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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

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@emma I'm glad you're physically feeling a little better babe... I'm sort of pissed that they didnt want to help you though...

@crystal I also do actually I have my fingers crossed lol If it helps the only time I ever had EWCM was when I got pregnant so it could definately be a sign of pregnant without a doubt I'd test again in a few days if AF doesnt show

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Hello ladies, I have been in a mood lately. Hope everyone is well. I’m catching up now.
Emma I really sorry for all this. I know it must be hard and I pray you get your positive after all of this pain.
Anna if a lot of it feels like when you were pregnant it’s a good sign. Early testing gets us discouraged. But stay positive. We will celebrate in here when you get that
Scuba we missed you. I’m Cd7 as well so Let’s hope we get our positives this cycle. Keep BD. Hope everything goes well with the US,
Crystal I hope it’s good sign for you. I had it as well with my last pregnancy.
Pandor I hope your tests come today so you could have a peace of mind with clear results.


5 years ago

I was hoping to have October baby too, but I've been spotting for 5 days now and test came negative :(

5 years ago

@bimini definitely trying to stay positive babe

@kaja oh no I'm sorry girl I feel you

5 years ago • Post starter

12dpo test this morning was negative again not even an indent line

5 years ago • Post starter

Okay I need to talk or vent or something I dont know...

I am honestly super upset about the fact that I got another negative today... Part of me feels like yes its 2 or 3 days before AF it's still too early and I still have time but then another part just wants to rip my hair out and go on a rage... I just dont get it I dont understand why its not happening... I go to the doctor every 6 months to have them tell me that everything is okay and normal and I should have gotten pregnant by now but I havent so why not? I'm at the stage where I consider getting a second opinion from someone just so that I can be sure because I dont know anymore it's been 15 months of trying all together now with no successful pregnancies and I just want answers. I want to know whwhy it isnt happening and I for reals dont want to feel this way for a few more months...

5 years ago • Post starter

Anna I could totally understand why you would be frustrated. 15 months is a long time. I would get a second opinion at this Point. Also this cycle I really relaxed. I recorded nothing thus far in Ovia, haven’t been checking CP and didn’t temp once. I decided I would start BD every other day starting today CD7. Then every day at cd13 for a few days. And not test until AF is due unless I’m vomiting or something extreme. I have no idea how this will play out but I feel confident the pressure we put on ourselves causes a negative reaction in our bodies. So I’m trying to be calm. Hope during TWW I remain this calm and rational. A girl can only try.
But Anna it’s still not over for you. Keep your head up and you just enjoy SO. You encourage us all the time now we need you to be encouraged.
@Kaja I’m really sorry...


5 years ago

Hi girls. Quite an update here. I posted before that my doubling time was super quick? Confirmed today it’s twins. Both measuring very healthy. I wish you all luck this cycle. We tried for a year and a half and what I did differently this cycle was: 1. First iui w gonal f 2. Had an hsg done, not sure if maybe that helped them implant even though tubes were clear 3. Doc had me start progesterone supplements twice a day after the iui. I never had very high progesterone levels, so that may have helped? Don’t forget, your time will come. After month after month of BFN and feeling like it would never happen for us, we now got our miracles.

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5 years ago • Edited

Oh wow Photomama congrats! Man i'd love twins eek. I'll never get that lucky though as we have no history of twins on either side.

5 years ago

@bimini I think what gets me is every cycle i plan for a possible pregnancy you know? I plan on telling SO, I think about the bump I'll have when we go to certain things in the next few months and with every negative the bump just gets smaller and smaller and I think that hurts the most along with not knowing why...

@photomama omg that's s

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