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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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Bb2018, i have a home doppler and the 1st day i used it, i found the hb aat 8w3d. You may be able to pick it up soon. Just go into knowing it may be too early, and if you do find it that early, you may be off and on til a little farther along.
I am getting a NIPT this coming monday. I can't wait to find out what I'm having. I am actually ok with either one. I feel girl because we all have girls on my moms side, especially my generation and younger. So of coarse i want a boy, but a girl would be convenient cause we already have one for toys and clothes and I've heard sisters are special.
I was freaked too cause i have had a mmc. Lost it at 7w1d. My 1st ultrasound was 7w4d. I had horrible what ifs in my head.
I gained 50 lbs with dd. I went from 120 to 170 at birth to 130 after birth. (Im 5'7") I gained to 150 for a few years and when i found out this time i was 143. I am 10w3d and gained 3 lbs. Hopefully, i can motivate and get back to atleast 130 after. Sorry about the weight class. Lol. After i reread it it a lot of numbers.
My nausea is diminishing. I get a wave in the early am btwn 4-6am and btwn 3-5pm usually. My bbs aren't hurting anymore but they are still full. I have no aversions hardly. I can definately tell the placenta is starting to take over.
Well, i have rambled enough. Have a great day!

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Glad to hear all the us this week went well and both mommies and babies are doing well! I love hearing everyone is progressing so well and I can't wait till we can all share our newborn pics in a few short months!

I'm 4 days out from my TAC and so far, it's been ok. Abdominal surgery at 11 weeks was never supposed to be easy, but I'm just relieved the stitche is in and will hold tight until c section day! 3.5 more weeks of bed rest and hopefull you illl be back to 'normal activity'. I got to see bub in the day I was discharged and he/she is doing goo with a hr of 161 bpm! We thank God!

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1 year ago

Kelliria – I forget – what else do they test for with the NIPT? Are you old enough to also find out the gender with it? They do it where I live if you’re over 35, not sure where you’re from? How can you tell placenta is starting to take over? What are the signs that that is happening? I had low progesterone my first two pregnancies so this time I took it into my own hands and I’ve been using progesterone cream the whole time – 2x a day and my progesterone has been the best it ever has! It was 14.1 my first draw, then 14.5 my second draw and 20.2 my third draw. I’m so anxious to get into my 2nd trimester. I know that doesn’t technically mean I’ll be safe and carry baby to term, but I know it’ll make me feel a heck of a lot better! Yay for your nausea going away! I get waves of it before I eat usually, if I graze all day I feel I get it much less.

Neomasie – what is TAC? I’m glad all went well with your stitch! Was it painful to get? Wow, that’s agreat heart rate!! My babies heart rate was 126-131 when I went last Friday – which kinda makes me a little nervous where the last time I was pregnant the baby’s heart stopped beating and that’s how we lost her.

Dragonfly - how are you going? I have a quick question about progesterone - how long should I take it up until? I forget and I'm wondering if I should order some more.

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1 year ago

@BB2018. I will continue to take mine until the 20th week when the placenta fully takes over and then by that time, it should be safe to gradually ween off or stop completely. I will message you the link. Other than that, I'm doing not too bad, thanks for asking. I have started walking to work from downtown and by the time I get close to being at work (takes 15 min) I got a ache by my belly button area so I am not sure if that is the baby or just a cramp as it goes away in a short time. I walked to work when I was pregnant with my daughter and I believe I was a lot farther along. Not sure what to do with that. Maybe walk slower....

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Bb2018 so glad your ultrasound went well too :) so reassuring. It's lovely everyone seems to be progressing well. Hope you get a date for your next one soon :)

Neomasie glad your doing ok after surgery :) I hope best rest isn't driving you too mad.

