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Anyone else taking Clomid for the first time?

Hi Everyone. I am on cycle day 23 today and I believe I am 4 days past ovulation (though my OPKs have said I am ovulating every day for the last 4 days).
This is my first cycle taking Clomid (days 5 - 9) as my Dr. says I have very mild PCOS. I read on here so many other things that girls taking Clomid are doing but I was given the pills and told to take it every day from 5 -9 and start BDing every day 9 - 16. Because my OPKs didn't show a positive, my hubby and I kept BDing every day until yesterday when I finally decided that we both really needed a break!
I feel like I have done everything I can this month - Clomid, Robitussin, Preseed, tried 13 days in a row and Instead cup. I really hope everything works.
If any one has any Clomid tips, suggestions, knowledge, and especially success stories, I would love to hear them!!

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Yes, I am on cycle day 14 and this is my first month on clomid. I am taking it to treat late ovulation and luteal phase defect. I am BBT charting to track rise yet.

I can TOTALLY sympathize with the BD marathon you spoke of. hehe! This is our 8th month ttc and every cycle I ovulate super late so we get tired of BDing. Hopefully clomid does the trick. Did you have any side effects?

13 years ago

Hi TeacherToria,

It is awesome that someone else is going through the same sort of thing. Well not awesome we have to go through it - but awesome to have someone to chat with.

What days are you taking Clomid? I took mine 5 - 9. The only side effects I noticed were the last couple days of taking it. I had crazy hot flashes in the night. I guess I would also say I have been moody but I don't know if that is because of the pills or because of the stress.

My hubby and I went off birth control last March but really only started trying about 8 months ago as well. It was hard for us to try because I was only getting af about every 90 days. I am hoping Clomid helps that.

What treatment is your Dr giving besdies just taking the Clomid? I and reading so many people are getting blood test, ultra sounds, etc. My Dr just said to try this for 3 cycles and nothing else....

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Yes! I've been wanting to connect with someone else in a similar boat. I took the pills CD 5-9 as well. I had mild bloating and cramping, sore boobs, and hot flashes at night....but nothing too extreme.

I had an early miscarriage in December and hadn't had a period for 75 days (I normally go about 35) so my doctor prescribed provera (progesterone) to force a period and then the clomid to get things back on track. She is thinking I miscarried because of the luteal phase defect and subsequent low progesterone. I usually ovulate on my own between CD 20-30 and then have about a 7-9 day luteal phase so I am really hoping the clomid does the trick to push up my ovulation and make it "stronger" as you cannot sustain a pregnancy with such a short lp. So far she just wants me to email her my BBT charts so she can adjust my dose if need be. No other plans for other treatments yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for BOTH of us! I hope this is a short journey on clomid!

13 years ago


This is my first cycle on Clomid. My doctor had me take days 3-7. I am currently 7 days past ovulation I think. I ovulate normally, but my doctor put me in to increase the egg quality. My DH and I have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. Hopefully this will be the first and last cycle of Clomid for all of us.

to everyone!

13 years ago

Hi Ladies,

This is my first cycle on clomid and I just took pill 5. I don't really have a cycle day because I haven't had a period in several months (so I'm calling it day 9 and pretending I'm on the 5-9 day regimen). I don't ovulated or menstruate on my own because I have hyperprolactinemia (my body thinks I'm breast feeding so I lactate and don't ovulate). I'm going to start bding in two days. I've also had some hot flashes at night but otherwise no side effects.

My doc ran some blood tests too but mostly for things related to my hyperprolactinemia like thyroid and such. My doc is also going to do a pelvic ultrasound and ultrasounds on both breasts just because her mother died of ovarian cancer so she likes to rule out the worst possible cause of any symptom first thing. I think she also figures we might as well make sure we take care of everything to make sure there isn't a problem in addition to the hyperprolactinemia.

Anyway ladies, this works for all of us!

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13 years ago

Yippee! I am so happy to meet other people going through the same thing around the same time.

I have a question that may seem crazy - where abouts do you guys live? I ask because I am in Canada and I am curious if all the extra follow up I am reading other's receiving is because of the great private side of health care in the US or if my Dr just doesn't follow up as well??

Also - does anyone think it is strange that I didn't ovulate till CD 19? Have you heard if that is normail on Clomid?

TeacherToria - I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I guess the one up side is that you know you have the ability to get pregnant! I'm sure Clomid will give you the extra 'sticky' boost!

GinnyNCSU - 2 years! Well it is your turn now!! I am sending tons of positive thoughts!! Good luck!

pookerdooks - sounds like you have a great doctor. I really hope clomid helps you to ovulate.

Good luck to all you ladies. Lets hope the success stories start rolling in for us soon!!!

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13 years ago • Post starter

This is also my first month taking clomid. I took 50mg days 5-9 and am now 11 DPO. I got a +OPK on CD14 and BD'd most of the month. Last hpt I took was at 9 DPO, which was BFN:( Im waiting to test first thing tomorrow morning, and if I dont get a BFP by the day of my missed period, Im going to take my Provera again and start all over. Ive really had some hope that this was my month, but today Im not feeling that as much. If 5-9 didn't work for me this time I think Im just going to try the 50mg days 3-7 next cycle. Good luck ladies, hang in there! LOTS and LOTS of sticky baby dust!!! <3

8/2010 baby #1 Audra Marie R.I.P. 12/2010 6 months trying for baby #2 2/2011-1st round of clomid 3/2011-2nd round of clomid 4/2011-3rd round of clomid...

13 years ago

moconnor ~

Thank you so much for your kind words! Your question is not strange at all! I live in Oregon, United States - and yes we have very prompt and sophisticated medical care here...but you certainly pay for it! With the economy the way it is, insurance coverage has dropped and we are having to pay more and more out of pocket costs! I had blood work a few weeks ago (to check thyroid, prolactin, and HCG) and have to pay over $200.00 out of pocket for that work (toward my deductible). I would say about 10% of my income goes toward health care related costs! And I have pretty "good" insurance! I have always admired the Canadian system for its efficiency and equity in care!

pookerdooks ~

Wow! I have never met someone with that condition before so I don't know much about it. Have you always had this? Have you had children before? What causes it?

13 years ago

oh yeah and moconnor ~

I have heard that late ovulation is normal on clomid. After looking at BBT charts on, it seems as though people on clomid tend to ovulate around days 14-21.

13 years ago

Like TeacherToria already said, late ovulation is normal with clomid so you should be fine. I also live in the US but again, I am paying a lot for what I am having done. Insurance companies won't pay much for infertility treatments because frankly they would rather us not get pregnant because of the expense of prenatal health care and then having to cover the child afterwards. But they will pay for vasectomies! It makes me angry- I didn't choose to have fertility problems but a man can choose to have a vasectomy and get it paid for (LoL, sorry, I have some angst against insurance companies. I'm a medical student and my husband is a physician and we have to choose how to treat our patients based on what insurance will cover and what patients can afford. It's frustrating. Hubby ends up doing a lot of pro-bono surgeries).

I am only 24 and I've never been pregnant before. I started lactating and missing periods back in August. Hyperprolactinemia can be a side effect of some medications including birth control which I was on at the time so my doc thought nothing of it then. But when I went off bc to start ttc and it continued several months later then the doc decided to look into it. I do take another medication hat hyperprolactinemia can be a side effect of but it's less common. The other possibility is that there is a problem with my pituitary gland which is why the blood work I had done is also going to measure my other pituitary hormones. If all of those are normal then it is most likely my other med and we will have to figure out what to do about that! One way or another it's a pretty benign condition except for when ttc!

Good luck ladies!!!!

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13 years ago

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