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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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Thanks everyone I'm feeling good, so I'm hoping it lasts. Smoseman those numbers looks brilliant xxx

5 years ago

I'll be due 31st march going by LMP! :O first cycle with baby no.2
Took 6months for ds to catch so I'm a little shocked

5 years ago • Edited

No idea howw
many dpo ... think im due on tomorrow

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5 years ago

Congrats to the new ladies joining us here!! Hoping you have !!
@Lakarmw love the baby bump!

AFM I had my 20 week scan this morning and tech says baby girl is developing right on track and everything looks normal which makes me really happy!!

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5 years ago

Congratulations mrsmayne0258.

And so pleased all went well Tryingafterloss ???? what a beautiful scan picture of your baby girl, you must be so excited, over half way xxx

5 years ago

@tryingafterloss look at that little nose and mouth! so adorable!

Lil 10/28/17 User image

5 years ago

@Tryingafterloss. Such a beautiful picture. I'm glad that she is progressing right on track. Can't believe how fast the time goes.

User image[/url]

5 years ago

@lakarmw, neomasie & dragonfly23. Thank you!! It is such a relief to know she’s doing good. I’m so happy I’m over the 1/2 way bump as this pregnancy has been a killer on me! With the hip and back pains I’m now having to go to pregnancy physio. I’m going to take up prenatal swimming this week and hopefully that with the physio will help get me through the next 19 weeks!

5 years ago

Tryingafteraloss, talk to your dr about pgp and spd. With both pregnancies i have had spd and it went undiagnosed until now. I never knew my hips were out of align and the pain while walking, rolling over in bed, stairs, or getting dressed is immense. My hips are twisted almost 4 inches out of align. I have been to a chiropractor 2xs this week to get them back in. The hormone relaxin relaxes your muscles and puts more pressure of them. It has helped tremendously. I have to go back every 2 wks until birth because the relaxin. Pelvic girdle pain is in the hips and back. May be worth looking in to.
I am doing good physically, atm. Was up with my 2yr old last night. Compalined of a headache at 530pm. Layed her down and them by 8pm she had a 103.6 fever. I got it down to 101.4 and checked throughout the night. Now it is 102.3. Debating on going to work. Never had a call off so am going to see how she feels by 8am. My mother had a stroke 3 days ago and is in the hospital. Hope to hear something soon.

5 years ago • Post starter

Congratulations to the new BFPs!

@Trying - she looks so cute! I'm so glad everything is on track. I have my anatomy scan in 13 days and I'm starting to get anxious about it.

@Kelliria - I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. That must be very stressful. I hope its mild and she makes a quick recovery. Your little one as well.

@dragonfly - What a cute basketball of a bump! You're so close - almost to the 30s!

AFM, I had a bit of a breakdown this morning. I was up at 530am with horrible restless leg syndrome, but it was too late in the night to take another pill since they make me sleepy and I had to go to work in a few hours. I just walked around suffering, then just lost it after about 45 minutes. I was so tired. I AM so tired now. I cried and cried and my hub finally woke up and calmed me down, but I was majorly freaking out. The pacing was so much like towards the end of Oscar's pregnancy when I couldn't sleep and the kicks kept me up all night...I just can't lose another baby. I can't survive it. I'm very nervous about the anatomy scan and seeing if she's growing on target. If she isn''s not good. I have to keep focused on the positive or I'll lose it again and I'm at work. I just need sleep at this point. Don't mind me. I'm having one of those days. I'll probably feel better tomorrow.

5 years ago

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