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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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@scuba - thanks for the reply and fingers crossed for you and a sticky bean!! And so sorry for your ectopic - sounds like we had very similar timelines, though my numbers went down initially (so I knew it was non-viable) before going back up. I'm super worried that it's happened again given the bleeding; it was really a terrible experience. I did get my blood drawn on Friday evening as my obgyn's office would like to monitor closely b/c of the previous ectopic. I haven't gotten the results yet - I just called and the results are "in" but my doctor hasn't reviewed them yet. Though I know I'll just have to go in again today for a second draw and they won't be keen to draw any conclusions one way or another with just one draw.

@Teacherswife - will definitely post when I have definitive blood work results. Hope you get a BFP this month!

I'm so thankful for groups like this, it's comforting to have others who are talking about their experiences.

5 years ago

Back again too! 4 dpo and waiting
@scuba and @hot those are promising little lines! I'm excited! Hope they get dark soon
@cgml I hope blood work shows a healthy pregancy
I'm pretty sure I ovulated last Thursday (got O pain + cervix went from HOS to low and closed) but got EWCM last night Cervix is low and closed still so I really don't think I'm ovulating late. Not sure what's up.

5 years ago • Edited

Damn girls yesterday I was like "let me create a new forum to keep up" and today there's 3 pages worth already lol...

@everyone new welcome to the gang and I'm hoping for those bfp from you guys !!

P.S. I also see a line on the test I have my fingers crossed

@alex girl it's been fun lol and I appreciate that you guys keep it going it makes me happy I'm sure you still have a chance for pregnancy most people actually dont have true symptoms till 6 weeks

So I havent opened any of my period apps yet so I honestly dont have any idea when AF will be due, I dont have any idea when I'm entering my green week or not. Unfortunately I did get a notification from one app that said "You're ovulating Ferbruary 7th" lol but I dont think its accurate... I have to say though this cycle is so much fun SO and I have been bd every night for 3 days in a row now and honestly I don't care and we're having so much fun

5 years ago • Post starter

Hi ladies, I’m jumping on board this one to stalk scuba’s progress, for you all and sending you all good vibes xx

5 years ago

@Emmamumof8 I had that achy womb feeling with my last pregnancy from 10-15dpo, along with some pinching. that is is a good sign!

girl, boy, boy

5 years ago

Thanks JL. X

5 years ago

I'm currently 6dpo (I THINK. Not 100% sure when I O'd) and have the bubbles/fluttering plus watery/creamy cm and my cervix is high and medium/soft. I also came down with a NASTY cold/minor cough. Good sign I hope? Waiting to POAS!! I didn't start taking temps until two days ago, so I don't know how reliable it will be. FX'd!

5 years ago

@jl could be implantation spotting! Good luck! xx

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5 years ago

Thanks Alex, this was out 13 cycle and it drove me nuts but I relaxed a bit this cycle and finally got my bfp, not sure I see any progress but as I said I’ve only the digi left so I’ve now got to wait to test again, hoping to see some more positives this cycle ladies, got everything crossed for you all, Anna I think your attitude this cycle is awesome and really hope it’s your month with you both being so relaxed and just enjoying it xx

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5 years ago

Alex, chin up buttercup! We are not giving up, we are not quitters! We are BadASS women that KNOW the struggle better than anyone! AND WHEN not if but WHEN we all get our BFP its gonna be even sweeter! remember that, dont give up. I know its hard and I literally just posted a super depressing post of my feelings but you know what sometimes all a girl needs is some good lovin' ant that makes you feel better. We are here for each other!! so dont get discourage. We will get there xoxo

5 years ago

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