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October/November Babies 2019*

Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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@JLtyc welcome to the group i don't know if we can keep your sanity going but we're all somewhat insane so welcome to the family lol

@scuba damn babe it sucks to be back for another cycle but fingers crossed right I'm sorry you had a tough night with the toddler... Hopefully you'll get a bfp and not AF but I agree with waiting to test till she's past due

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That was ALOT to catch up on.

@emma so sorry about your chemical.

@anna you did all you could! Wish my SO would jump on with that enthusiasm. We’re on the other end of the spectrum unfortunately with only one BD the past two cycles.

@scuba I’m still holding out hope for you!

@sam hoping those lines get stronger

Congrats to all others with BFP. Can’t scroll back as I’m typing on my phone to find your names but so excited for you!

And for anyone worried about age, my mom was 40 when I was born and my dad was 47. And honestly none of my friends can believe they’re in their 70s now because they seem like they are in their 50s. They always say I kept them young. My dad still patches the barn roof at 77. So honestly having kids when you’re older might be great for your health!

As for me, I took a short vacation to the beach this weekend, and somehow the relaxation (as well as forgetting my bbt thermometer) made my 2ww very chill. So much so that I totally forgot to check in here. So I stopped temping and took my last pregnancy test Thursday before I left at 11dpo got a BFN and then AF showed today at 15dpo. So out again.

It’s weird though. I was already kind of thinking about taking a break because of due dates around Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I’m also just feeling a bit down on myself. I lost 100 pounds in college before I got married and kept most of it off until I got pregnant. But then gained almost all of it back. So I’m way heavier than I want to be when I get pregnant. So may take the next several months to try to lose the weight again, to be at a healthier weight when I do finally conceive. And also, I think maybe my husband will show a little more effort later if I explain that only BD once a cycle is basically pointless for TTC and when he’s ready to be more enthusiastic we can really start trying. Idk. Just what’s going on in my head right now.

Omg I wrote a novel. My apologies. Good luck to everyone still in! I’ll keep checking in as I feel invested in many of you and your future beautiful babies!

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Hi ladies, so here’s a update
Been to the gp, I have a uti and my urine is really diluted, maybe it’s my body trying to flush the uti as I’m peeing for England atm ( sorry for tmi) so maybe why my test was light last night and lighter again today but I’m having a blood hcg test tomorrow and will have a definite answer by Friday if I am pregnant or not, still no pain or bleeding so keeping everything crossed but I know I’m might just be glinging on to hope that’s nothing too xx

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On a lighter note me and SO doesnt do valentine's day so I decided to surprise him last night... I did a candle and fairy light dinner (made beef Wellington it's a bitch) with fairy lights against our bedroom wall, a fluffy blanket, wine and Netflix... Also got some lingerie that I surprised him with and a car made out of magazine word clippings (like stalkers threaten people?) Saying on the front: No one will ever find your body... And inside: As sexy as I do lol

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Just a quick update from me... I attached my bd schedule underneath and I hope it's enough... Had a lot going on last night, SO and I went to see a movie and when we got up to leave I instantly had nausea and I couldn't keep my eyes open... Its like tiredness and sickness hit at once... The smell of the garlic in the food we had also put me off which is odd as I usually love garlic... Also had period cramps after bd this morning which is odd... I'm trying not to read into things too much I probably just had too much popcorn or something... SO told me last night "no more wine until we know if you are pregnant"... He says the sperm will get drunk and not know where to swim lol

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@mata omg I'm so sorry are you okay babe? Hit me up with a PM if you wanna talk okay and congrats on your baby!!

@agatch super sweet of your husband to realize what's happening every night I'm glad he's helping out though but yes I agree maybe you need to get your body tested which is harder said than done but it's worth a try

@nadia congratulations on your pregnancy babe that's exciting !!

@photomama I hope everything goes well for you babe and that you have healthy babies no matter how many

@amarie congrats on the bean !!

So just from me I forgot to tell you guys that the stuff my new OBGyn is putting me on increases my chances for multiple babies meaning twins which is super exciting!! My dad is a boy girl twin and my aunt was twins as well but my gran lost one of the babies unfortunately so my chances of having twins are high as well !! If I dont conceive this cycle that's what I'm getting myself into lol... Also SO's supplements is making him extremely turned on lol we've been doing it every day for the last 3 days and I'm not even in my fertile window yet

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Hi everyone, we are back ttc again. I am 28, married for 5 years with 1 little one. I am currently ttc #2 and am looking for ttc buddies to help keep my sanity. This is my first cycle ovulating post partum (18 months with no AF). I had 2 miscarriages back to back (1 was ectopic) last time we were ttc so I am super nervous about ttc #2. I was shocked to be having signs of ovulation a couple days ago as it has been so long since I have had a cycle, but super excited I realized what was happening and was able to track a bit/BD. that my cycles will at least exist now & be regular.

girl, boy, boy

5 years ago

Hi ladies I've moved over! xx @anna sounds like you have the best approach for this cycle!
@JL good luck with ttc2.

I had a dreadful night with my 2 year old daughter. Projectile vomiting and no sleep. Im disregarding my temp today just in case as had a broken 3 hour sleep. Yesterday evening I felt familiar cramps and back ache. App says I'm due in 6 days but I don't think we've done it this cycle. I'm not going to torchure myself and test. I reckon AF will be here by next Monday xx

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5 years ago

Jumping in here. 3 days until af is due. Hoping she doesn't come

5 years ago

Eeeek! So close! xx

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5 years ago

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