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Hi, girls! I just wanted to create a group for all the BFPs we have gotten. There have been so many lately and i have gotten to know a lot of you and i don't want to go to another forum. I feel bad talking on other groups about my bfp when others are still trying. So I figured we could talk about things in here too! I am 6w5d today. I have a 2yr old dd and am 39 yrs old. Just starting to get a few symptoms and my eye is twitching out of control. Hope to hear from my other bfp friends!

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Hi ladies!! I’m 37, will be 38 in Sept and my EDD is 12-30! I’m hoping I’ll have the baby before Christmas as Christmas is my favvvvv holiday because can I spend it with my entire family!!

I’ve had 2 MMC - 1 in May 2015 and last one was Dec 2017. I’m just trying to think positive thoughts and stay as relaxed as possible th is pregnancy. I just found out the other day, and I’m super early!! I’m 3w6d right now and can’t wait to have my hcg and progesterone checked. I’m also going to go with a new doctor because my old one just rubbed me the wrong way and I don’t need any extra stress!

My bf has 2 kids already and he hasn’t been with his ex wife for almost a year and they’re now going thru the divorce process so that’s a little stressful but I know it’ll all work out. Him and I live together and I love him with all my heart and I am SO EXCITED to have a little piece of him and I in one little baby! He’s an amazing daddy and I know our baby is gonna be so loved!!

My symptoms - so gassy!, like wake myself up from farting in my sleep haha, wake up multiple times thru night to pee, I want sweets, specifically chocolate all the time! And I’m so bloated!! Bbs are def larger but not sore every day

6 years ago

Only had digital test left so I took apart tests to see the second line. Top test is from 4/20 at 2am and bottom is from 4/21 at 2:50pm (like 1 he hold). I’m waiting on my tests to be delivered on Monday but I may go to cvs to get more before they show. I have a need to see line get darker and it does look darker today so that makes me very happy!!

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6 years ago

Congrats again @BB2018!

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6 years ago

So how are you ladies this morning? I'm doing ok. Still pregnant, which I"m very grateful for. I keep expecting to wake up and have it all go away. Got my first wave of nausea last night. That was fun.

6 years ago

Hi! Gm to you too! I am doing ok. It is pretty out and we did some major grilling out! Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, fish, a steak for me, corn on the cob, 2 types pasta salad, broccoli, french fries. Whew. All i could eat was 4 bites of a hot dog. story of my pg life but i am ok with that.
I told my mil today. We live with her. Luckily, she was excited, at least to my face. She has 3 kids, the youngest is 36. Our dd is her only grandkid so she is happy.

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Well, we made it these few days with the in laws without telling! My hubs is awesome and even went on a rant about how he's tired of people asking when the next one is just because our son is two. I think it totally threw them off more and I love him for that! Lol I've been mostly responsible for the cooking this weekend and with these food aversions and nausea it's been bruuuutal. Boobs are so much more sore than the earlier weeks. It's probably the nicest reminder out of anything. I'm trying to avoid counting the days until my scan hoping that staying busy will make it go fast!

6 years ago

Hi Ladies! Just checking in! You ladies are brave! Right now I'm OK with not telling anyone because truthfully I'm not looking forward to telling my parents. Even at 35, telling them big news makes me nervous. They love their grandkids very much but every time I told them I was pregnant ( 10,11,12 years ago) it was never the "right" time. So I am actually thinking of leaving a letter and announcements photos on their table when I'm ready. That's the only thing that's stressing me out especially this morning when my mother mentioned we should eat better because we are all gaining weight. In my head I thought, "if you only knew!".

Had my HCG levels checked. Thursday was 319 & Saturday was 603. Symptoms have come and go. Last week was horrible with chest pains but today was not so bad. I'll be 5 weeks on Tuesday. Everything is going so slowwww but so fast at the same time.

I'm so glad I can come to this board when I can't really talk to anyone else! Sometimes I wish we could talk this freely and with encouragement with our own families! I hope all your littles are doing well! Christmas will be so much fun this year!

6 years ago

@midnightrose. I totally understand what you mean by not telling your parents. The first time I got pregnant, my (step)mom asked me if I was going to keep it. It hurt when she said that. With this pregnancy, my parents still don't know and think I will have to tell my daddy (yes, I still call him that ) first. Today wasn't a good day for me, been emotional and the general worn out feeling. I just told my grandma today and she had a suspicous feeling at Easter as I wore a baggy shirt but was happy. I have so much built up anxiety about telling them. Like you, I wish we could talk like we do on here to our families without having to stress about what they think. My (step)mom's bday is on the 26th would make a nice present or ruin her day . Tomorrow's a new day...

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6 years ago

Hi, ladies! Having a little problem sleeping, as uaual. I am 7w2d today. I woke up about 3am and i am up for awhile. Got sick a few minutes ago. Second time i have got sick. Im still worried cause my symptoms are not bad. Tender bbs, not sore, nipples hurt if i lightly pinch. Food aversions and very slight nausea on rare occasions. I have went through ectopic fears and now it is blighted ovum. I just think i should have more symptoms. Im driving myself crazy. Need to see my u/s Fri. Im nervous and have to take my 2yr old. That's gonna be fun.
Sheriskers, that is awesome hubby backed you up and you made it without saying anything. You didnt need that stress alone. Can't wait to see your bean on a sonogram!
Midnightrose, i feel ya about telling people. I am afraid to tell my parents and i am almost 40. My mom lives in Alabama and me Ohio! She says i am too old and doesnt like bf much. I left and moved in with her for 17m when my dd was 2m. She is really close to my mother. My mother got mad when i moved back, naturally. My bf and i needed to focus on working and saving and i wanted him to realize i was serious about him having to be responsible. We didnt think we would get pg so fast and thought we would be in our own place before it happens. Lol. But i am ok with it. He has been working and he is a great dad now. I told his mother because my bathroom is right by her bedroom and she gets up at 3am for work. I am up peeing like 5xs a night nowand this morning puking. Plus, i am in her house. She was super excited though. * sighs of Relief* I hope you don't stress out too much before you can tell them. Tell them however you feel comfortable, even by picture and letter, if need be. We got your cyber back!!

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Ok dragonfly, i lost my place and had to start a reply over. I hate that you are so emotional. I cry over stupid tv shows or news stories of all things. I couldnt imagine being like that with everything. I laugh at myself and don't really know why im crying but can't stop, especially if animals or kids have sad to happy story endings. (Insert those humane society commercials with that sarah McLaughlin song In The Arms Of An Angel.) Maybe some of your emotions will level out after the stress of telling everyone is off your shoulders.
Everyone else, i am glad you are ok and hope to hear from you all with updates! You ladies are all i really talk pregnancy with. All my friends are grandparents now and i am just starting!

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