Dragonfly23 how strange you should mention cramping near your belly button when walking, I get this too, when and all my kids to school, roughly 30mins each way. Very odd, I know it's not baby, as they are much lower xx

1 year ago

@Lakarmw. Thank you for that and knowing that I am not the only one. I'm fine now and the doctor told me Monday that baby is below the belly button and not on the side. I also mentioned twins to him and he says that there is no way the ultrasound could miss it. Can it lol? I enjoy pregnancy minus the sore boobs that feel like I have breast implants which I don't and the abundance of cm. I can manage the sore boobs but this cm thing is driving me bonkers and sort makes me worried that when I wipe that I will find more than just cm (blood). Another is the constipation and the inability to poop (sorry tmi) without having to strain. I went to see my one girlfriend at work who is also pregnant and having a girl in the next couple months. Found out that doctor started her on mat leave early and didn't even get a chance to say bye. So, I left my cell number in the hopes that she will text me. It's sad, as I don't even know her name.

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1 year ago

Successful u/s! Baby's HB was 133, so @BB2018, just in line with yours too and they were thrilled with that. She measured a few days small, but not enough for them to change the due date or be concerned. I'm so relieved. My Journal entry has picture if you want to see.

Kelleria - I also signed up for the NIPT testing which they'll do next month. It tests for trisomy 13, 18 and 21 (down's) and will give you gender. We didn't find out last time, but definitely finding out this time. I'm signing up for any test that is non-invasive that might give me more information - even if I have to pay for it. The money I'll save this summer on beer alone will cover it lol. (I do like a cold one on the beach...this year it'll be lemonade)

BB - progesterone. I asked the nurse about my little bit of spotting, and she immediately ordered another progesterone level count to see if I needed supplements. I have been using the cream too, but only once a day. I'm hoping they catch it if it's falling now so we can prevent anything going wrong. So happy to hear everyone is doing so well!

1 year ago

Hi Ladies, just a quick pop up to say Hi! I do have a question for you guys. Well a few questions. Lol. 1) are any of you exercising and if yes, what are you doing? I'm having issues with my weight and being so short-winded. I don't want to lose weight because of my body but because health wise I need to for sake of myself and my baby. My dr said to try not to lose more than fifteen but she said she will gladly monitor this.

2 question, Is anybody else experiencing cramping? I don't know if it's because I am older this time around, but I feel immense cramping and feel like I can't eat or drink much without already feeling full. Its down right awful. I was doing well but my pregnancy is hitting me hard this week and do not remember these feelings with the others.

1 year ago

Midnight- I'm not exercising, but probably should be. Once the pool opens, I'll be in there every chance I get. That's nice and low impact. I've been crampy too and I have good days and bad. It's the pressure that's killing me. I'm always hungry but already can't easy much because I feel so bloated and full all the time. Plus, I feel like if I sneeze, baby will shoot out. It's crazy feeling that way this early, and my cervix measured fine today so it's not that. So yeah, I hear you. You are not alone.

1 year ago

@midnightrose3. I am cramping a bit. This is my second pregnancy and I heard that you will cramp sooner as things will stretch quickly if you already been pregnant before. The only exercise I do is walking but I have been finding that a 15 minute walk to work has got me sore in the stomach.

My evening has been horendous. I ended up calling the health line because I was having really bad left side and stomach pains plus some lower cramping. It almost got me having an anxiety thinking there is something wrong with my baby. However, I thought I felt a little push at my belly button so it calmed me down a bit and still hearing some girgling but not a lot. I remembered with my first pregnancy on how constipated I was and the inability to poop very well as I suffer from IBS. The nurse says I can take metamucil 3x a day so I will pick some up while I am at work tomorrow. I also asked the health nurse about my walking pains and she says that I could be walking too fast, which could be a possibility as I am a fast walker and she also says that my body might not be set for the long walks. We will see what tge morning brings. I too have a couple questions. 1. With me being this constipated, will it be a cause for not feeling the kicks as well as I should and would the baby run out of room? All I want is to feel the kicks to set my mind at ease. 2. I have been thinking of getting a fetal doppler for awhile. Will it be worth to invest in one (last baby) to check the heart beat every now and then or would it cause more stress and anxiety should I not find him one day because he is playing hide and seek on mommy? If so, which one would you suggest (pictures)? I appreciate any kind of feedback.

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