 20 minutes. Was hooked up for an hr and 20 and she wouldn't move at all. Tried lemonade with sugar, water, candy... nothing. Was gonna send me to the hosp and at the last minute she moved. Dr said she would take it. Got on a 5 hr/25 lb restriction at work for the last 2 weeks. Lost a bit of plug as well yesterday.
Tomorrow my daughter and i are going to watch Peppa Pig Live. It is the last big thing we will be doing together before sister comes. So bittersweet. My dr wants to schedule an induction dec 3 (i know the drs on call the 3rd and not the 2nd) or i can wait til my dr gets back in the country on the 6th. I kinda wanna wait for my dr cause she delivered Ruthie and i will get more time with Roo before Reese comes. The dr said either. I'm torn. My sweep is nov 27th. Maybe she will come on my moms bday nov 29th. Crossing my fingers!!

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Beaut1ful38 my next midwife and sweep is booked for Friday when I'll be 40+3 :) and yes baby needs to cone out I can't wait to meet him/her.

Kelliria 37 weeks fully cooked!!yay. Sorry to hear you had a traumatic stress test :( glad all was ok in the end.

I'm just about to go to pregnancy assessment :( I've had what I assume is a huge bloody show (never had one with the other kids) no contractions or anything yet, but since there's quite a bit of blood, the hospital have advised I go in to be checked...really hoping it's just a show and they'll send me home for labour to start naturally in the next few hours/days....It's my son's birthday tomorrow too so really want to see him on his birthday. Will update when I can xx

1 year ago

Kelliria- yes we finally have a name...Elijah Daniel!!! Oh my my daughter is theresa marie we call her RESA. Cut off the THE of theresa. She is names after my mother innlaw middle name and my middle name lol. Sorry about the testing. Cute baby bump!!

Larkarmw-omg could this be it!!! Yes keep in touch!

1 year ago • Edited

So exciting! Lakarmw - good luck and I hope little one is here soon! Kelliria, your bump looks beautiful. Last couple of weeks...I'm only 34 wks and I'm already done. So ready to get to the end now. My blood sugar is creeping up again no matter how well I eat and it's stressing me out. I have next appt. on Friday and will see if they have to put me on meds or not.

Hope the rest of you are doing well! Beautiful names! We still dont' have a name for baby girl, but chances are, she'll be Phoebe Rose or Elora Beth - depending on how she looks when she comes out.

1 year ago

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