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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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@Kelliria - I'm so sorry for you losses. Both of them at the same time must be so difficult. We are hear if you need to talk about it more and know that we are thinking of you.

@Beaut1ful38 - My sister-in-law had some trouble with supply, especially after she went back to work and she looked up a recipe online for making lactation cookies. She also drank a tea called Mother's Milk from traditional medicines. I think both helped her.

I love seeing the baby pictures! So many little girls out of this group.

7 months ago

I'm doing great! Annika is rolling over all the time now! She's got back to front down and working on front to back. She's starting to giggle more and more. Both DH and I are loving every minute with her.

Have you and your DH discussed having another baby?! We are definitely going to have a second but haven't decided exactly when to start trying. I'm on the mini pill now and the midwives wanted me to wait 9 months before trying to give my body a full recover from pregnancy and birth. So I think we will wait until November to at least go off the birthcontrol. I still haven't gotten a period yet so probably couldn't be pregnant right now even if I wanted to be!

I hope everyone is doing well.

6 months ago

Hello all! It's so good to see updates from everyone. I logged in for the first time in a while. Got a small break while hubby is taking Phoebe. You'll never believe my bad luck, but Phoebe got chickenpox!! At 6 months old! She's miserable. She's at day 5 now so the spots have started to scab over thank god, but she got a bad case. Not a hospital case, but she's covered and she's miserable. She even has two on her tongue. She'll only nurse. Bottles hurt her mouth. I've forced some infant tylenol down her and she'll take the bottle a little, but thank goodness my supply has gone up. I've had to take time off work till I can get her better. We went on a trip to Las Vegas for a family reunion, and I think these little kids who were enamored with her and kept touching her hands - I think those are the little germy bastards who gave it to her lol. I'm glad she'll have lifelong immunity, but hell, it's really HARD to take care of a Poxy baby who's miserable. I don't recommend it. :(

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6 months ago

Oh! Poor Phoebe! Those kids should have been vaccinated themselves around the 1 year mark right? I think the most common way little kids that are unvaccinated get exposed to the virus is when an older adult has the shingles. It's highly contagious and nothing you could have done to prevent it at such a young age. I hope her recovery continues to improve. You are both in my thoughts!

6 months ago

Ladies hi, sorry it's been such a long time, its busy with 3 kids. All doing great here, nancy is now crawling and pulling up on furniture and is starting to cruise, shes eating welland weighing 20lb, she can wave, has 3 teeth and 2 more cutting at the moment and all in all is a delight. Sorry to hear about the chicken pox calvingirl, they are horrid, all 3 of mine got them around easter time, Nancy was 5 months old, awful nasty things.

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6 months ago

FlamingoGirl - you're right. Could have easily been an adult with shingles. The booster shot is also given at 4 yrs old and it's a live virus shot - if the two little kids (who looked about 4) had had the shot in the last 24 hrs, it's possible she could've picked it up there too, as the insert says you are contagious for a time after the shot is administered. I got a bad case when I was a kid so it could be she's just susceptible. All the cousins (my nieces and nephews) we actually TRIED to expose them to her so they'd get them (most of them don't get the CP shot) didn't catch it. It was weird. She had a bad case too but not one of them caught it.
Lakarmw - Nancy got them too? I hope everyone is feeling better. How'd she handle it? We had a bad 4-5 days, but after that, Phoebe was a champ. Didn't scratch or anything. She's all better now and her small pink marks where the scabs had fallen off are fading. It was an adventure! She's just super clingy right now and separation anxiety has hit. I can't go to the bathroom without her freaking out.
Fun! :)

6 months ago

Calvingirl, I am so sorry Phoebe went through that! Lakarmw, I can't believe she is crawling, and bout to walk! It is hard when you are doing the family thing. I try to get on but something is always going on. Reese is 7m. Not crawling yet, but about to. I'm ok with that. Lol. Right now we are all sick. Reese got pink eye on Monday and had it for 3 days. On thurs she got hand, foot and mouth disease and the croup. The HFM is literally all over her like the chicken pox. She has cried for 3 days and can't sleep. Calvingirl, I understand having a miserable infant. It is terrible. My 3yr old had pink eye a few weeks ago. Yesterday had a 104.9 fever and now has HFM and the croup. We have been to urgent care 3xs this week. The dr looked in my throat and I have HFM as well. We all feel like crap. I hate daycare. Lol. This too shall pass though.

6 months ago • Edited • Post starter

Kelliria! That sounds awful! I've never had to deal with HFM disease before, but it sounds awful. I think my siblings had it when we were kids. Pink eye - BTDT. That's highly annoying. I'm very lucky my sister watches Phoebe, but she's got 4 young kids of her own, 3 of whom bring home lovely germs when at school, so I'm not out of the woods completely. I hope you all feel better soon. You are very right - this too shall pass.

6 months ago

How Exciting!! Here comes baby boy #2!!

I found when I was in labor that people cleared out when you asked them too. Since this is your second labor you might not need much time at home but you can always ask them to leave for a half a day so that you have some privacy before heading to the hospital. I'm sure they can find something to do to occupy their time. Go shopping or go to the movies or a park or anywhere!

I'm thinking of you these next few days! Can't wait to see the new little one!!

6 months ago

I'm so excited to see pictures! Hope4rainbowbaby, hoping all went well with the labor and you are healing and resting at home with your new little one.

5 months ago

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