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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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@Teachers---Yes! So glad for you!

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5 years ago

congrats teacher!
good luck kitkat x

i'm CD9 so in the very boring stage. start opks tomorrow. so far i've felt less stressed than last month. hopefully it stays that way in the tww

5 years ago

@teacher that's a BFP! Congrats!!
@Pandorica Hope to see yours soon
@KitKat hope you get yours today too
CD1 for me today. I thought I'd be ok with it this time but it made me sad

5 years ago • Edited

@bimini thanks babe I appreciate the positivity

@scuba good luck babe I hope they get it sorted soon

@mistique I hear you girl same here lol (I havent actually done it yet but it's getting there)

@pandorica definitely see a line babe

@crystal give it time babe remember every pregnancy is different so your hcg levels might not be high enough to detect pregnancy yet

@teacher that is definitely positive I'm so excited for you !!

@agatch oh no I'm sorry babe this sucks big time sending you loads of love

5 years ago • Post starter

@kitkat I'll be waiting for your test I'm so eager to know your results !!

Woke up again this morning to burning in my left boobs (which is so annoying because it's just a new thing since last month)... Hunger increased because I woke up again this morning immediately needing food... I also have sore underneath my left armpit lol which is odd but apparently you can get tenderness underneath your arms and side of boobs The urge to test is getting real but I dont have symptoms to confidently say I think we did it So I'm preparing myself for another negative and AF this month...

5 years ago • Post starter

On a lighter note me and SO doesnt do valentine's day so I decided to surprise him last night... I did a candle and fairy light dinner (made beef Wellington it's a bitch) with fairy lights against our bedroom wall, a fluffy blanket, wine and Netflix... Also got some lingerie that I surprised him with and a car made out of magazine word clippings (like stalkers threaten people?) Saying on the front: No one will ever find your body... And inside: As sexy as I do lol

5 years ago • Post starter

Thanks ladies! I'm so thankful and feeling very blessed but also anxious. Trying to put our mc on November out of my mind and reminding myself that each day with this bub is a blessing!
@kitkat and @pandorica can't wait to hear from you!!
@agatch I'm so sorry, sending love
@anna I still don't really have symptoms so you never know I'm looking forward to your testing says! How many dpo are you? Also. Your Valentine's made my day. That card was amazing

Hoping to grow our family!

5 years ago

@teacher just stay confident babe I understand any pregnancy post miscarriage is a concern from the start and it doesnt go away but try to enjoy it I'm 8dpo today but I'm only planning on starting to test at 12dpo maybe? If not wait till next week Friday lol I'm just terrified

5 years ago • Post starter

So after adding past cycles to the website, now it's telling me I'm 11dpo today instead of 14 and AF is now supposed to be due Saturday, but the timing of everything else was still good. Tested a little bit ago...still nothing from what I can tell (unless someone has hawk eyes and can see more than me). I bought a clear blue pack of 2 though and I want to try again in the morning but I feel like I might be out...

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5 years ago

Ladies I completely stopped bleeding yesterday, so had a total of 3 days, it wasn’t anything like my periods either, is that it ? I’m was kind of expecting atleast a week etc, is only a few days normal for a early miscarriage ? Hope this is ok to ask here, I find you ladies so knowledgeable and helpful so your my first to ask ladies xx

5 years ago

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