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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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Thank you @agatch that is super helpful! I have it set right now where ovulation happened when my pain went from sharp to just pressure because that is the day after my LH surge. Hopefully I am right, but really I had dull discomfort on that side for 2 days after that.

girl, boy, boy

5 years ago

Wow Anna....I feel like this is your month. I’m right there with you praying for rainbow after our Angel. Had she been born full term my due date would’ve been Feb 17. So it would be real special to be pregnant to help the pain of that day.


5 years ago

@teacher yes I cant confirm it but based on cramps and cp it was the 7th. I really freakin hope I'm pregnant I cant have another cycle like this with bd every day and its almost SO's 30th birthday and he really wanted to be a dad by now...

@bimini I hear you girl I'm sorry for your loss !! My due date was January 15 if our baby made it so I've got my fingers crossed and like i told teacher now SO's 30th birthday is soon and he wanted a baby by now which he would have had if things worked out but fingers crossed for both of us

SO was actually so sweet yesterday we went out with family and played with my baby cousin all day (he's 1 year 1 month old) and when we got home SO touched my stomach and asked how far has our baby grown yet and when I told him we still have 11 days left before knowing he said in a very dramatic voice "how much longer do I have to wait" lol and immediately I was just like welcome to the tww mf

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Hey ladies
Just an update from me i have been tested everyday with onestep tests they have come up positive so that's good but i have ordered first response and clearblue digital which will arrive tomorrow hopefully tomorrow will be the day i get my BFP and i can finally say I'm pregnant! Fingers crossed all goes well!
@scuba good luck too you!! Sending baby dust your way!

5 years ago • Edited

Ladies looks like I’ve lost my baby, did a frer this morning and it’s almost negative, I guess I just need to wait for the bleeding to come, beyond devastated and the ones of you who know me will know that was our last try too

5 years ago

So sorry Emma. ????

5 years ago

The thing that annoys me is if I hadn’t tested again I’d still be happy and think I’m still pregnant, I have no symptoms that anything is wrong it’s just the stupid tests that are getting lighter

5 years ago

Today's test!
@emma sorry to hear your news!

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5 years ago

Oh Emma I'm so sorry to read this I don't know what to say. Why are you not trying again? xx

Update from me. Another stark white FRER test and while checking cervix I noticed a little bit of pink spotting. So I guess that's me out Waiting for AF to rear her ugly head. It's odd though because I keep getting sharp ovary twinges like I'm ovulating. Never had that before when my AF was due. My symptom spotting never ceases to amaze me or follow any pattern at all! So I think I'm going to skip bbt this next cycle. Just time BD every other day from CD6 then wait until 28-29 days. Fed up right now ????‍?? xx

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5 years ago

We’ve been ttc for 13 months my husband wanted to stop a couple of months ago and I convinced him to try again for the last time this last cycle so that was our last try, he’s going to be 37 this year and feels like he’s getting old so doesn’t want to keep trying

5 years ago

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