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Ivf for baby #2 in the new year?!

Our daughter is only 6 months old but I have baby fever already. Her cousins are much older than her (17 and 12) because my sil is 8 years older than my husband (and he is 6 yrs older than me) so I really want her sibling or siblings to be close in age so she will have them to play with. I'd like to plan an FET around June or July when she turns a year old but it takes some planning and I can't wait to get started.

The 1st of the year can not get here soon enough! My husband is switching his insurance starting Jan 1st and I have been waiting impatiently so I can schedule a consult with my RE. There is always so much waiting and so many hoops to jump through with IVF. I am guessing I will need a new referral even though I went through IVF at that fertility clinic to conceive our first baby and it usually takes 2-3 months to get in to see my doctor. She is very highly sought after in our area and is the head of the clinic. I hate waiting but I want the best!

We still have 12 embryo icicles in storage so thankfully I won't need to do a retrieval again. I do have some questions for my RE though regarding nursing my daughter and if I will need to stop before our next FET or not. We had a really hard time getting a baby to stick the first time and had to do 6 transfers before figuring out that I have immune and clotting issues that were hindering a good implantation. Some of the drugs I had to be on to prevent miscarriage I assume are not safe while nursing.

I would like to follow the same protocol as I did with my daughter because something clicked on that 6th attempt. It was like a 3 month long process though from the start of prep work to embryo transfer! For that IVF round I did a saline infusion sonogram and endometrial scratch the cycle before. I also did a month long round of antibiotics daily to eliminate any uterine infections. Then I started lupron, a baby aspirin regime, prenatals and bcp for 2 weeks, then added estrogen for 2 weeks, then added intramuscular progesterone and steroids for 1 week before the embryo transfer. Then after transfer I started blood thinners and added progesterone suppositories on top of the progesterone injections. I stayed on steroids until 9 weeks, estrogen til 11 weeks, progesterone til 14 weeks and blood thinners my whole pregnancy.

It's not going to be easy going through all of this again with my daughter just becoming a toddler to take care of as well but I really really really want to have another baby soon, hopefully a boy this time! I'd really like to do just 2 (or more?) babies back to back, go through the sleepless nights and crying and diapers and all that back to back. I feel like it would really suck to get through all of that and get used to the big kid stage and then have to go back and go through the baby stage all over again. Fingers crossed for a 2016 pregnancy!

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Your med schedule sounds like as much work as mine is!! I don't have the transfer part.. just lots of pills, injections, infusions, etc. from CD6 through my entire pregnancy. But YES, it is totally worth it. We're ready to try again and I am completely prepared mentally to do it all again. Elle is 8.5 months old so, like you said, it will be interesting to see how it all works while taking care of another child and not just focusing on the pregnancy. Best of luck to you!!! :) :)

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