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October/November Babies 2019*

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Hi ladies

I'm back in for another month as most of you know... My due date would be end October i think so I'm combining the two months again.

Good luck girls !!

Pregnant with our little rainbow!! C section schedules for November 20th

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@alex I don't know what to say. I hope you start to feel hope again soon once AF leaves you xxx

Thank you for your input on my chart. I've done a manual override on FF adjusting ovulation to CD14. Which would make the dip which was at 13dpo now 10dpo. It was a dotted line on the crosshairs so wasn't a definite ovulation date. Who knows at this point All I know is I'm feeling rubbish with the wait now. xx

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1 year ago

Hi everyone, hope you all have beautiful day.
Scuba I’m not good at the charting but based on what ladies say it looks good.
Today is 12dpo for me and still trying to hold out until Wednesday when AF is due to test again after several BFN on 9&10dpo.
on all BFP
to the rest of us!!


1 year ago

I’ve done a frer on a 5 hour hold but was diluted as I was thirsty lol anyways it’s a faint positive, surely at this stage it should be a strong positive? thinking this might not actually be a pregnancy now and I’m having a chemical I’ll do another frer Tuesday morning now that I have a couple

1 year ago

@Emma don’t loose hope! Sometimes levels are slower to rise at first. And the darkness of the line can vary from one test to the other even with the same brand. If you still see a line there’s still hope! Would you be able to get a blood test to check levels?
@Scuba I think you said you got a positive opk on CD 12 And 13, right? So you’re adjusted chart sounds more accurate and looks really great with the implantation dip at 10 dpo which means you wouldn’t get a BFP until 13 dpo most likely.
@Alex sorry babe! Sending hugs your way
I am 10 dpo and not very optimistic. I can already feel AF cramps and PMSy mood... BFN yesterday.

1 year ago

@agatch thank you. Yes it probably sounds better with O at CD14 doesn't it. I think we still make the fertile window but not the day before or day of ovulation. That's probably why I've had no symptoms really of AF so far. It's been too early. Oh well let's see what this week brings!
10dpo is still very early for you for a positive. What's your usual luteal phase? xx

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1 year ago

Adjusted chart attached xx

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1 year ago

@scuba that is all looking exciting! FX!
Curious what opinion all you ladies have on implantation cramping. Science seems to say there's no reason for anyone to experience cramping at implantation, but some many ladies seem to experience it! What are your thoughts? 7 dpo here. I can already tell my hormones are much more balanced this month (yay for quitting coffee) as I'm not having any of the extreme PMS symptoms yet. Last two months it was almost the entire luteal phase. Hopefully that makes the time journey a little easier!

Hoping to grow our family!

1 year ago

@scuba my LP is only 13 days so AF is due on Wednesday. I was 9 dpo when I tested yesterday. I haven’t tested today. I know it’s still early but I have a short LP and I can already feel AF is coming. Still not completely giving up hope though.
@Photomama congrats!! Very happy and excited for you! How would you feel about twins?
@teacher glad giving up coffee made a difference for you. I had the same problem. It got to the point where I was only having 5 days every cycle when I felt like myself and the rest of the time I was irritable and/ or depressed. I’m now down to to 1 week to 10 days that are not so great (from 7 dpo until day 2 or 3 of the next cycle) and feeling good the rest of the time. But removing caffeine seems to be one of the things that helped even though I only had one cup of very mild coffee a day.

1 year ago

Bimini Hopefully your waiting time will reward you with two beautiful pink lines!

Emma How many dpo are you now?
I think the best think to do before get your hopes down is to test with concentrated urine. First morning or 4-5 hour hold without drinking too much water in between. Fingers crossed for you girl!!!!

Agatch Thank you so much!
10DPO you could have not implanted yet! I know that some ladies get their bfp on 7-8-9 dpo but this is not the normal..Don’t get too discouraged..

Teachers My opinion on any kind of cramping, pinching etc changed since I read an article which said that our body is basically preparing for pregnancy no matter if we conceived or not every month after ovulation. All the pains and discomfort we feel on breasts, abdomen etc is our body trying to get ready for the probability to host a baby. Personally I had and keep having every early pregnancy symptom ever observed by a pregnant woman but I’ve never been pregnant. It’s just my body doing its thing I guess... I’m not reading into symptoms at all any more. Of course that doesn’t mean that I refuse to believe that a woman can actually feel implantation.. I just don’t know if their body would give those “pains” anyways..

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1 year ago

Do you ladies count ovulation day as your peak/surge day, the day after the LH surge, or the second day after the LH surge?
I had 3-4 days of left sided ovulation cramping, which is typical for me, but I am not sure what day to count as my ovulation day because of how long I have cramping.

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1 year ago

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