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2017 IUI/IVF

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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Finally after a weird blood test result on Friday (high LH) today was back to normal so transfer is scheduled for Monday 14th.
How is everyone else doing?

6 years ago

Hey ma_espe : glad you have your transfer date set now?

Hey mnor0406 : twins??? whoo-hoo! That would be exciting! FX for a sticky embaby!

How's it going surromom and kmksmd?

AFM : today is day 7 of stims. Had my first monitoring ultrasound yesterday and it looks like the meds have definitely been doing something... lots of follicles growing (mostly around 13-15mm) and my estrogen shot up from 32 (at baseline) to 3,288!! My next ultrasound is on Tuesday, hoping that there's growth...

6 years ago

Hey gals!

Stim update:

Today is day 8. This morning, I went for my ultrasound and my RE decided I should trigger tonight! Yay! My body was responsive, and slightly ahead of schedule! Retrieval is now scheduled for Friday!

How's everyone doing?

6 years ago

Two+1 - Hope your IUI went well.. sending you sticky baby dust!

futuredancemom - Fingers crossed for a successful retrieval! Thats great news!

ASM: today is beta. Had my blood drawn at 8:00 this morning. My lab offers results online so I am obsessively refreshing my browser waiting for the results! I stopped POAS because I got sick of not seeing the double line so my guess is it will be negative.

6 years ago

Two+1- How was your IUI? I certainly hope you catch both those eggs!

Surromum- Waiting to hear beta results! Not seeing a bfp at home sucks. I know there's only that tiniest shred of hope that maybe you will be one of those surprise positive beta people. Fingers crossed you are one of them!

Future- Yay for an early retrieval! Sounds like you responded well. Did they give you an estimate of # of mature follicles?

Ma-espe- I hope the time passes quickly and you have a perfect transfer! Do you know how many you are transferring?

AFI - Beta was indeed negative last Thursday. Feels like a waste of $2500 and a lot of unnecessary butt shots. On a positive note our local festival was this weekend and I got to partake in a delicious wine and craft beer event! And there was lots of food, rides, parades etc. to get my mind off the negative beta.

We still have 9 embryos frozen but my hubby and I talked about it and we are just going to try some new supplements and ovulation tests for awhile. Maybe IUI? We are going to wait til Dec/Jan to do another FET. Let my body get back to normal again.

6 years ago • Post starter

It went well ladies we had 43 million sperm more then the last two iui now it's a waiting game to test going to on Saturday the 19th . I have my next step consult this week just in case this one didn't work .

6 years ago

Just got my beta results and it was negative :(

6 years ago

FX for your IUI Two+1oneonway

Surromom - sorry to hear about the negative beta

Mnor0406 - sorry that you didn't get your BFP this go round. Time for self and healing is a great idea! I'm a big supporter of naturopathic interventions!

Saw my RE this morning. I've been on 8 days of stims. She told me at the start of the ultrasound that she wasn't planning to count all of the follicles. She stopped counting when she got to 10 follicles (over size 17mm) on each ovary. So she said she definitely intends to have me trigger tonight (it was supposed to be last night, but she decided to have me stim one more night). Retrieval set for Friday. I'm hoping that I have many healthy eggs

6 years ago

Hey gals!

Retrieval is complete...

Right now I am sitting on my friend's front porch, with a blanket on my lap, enjoying the sun smile

I love the outside!

Retrieval went great... one minute they were putting my feet into the stirrups and the next minute the nurse was waking me up to tell me that I was in the recovery room! surprised

So crazy how quickly it all went!

I woke up feeling tired and a little woozy. I've had some slight cramping, but that's it... I feel great! Especially because I felt empty after the retrieval. Goodbye to the bloated and stuffed feeling! Whoo-hoo! LOL...

They retrieved 29 eggs... I've waiting for the fertilization report. C'mon little eggies, fertilize

6 years ago

One week until I will take a pregnancy test . Went for next step consult he said my cycle was the best one yet and everything is looking hopeful ! If not will start injections but said the cost is between 1,000-2500 per cycle

6 years ago

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