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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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So happy for you, Sam!

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5 years ago

Congratulations Sam! xxx

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5 years ago

Sam. What a great line!!!!

I'm only 6dpo today and usually pass off any "symptoms" this early on. But after that pain yesterday... well I sneezed earlier and I had that horrible stabbing round ligament pain. Is it even possible for RL pain this early on

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5 years ago • Edited

Congrats Sam!

@Pandorica I found CB would show lines for me until I was late. Fingers crossed for you!

5 years ago


Turns out I have a blood clot stuck in my cervix gp going to call me in a weeks time to see if I’ve passed it, if not he will send me for a ultrasound, just when I think I can move forwards !! Glass of wine tonight

5 years ago

Thank you ladies! Sending baby dust your way!
Best of luck!! ♥?♥?

5 years ago

Hello ladies, I received my positive beta today but it was low 47 13dpo and low progesterone 13.4. :-(

5 years ago

@emma maybe the blood clot has something to do with it? I bled for 8 days with my mc and that was on meds to make the bleeding stop... I'm so sorry you're going through all of this babe I'm sending you so much love and hugs Also, I'm sure you can be ovulating now I know some people who got pregnant before they had their post mc period

@pandorica personally I dont trust IC as they give nasty indents but I mean you've got this girl it's a line and I think its pink so I got my fingers crossed

@crystal I'm 9dpo today but symptoms seem to have gone away which is upsetting me because I really want a freakin positive (and obviously sticky baby)... I'm sorry you have a lot of stress girl hopefully it gets easier the next few days and try to keep your head up okay

@kitkat im sorry AF showed babe

@sam omg congratulations and I hope you have a healthy baby girl !!:bouq

@mistique I also had that before babe fingers crossed

@terra it's still early I hope they can sort it out for you and keep that baby healthy!! I'm holding everything for you

5 years ago • Post starter

Just a quick update for me... The thing underneath my arm went awaymostly ltoday... No sore boobs, no cramping yet (it is 6am lol so nothing much to report)... I'm trying to leave my boobs alone as I feel it creates tenderness that isnt hormone related... I'm actually a bit sad because I had cramping, sore boobs, and and and before I got my positive with baby no1 and it started at 7dpo but I have nothing now

5 years ago • Post starter

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