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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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@mata omg I'm so sorry are you okay babe? Hit me up with a PM if you wanna talk okay and congrats on your baby!!

@agatch super sweet of your husband to realize what's happening every night I'm glad he's helping out though but yes I agree maybe you need to get your body tested which is harder said than done but it's worth a try

@nadia congratulations on your pregnancy babe that's exciting !!

@photomama I hope everything goes well for you babe and that you have healthy babies no matter how many

@amarie congrats on the bean !!

So just from me I forgot to tell you guys that the stuff my new OBGyn is putting me on increases my chances for multiple babies meaning twins which is super exciting!! My dad is a boy girl twin and my aunt was twins as well but my gran lost one of the babies unfortunately so my chances of having twins are high as well !! If I dont conceive this cycle that's what I'm getting myself into lol... Also SO's supplements is making him extremely turned on lol we've been doing it every day for the last 3 days and I'm not even in my fertile window yet

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I also created a new board if you guys want to join it... Its for November and December as my due date would be December 1

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Anna I’m with you on that one, we dtd for the 14 day in a row now lol I’m currently in my 2 ww and think my edd would be around end of November so I’ll jump over to the next thread too x

5 years ago

@matarik congratulations on your bfp. I’m terribly sorry about your marriage. I’ll keep you in prayer and it will all work out.
@nadia congratulations.
@agatch yes sound like you need more rest. So nice that Hubby realizes and willing to help.
@Anna sounds like you’ll be pregnant even before the 3 months if you and SO keep that up. Lol
To everyone waiting good luck and congratulations to anyone I missed. As it’s been quite a few bfp. I hope to be next. I’m 6/7 dpo and I plan to test about 12dpo or later.


5 years ago

@Amarie Thank you and congratulations to you as well! To Be perfectly honest I have no idea how many DPO if I would assume most likely between 7 and 9 I would have expected my AF a couple days ago.

5 years ago

@mata I really hope AF stays away!!

@alex you'd he surprised babe the cycle I got pregnant I also just tested because why not I thought I wasted it because AF was gonna come and it was positive! Hold on there babe

@scuba I still see a line babe

@becky I don't think the marathon did any harm babe it's good to get some exercise in... Got my fingers crossed for you

@nicole I'm in the same boat babe if no baby this month then we're also going on something I just dont know what yet (discussing it with the OBGyn on the 15th)

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Hi, Ladies! My doc is concerned about my hubby's sperm morphology, even though his counts and motility are fine. So the doc recommended that we dtd no more often than every 36-48 hours, even during peak. He says that will help ensure sperm maturity. Have you ladies ever heard something like that?

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5 years ago

Ladies I need advice, I thought I was in my 2ww as I had the top opk on Thursday and tested again Friday/Saturday and they were negative, just done the bottom test today and this is more of a peak than the one from Thursday , what’s going on ? So confused, have I not ovulated yet ?

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5 years ago

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