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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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Doubling time

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5 years ago

I’ve done a frer on a 5 hour hold but was diluted as I was thirsty lol anyways it’s a faint positive, surely at this stage it should be a strong positive? thinking this might not actually be a pregnancy now and I’m having a chemical I’ll do another frer Tuesday morning now that I have a couple

5 years ago

@alex I really hope you feel better soon babe it'll all be okay and this is the cycle you're monitoring with your doctor right? Everything will work out fine

@Emma your urine could have been diluted remember 5 hour hold isnt as strong as first morning urine

@scuba I got my fingers crossed for you babe

@jlc I use it as the day after my LH surge because you get the high before you ovulate.

5 years ago • Post starter

@JLttc I get cramping/O pain for several days too and I know I ovulate the day it stops. It is usually about 24 hrs after the peak of my LH surge but that’s different for everyone. You typically ovulate 12 to 48 hrs after your peak. For me the cramping gets the most intense right before I ovulate and then it suddenly stops which is pretty much when I know it happened

5 years ago

Hey ladies
Just an update from me i have been tested everyday with onestep tests they have come up positive so that's good but i have ordered first response and clearblue digital which will arrive tomorrow hopefully tomorrow will be the day i get my BFP and i can finally say I'm pregnant! Fingers crossed all goes well!
@scuba good luck too you!! Sending baby dust your way!

5 years ago • Edited

hello there everyone! Im new to this site and new to the TTC tribe! Ive researched non-stop and currently on the 2 week wait. I had no idea this would be some sort of mental torture! lol We have only ttc this month and im hoping we get lucky. Im at 6 DPO and AF is due on the 22nd. I never thought i wished to miss my period? lol So happy to read along the threads and it just makes it more exciting! hope everyone gets their BFPs!!! have a great week ahead!

5 years ago

Last night was 10dpo and I got the pink wipe after a pee and when I wiped again a little pinkish brownish glob....holy balls. Did I just get implantation bleeding?

5 years ago

Hey again!
Another month of trying. I think my body is back to normal it was all over the place for last few months. I believe I ovulated 3 days ago but have been baby dancing pretty much every day just so we don't miss it. But the month seem like I'm back to normal. it would but prefect if we got this month being I would be finding out on my partner birthday and beginning of the 2nd trimester would be my birthday (or if I calculated right lol) I don't want to get my hopes up but it would be pretty awesome if it did.
@kitkat that sounds like a good sign I hope you get that bfp very soon
@crystal hope your little one is feeling better. Hope you get a bfp soon!

5 years ago

@KitKat: I personally haven't ever experienced implantation bleeding, only cramping, so I can't help you there. But
@Jillyhop: Thank you, my son was feeling much more himself this morning, thank goodness! Glad you feel you're back to normal, maybe that's a sign!!

Still cramping mildly today.... is 5dpo too early for implantation cramps? I don't remember when implantation is supposed to occur...

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5 years ago

@CrystalMom - I was twingey at 5dpo and onwards, so

5 years ago

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