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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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Congrats, tryingafteraloss! I am in l&d right now. 5cm just got epidural. They are breaking my water in 10 minutes. Hopefully another dec 1 baby today!!

4 years ago • Post starter

@trying Wow!!! Huge congrats and I hope you have a quick recovery. Can't wait to see that little one!!!

@ lakarmw 1 week already!! So beautiful:):)

@kelliria wish you the best for your big day!!! Cant wait to see the LO!!

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4 years ago

Eeek Kelliria so so excited for you :) hope all is going well...good luck xxxx

3 years ago

OMG!! Great news from everyone!
@kelliria - Good luck and hope baby is in your arms now!
@tryingforloss - Congratulations!! So happy baby made it safe and I hope you recover quickly. ICU is a bit scary - hope its a precaution and they move you soon.
@lakarmaw - She's so beautiful!

AFM, I have my last big growth scan on Monday but last appt on Friday, baby is still transverse and seems to be stubbornly stuck there - I'm going to be scheduled for a csection on Dec 18th at 38 wks. She didn't do well on the last NST and my blood sugar numbers are going up daily. Sooo....Monday will tell a lot and I hope she flips head down before the 18th, cuz if she does, they'll let me try an induction instead. Either way, baby girl will be coming in the next 2 1/2 weeks!! I'm so freaked out...not ready.

3 years ago

It is baby heaven around here! Meet Teresa Marie Denise. Born dec 1 at 7:06pm. One hr after water broke she was here. 5 pushes. The dr almost didnt make it to the hospital. When they put me in the stirrups, her head was half out. Never felt a thing. Got up and walked right after.

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3 years ago • Post starter

@calvingirl oh wow your so close!!! I really hope she turns so you don't have to have a csection. Sorry she didn't do well on her NST, i know that can be stressful:( i thought the doc wasn't concerned about your numbers?

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3 years ago

@kelliria oh little Teresa is just perfect!!! She is gorgeous!!! You did a great job mama a huge Congratulations to you!!!!!

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3 years ago

Oh @Kelliria is gorgeous! Love the big kissy lips! So glad you feel great and the birth went well. Congratulations!

@Rooroo - thanks, yes it's so close. I'm so panicky every moment. Blood sugar isn't super bad, but it's going up on average about 10 pts every week. It's not making her huge or anything because I'm still measuring almost two weeks behind, but we're more worried about blood flow from the placenta. I hope she turns too, but at this point I just want her out and safe.

3 years ago

Kelliria and tryingafterloss!!!! Both are beautiful and precious. Love the names.

Calvingirl- looks like or next right? Wow time is flying by.

3 years ago

@calvingirl first I want to tell you that I was unaware of your history until I read your profile earlier and I had to take a few to digest. Im so very sorry about your little man Oscar and now it all makes perfect sense, I understand why you just want her out safe. I'm right there rooting for you, I can't imagine your anxiety. And I admire your strength and all that you have gone through to get where you are now. I hope I didn't upset you or over step a boundry by saying these things.

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3 years ago • Edited

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