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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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Lakarmw, it does bring a bit of anxiety waiting for the test. Mine is in a week and a half at 19w2d. Prayers that everything goes well! Im excited to hear how... wait, just went up and read to see if baby is a boy or girl cause my brain is off... are you having twins? You put they and them?
Atm, i am 17w5d. I am not near as big as i was with my dd. Ik every pregnancy is different but of coarse it worries me. I hear her on the doppler and her heartbeat is there and strong. Still haven't gained weight. Started at 147, dropped to 140 for 3m, and now at 144. Im glad I'm not gaining a lot but again, it worries me cause I'm still below starting weight and i was in normal range for 5'7".
I did have a good 4th. I took Ruthie to the parade. Real feel was 103° and we stood in the sun for 2 hrs. I was so gross when i got home! Lol. Went to a family hog roast, then fireworks at 10pm. A very exciting and long day.
Hope everyone is doing well and progressing nicely in their pregnancy.

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Hi :)
Just one baby hehe, I put they as I hate to say it..... as We aren't finding out the sex this time and having a surprise. My scan yesterday went perfect and no anomalies detected. Really really pleased....Hehe hopefully the next time we see baby will be when he/she is born. Here is my little baby :) looks really similar to my son on his 20week scan....

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1 year ago

You are a lot better than me! I would go nuts if i didnt know but a sweet surprise! Glad to hear everything went perfectly for you. I cant wait to see the next picture when the baby gets here!

1 year ago • Post starter

That is one good looking babe @Lakarmw! Congrats on the great anomaly scan, glad baby is doing well.
Being team green is so hard and every time I have an us I have to ask myself if I'm sure I don't want to find out? Lol. I keep thinking how hard it's going to be planning not knowing the gender. But I know it's just an excuse to be able to go out and buy All the baby clothes if I find out. Not knowing is the only thing holding me back!

Today I'm officially halfway thru this pregnancy since I'm having a scheduled c section at 38 weeks.

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1 year ago

Neomasie, half way there, it's crazy isn't it. Oh I'm the same I just have 10 unisex vests and babygrows, and then I'm sure once baby arrives we will be bought loads in the right colours and if not I'll be shopping then hehe. It's so hard, but I'm hoping the excitement will make labour easier xxx

1 year ago

@Lakarmw its so crazy. I feel like its moving fast, but not fast enough!

If i can hold out, I will be shopping up a storming months 1-3, too!

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1 year ago

Congrats on a great scan Lakarmw - and baby looks very cute and healthy. I think it's wonderful you are keeping it a surprise. I kept my two a surprise and that moment when they put the baby on your chest and you get to find out - you'll cry. Doesn't even matter what the gender is. It's one of the sweetest surprises in the world. I found out this time because we are just going to have so many scans, I didn't want to have any surprises - and my DH is pretty good at reading scans, so I was afraid we'd accidently find out anyway. But I actually went through a grieving process that I won't get that moment. I loved that moment - even when my son was born still, it was a small moment of joy to find out what he was, even if he wasn't going to stay in my arms.

Make sure you tell the doctors to NOT announce the gender to you - tell them to hand you the baby and let you and your SO/DH find out for yourselves and announce it. So much better that way. :)

1 year ago

AFM - I'm working on a two day off/on again migraine. I read that this time in the pregnancy progesterone spikes to a new level, and it takes a few weeks for the body to get used to it - but this is agony. I'm crying at everything and my head is either good for 20 minutes or in agony for 3-4 hrs. I couldn't go into work today it was so bad. I'm keeping hydrated, using ice packs and taking Tylenol, but it doesn't touch it. I'm 15 wks tomorrow and I've had annoying headaches other pregnancies, but not this bad before. My BP is just fine, so I think it's hormonal. Anyone else have bad headaches the beginning of 2nd trimester??

1 year ago

@Lakarmw. Beautiful scan. I think keeping it a secret is really nice as well.

@neomasie. So sorry you are battling a migrane. I've had them but it wasn't as bad as how you are describing it. I too can't believe on how fast things are going for me. Everyone seems to be counting down and there's me saying shh lol.

As for me, sorry I have been so quiet recently. I got a wicked cold last week and still recovering from it. Last night my little guy was moving a lot and it felt weird to see the skin moving around. I keep asking my hubby if I am fat and he says, No Honey, you are pregnant. Then he tells me, I can't wait to see what you will look like before delivery. I weighed myself the other day and I am 123 lbs. I have my next prenatal visit on July 18 and I'm pretty sure that will go well. Other than that, things are well. Doing some renos on the house and having a heat wave.

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1 year ago

@dragonfly23 - hope you are feeling better! I hated colds when pregnant. Luckily I haven't gotten one yet, but once fall hits and the kids come home from school with new bugs and viruses...I'll probably get hit with one. We all get them in September as our bodies adjust.

Quiet around here, but I think we're all in the middle quiet part. I have an appt. next week but my anatomy scan is still like a month away. Hopefully baby will measure on target and we won't have to do the twice weekly appts till a bit later. Our insurance has a high deductible and we're pretty much paying out of pocket till we meet it, and then still 15% after.

Feeling better today. No headache. Hopefully they will stay away. I just want to sleep all the time. I can't believe how far some of you's going by so fast! I hope it keeps going by fast - I can't wait till she's in my arms.

1 year ago

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