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November & December 2019 babies

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Hi ladies

Another month of ttc! Fingers crossed and baby dust!

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@crystal you'll make me cry babe I feel completely the same regarding the adoption thing because it doesnt make sense and if you didnt want kids in the first place why have them (and yes I do understand accidents happen but you still decided to participate in unprotected sex)

@Emma I'll do a board now in a minute

@Becky lol it kinda makes me think about Amy Schumer's new bit on Netflix like "And this is where the bump will be" lol

5 years ago • Post starter

I need help!
So Im freaking out because I had a super positive OPK last Wednesday and Thursday, everything was great a lot of BD...
Last night I get a high reading in OPK, to peak, but really high, I will check today but Im really disappointed.... my cycles are 26-27 days, if I ovulate today or tomorrow I only have 8 days lutheal
Like always I was reading online a lot of comments about two peaks and positives and garbage in general....
I really though I catch the egg this cycle.
We are planing on going to the doctor next months if this one does not happen, but in general Im really sad...

DO you know if the OPK light up for any other reason other tham LH surging again? This is me just clinging for hope...

5 years ago

SOOO excited/Nervous/nauseous/gonna pee my pants Ladies, I am about to have my dating ultrasound, wish me luck ????????????

5 years ago

GL Nadia. Too cute @Ana. Glad you are sticking around. Yes for smaller meals. Also ginger candies help a bit. Had blood test to check on my hormones levels today.

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5 years ago

@anna Omg, I just checked this board and found out you were pregnant! Congratulations! I remember when I saw your chart I definitely thought that this was your month. God bless and take care! So happy for you!

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5 years ago

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