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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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SheRiskers - that's a great heartrate! CONGRATS on having an awesome ultrasound! You must be so relieved to see the baby doing so well!! Are you going to find out what you're having?

Kelliria - I feel like I look so bloated/have bump already... I know it isn't a bump cuz the baby is super super small right now, so it has to be bloat, but it's just awful! NONE of my pants fit me :( idk what I'm going to do, I'm only about 5 weeks along with a really long way to go still LOL

dragonfly23 - I'm sure your u/s will be here before you know it too! I can remember when you were only a few weeks pregnant and now look - you're almost half way there!!!! SO EXCITING! I cannot wait to be that far along! God willing!! Did you post on FB today? I hope so!!! :)

AFM - My symptoms come and go, but I also feel like they're less than they were like 2 weeks ago when I found out... I'm hoping it's just me being a nervous nelly and it's nothing to worry about. I'm going to get 3rd set of bloodwork today after work and will find out those results tomorrow then my first ultrasound is in 8 more days - next Friday and it can't come fast enough!!!! I just want to set my mind at ease and KNOW this baby is okay and growing on schedule. Part of me doesn't have a good feeling and part of me is trying to say to myself "think positive" stay positive and it's all gonna be okay this time. It is SO HARD to try to relax and stay calm and positive after having 2 losses. I know many woman have had many more losses than that, but for me it's so hard! Anyone else in same shoes as me? How are you coping? I think I'll feel better after seeing/hearing HB and after first trimester.

2 years ago

@BB2018. Not yet, but I am nervous as hell lol. It's all prepared to be copied and pasted. Think I will post it at noon so about 55min and really don't want to send it.

2 years ago • Edited

Well ladies. It's official. It's been posted. Let the comments roll in lol. I'm just glad it is done now and the truth is out there.

2 years ago

@dragonfly23 Yay!! I hope you get lots of love and congrats today. I don't think we'll do a Facebook announcement. We didn't do one with my son so I got some really shocked responses when I announced he was born Hahah

@BB2018 yes, absolutely. And my midwife told me if I opt for some optional blood work next appointment I can learn the gender then. It's all I can do to resist! Haha I bypass all the tests usually so I'm trying to just wait until July 2. Also, if it helps at all, I was SO bloated at 5 weeks that I thought Omg I need maternity pants now. Fortunately it didn't get any worse than that! I've stayed relatively the same on the bloat scale since then (ugh) except now I can start to feel pressure right where my uterus is. Another 3 weeks and I think I'll have a real bump I'm not shying away from maternity gear this time. I'd much rather just be comfortable!

2 years ago

Hi all, hope everyone is good, sorry been MIA a wee bit, just with work and organising a midwife, having a scan and looking after my fiancé I haven't had much time. the fiancé had his foo badly run over at work luckily there was not broken bones, its a soft tissue and bone bruising. I have taken time and read up on everyone's comments, all the bump pictures are great.
I'm going well I'm now 7w3d feeling good, no morning sickness as yet, energy levels are picking up, but my boobies are sooo sore and tender and a wee bit bigger already. I have registered with a midwife yesterday, I didn't shop around as in new Zealand there is quite a shortage of midwifes, and I didn't want to miss out.

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2 years ago

It's good to hear from you Winnie. I agree abput the symptoms. My energy came back fri along with appetite and no food aversions anymore. My bbs are not as tender either but full. I was 8w Sun.
I asked my dr about carrying high or low and she said it is a wives tale? I never knew which was correct because i have heard high and low for each. So, i asked her which was correct. She said neither. She said what makes you carry high is if you have good stomach muscles or sometimes your first before they got stretched from pregnancy. The more you have kids or lose stomach muscles the lower the baby sits because they aren't as tight to hold the baby up. Idk. I'm conflicted now! Lol.
Dragonfly, good for you for just telling your friends on your terms, how you wanted. I think it sounded perfect.
I had orientation at Costco tonight. I really like the pay, benefits, and 401k. Ive always made great money as a server but we dont get any perks, benefits, vacation, sick pay, ect like Costco has. Only downside is it is the deli where it is about 32 degrees. Hopefully, i get used to it quickly.

2 years ago • Post starter

@Kelliria. That's good to know about the stomach muscles. I heard high for girls and low for boys. So that explains why I couldn't lie on my stomach with my daughter. This one, it's doable. I've been having some pretty bad left side pain today. I wonder if it was from carrying my daughter. She's not that light anymore. Having gurgles in tummy so I think he/she is just getting comphy before bed. Still waiting patiently for when I feel the pokes and kicks and to finally hear the heartbeat which happens on Monday morning, which will have me nervous for no reason. I hope you get the job at Cosco. Will be different because you have been off for awhile, if I remember correctly. Let us know how you make out.

2 years ago

Anyone else just struggling?!! I’m so nauseous day & night (but don’t actually get sick), the bloating is almost painful! I’m so exhausted I could literally sleep 24/7! I feel more like I’ve come down with a virus than happily pregnant! Today I woke from a nap with a pain in my upper stomach/ lower chest area (assuming this is gas pains as I’m literally a walking whoopie cushion right now!). Also, getting light heart palpitations! I just don’t remember feeling so awful with my daughter. Lol then again that pregnancy was 18 yrs ago! Maybe this is the difference in a 20 yr old body and a 38 yr old body?! Really feeling like a geriatric over here! Please tell me I’m not alone?! Lol

2 years ago

Tryingafteraloss me me me! I'm 11 weeks today, and symptoms have hit me again, I had a terrible day yesterday, so hormonal and emotional, I burst into tears over hardly anything about 10x, I fell out with my husband, for not being nice enough, I had a terrible headache most of the day and I still have it now, and am generally exhausted and nauseous! I thought they were supposed to be easing now not getting worse :( I'm hoping they ease very soon, I'm tired of being so tired and feeling rubbish. It's only 6 years for me on and I'm definitely feeling an older mum this time around at age 30 too. I hope you feel better today xx

2 years ago

@Lakarmw at least you are further along! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!! Lol I’m only 8w3d! I’m at the drs now to get something for the nausea.

2 years ago

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