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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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@dragonfly thinking of your little man and you. Keep us posted and I hope all goes perfectly!!

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5 years ago

@Rooroo917 - You are getting so close now! Are you feeling the starts of labor yet?

5 years ago

Hey ladies! Rooroo omg your getting close!!
I can’t believe Elijah is 1 month already. This has flew by fast. Is it just me but I still have baby fever and miss my pregnant belly. Like I am ready to get pregnant again. Maybe it’s my hormones just wanting sex other than that we are doing great. Elijah starts ECI in June. We have to see a speech therapist bc feeding has become a little struggle. He still can’t latch on so I’m exclusively pumping and trying to maintain my milk supply! Any suggestions on what I can take to help maintain my milk (pumps are getting down to 2oz) I can only get 10oz a day now. It making me stress bc all I want to do is breastfeed but without him latching to stimulate my boobs for milk it’s hard. I’m only relying on pump. Which my lactation specialist made me a daily plan. Still need help!!!! We are also still waiting in genetic testing to see how many cells/levels his TS21 falls under as well as thyroid results.
I hope everyone else is doing great!

Dragonfly- sorry to hear about little one, hope for a speedy recovery. I almost though we were having trouble with that they wanted to use silver if it had not fallen off by next visit. It finally did but we haven’t gone for our 1 month check up yet.

5 years ago

Beaut1ful38, I had the same issue - baby fever. I think it's all the hormones. I totally was toying with the idea of trying for a sibling for Phoebe before I got too old all the way up to about 4 months. Then she hit teething solidly and has attachment anxiety already, and I realized that it was all that prolactin flowing through me. She's almost 6 months now and I feel saner. I definitely want her to be my last. Milk supply: I went on domperidone to up my milk supply. Phoebe nurses, but my body sucks and doesn't make enough. At my BEST, I'll get 2 ozs a pumping for when she's in daycare. My daily goal is 4oz total so she gets at least one bm bottle while I'm at work. She's been supplemented with formula since birth, but I'm determined to get as much breastmilk in her as possible. I had to get the domperidone (which increases your prolactin and has less side effects than Reglan) from a Canadian pharmacy, but it's been a life saver. I highly recommend. It doubled my pumping results. Message me if you want the site.

5 years ago

Any update RooRoo?! You must have had that little bundle of joy by now! I hope your first weeks have been full of love and newborn snuggles.

4 years ago

Hi Ladies!

I’ve been nesting and carrying around my now nearly 11 month old little boy. He’s biiiig and getting heavy and my belly is big too! Lol

@dragonfly: I PMed you and I really hope that things with your little boy and you are going very well!

@Rooroo917: any news? We all want to know how you’re doing! Keeping fingers crossed!!

@Beaut1ful38: I guess Elijah is now 2 months old!! I missed my pregnant belly after my last pregnancy and... here I am: 32 weeks pregnant again!
I ended up exclusively pumping too before- I think this was partly because I got pregnant again pretty quickly and the hormones changed. But I also suspect that a lip tie and tongue tie my boy had (we revised it) had
something to do with it... Not sure but possible. It is what it is so don’t stress about it. I’ve been using really good European formula (organic, non GMO, milk from grass fed cows).

@calvingirl: I never got to the saner phase haha I think my husband had a baby fever bigger than me cause he brought it up about having another one. My OBGYN said to wait at least 3 months PP and so we did. Lol probably not 1 day longer lol

@Flamingogirl: how are you doing? What’s the news? I hope all is well!

As far as myself: I’m getting close! I’m 32 weeks pregnant according to my LMP date but they measured the baby and said he is one week ahead (so 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow according to that). Anyway - 3rd trimester and getting close!!
I’m preparing the stuff for hospital and home (easier now cause I already have a lot of stuff from my first boy).
My OBGYN wants to induce me before week 39 and I’m not really having it! It’s only because of my age and nothing else. And she wants to do a cervical check soon and I’m gonna refuse it too. I just hate this rush and for no medical reason.
My EDD is August 9 (their calculations) and August 16 according to mine...
I THINK the baby turned head down just a few days ago as I’m feeling movements really low now in the pelvic area and more pressure there. Also more backpain. And some hiccuping down low. So I guess they might be good signs...
That’s all for now.

My baby was born on July 26th, 2018 And it's a ! And my 2nd baby boy was born

4 years ago

Hi, ladies. My Reese is getting so big. She is 6m now. I can't believe all you other ladies are getting by too. Rooroo already too!
With a heavy heart I have to say I just lost my grandma Saturday and my mother yesterday. I had to leave my girls and will be back Monday night. It has been a rough week.

4 years ago • Post starter

@Beaut1ful38. I used brewers yeast tablets. They helped heaps!

4 years ago

@Kelliria - I'm so sorry for you losses. Both of them at the same time must be so difficult. We are hear if you need to talk about it more and know that we are thinking of you.

@Beaut1ful38 - My sister-in-law had some trouble with supply, especially after she went back to work and she looked up a recipe online for making lactation cookies. She also drank a tea called Mother's Milk from traditional medicines. I think both helped her.

I love seeing the baby pictures! So many little girls out of this group.

4 years ago

I'm doing great! Annika is rolling over all the time now! She's got back to front down and working on front to back. She's starting to giggle more and more. Both DH and I are loving every minute with her.

Have you and your DH discussed having another baby?! We are definitely going to have a second but haven't decided exactly when to start trying. I'm on the mini pill now and the midwives wanted me to wait 9 months before trying to give my body a full recover from pregnancy and birth. So I think we will wait until November to at least go off the birthcontrol. I still haven't gotten a period yet so probably couldn't be pregnant right now even if I wanted to be!

I hope everyone is doing well.

4 years ago

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