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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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Uhg i want to test so badly I want to know if I'm pregnant already!!!! Why is it taking so long Lol says me who ie terrified of having another negative... On the plus side I havent tested yet and I'm 9dpo today so I'm holding out good

5 years ago • Post starter

I’m feeling really sore now and still not passed it , debating weather to go a&e but would they do anything ? I can’t stand this pain now

5 years ago

@Sam congrats!!!!
@emma I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. That sound so painful I hope it resolves soon!
@JL my thoughts are with you, I hope some good news comes your way. Everything will be okay!
@Anna I'm anxious for you to test too!!
@pandorica Don't count yourself out yet girl! It's still early
@mistique, @crystal where you at??
Sorry if I missed people! This is a busy thread!

Hoping to grow our family!

5 years ago • Edited

@JL - I've always thought half a line means the test was "invalid". Being in limbo is so horrible, thats a long time to have to wait for a scan

7dpo here. Little bit of cramping today, had more RLP when I got up too fast overnight. Trying to not get my hopes up. It's my birthday this week. A BFP would be amazing, but I keep telling myself a BFN means I can have some birthday drinks with some friends on the weekend.

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5 years ago

@emma it's scary but it might be best babe... It might also help with getting pregnant faster afterwards as it cleans out everything and opens you up for sperm Good luck babe

@JL I hope its not another ectopic but a normal baby and that the test is actually positive I have my fingers crossed for you

@mustique I love how positive you are staying I couldn't do it for sure... Hopefully the RLP will be a tell sign that you are pregnant!!

5 years ago • Post starter

Just a quick update from me... I attached my bd schedule underneath and I hope it's enough... Had a lot going on last night, SO and I went to see a movie and when we got up to leave I instantly had nausea and I couldn't keep my eyes open... Its like tiredness and sickness hit at once... The smell of the garlic in the food we had also put me off which is odd as I usually love garlic... Also had period cramps after bd this morning which is odd... I'm trying not to read into things too much I probably just had too much popcorn or something... SO told me last night "no more wine until we know if you are pregnant"... He says the sperm will get drunk and not know where to swim lol

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5 years ago • Post starter

@pandorica I voted positive on your photo I definitely see a line

5 years ago • Post starter

I feel so stupid for testing I'm more negative now than ever

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5 years ago • Post starter

Spoke to out of hours and being sent to a&e, fun day out, hoping you ladies get your soon xx

5 years ago

@Emma sorry to hear that. I hope things resolve quickly and painlessly
@Anna I'm so sorry. I really hope you still get your BFP this cycle.
@Sam Congrats!!
@JL sending positive thoughts your way! Hope everything turns out ok
@Pandorica your BFP is coming in the next couple of days. Is your temp still up?
Sorry I disappeared for a few days. My DH and both of my kids got sick with colds and ear infection so I've been busy taking care of everyone. They are starting to feel a little better and I'm hoping I won't catch whatever they had!

5 years ago

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