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Anyone been/used a surrogate?

My dh and I are nearing the end of what we think we can handle on this infertility journey and are researching surrogacy. We have been ttcing for 6 1/2 years, with 7 clomid rounds, 4 iui rounds, 3 ivf retrievals and 5 failed embryo transfers of which 3 ended in chemicals/ early mc. We are doing our 6th and final transfer early this fall but want to be prepared if it doesn't work.

We have 12 frozen embryos stored away so surrogacy seems to be the next logical step but we live in NY where it isn't exactly legal. NY only allows compassionate surrogacy, no payment for the carrier. Has anyone done this? I really have no idea how it would work and dr. google doesn't have much to say either. I would also appreciate advice on surrogacy in general even if you haven't dealt with all the NY legal issues.

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9 years ago • Post starter

I don't know anything about surrogacy but I did find this website that tells you the laws in each state and they have a community forum that would probably be better to ask questions there, they would probably have a lot more answers for you.

9 years ago

Hi everyone! Due to condition of my health surrogacy is my last chance to have a baby. My husband and I were ttc for 3 years and nothing. In last 6 years we had 5 cycles of ivf and 3 cycles of de ivf. Nothing gave result. All cycles failed. I couldn't even suggest that Ukraine is a good place to have surrogacy. I have some doubts about this country. Some reviews on different forums persuaded me to look more into this option. Also prices seem very reasonable. OP, how are your procedures going? I hope to hear some news from you. Thanks for information!

7 years ago

Have you discussed ivf de with pgs ngs with yr doc? Fertility specialists usually recommend combining infertility treatments with pgs ngs in case of failed ivf, problems with implantation or mcs.

7 years ago

Sana - I actually ended up conceiving my daughter on my 6th and final IVF round before I moved on to surrogacy. You might not want to give up on IVF just yet. It can still work! But if you do move on to surrogacy I wish you the best of luck!

7 years ago • Post starter

mnor0406 thank you for reply! Your experience gives me hope. To be honest I'm so exhausted. I feel like all my failures just took life away from me. But I don't want to give up coz we still have chances. First we want to try ivf with donor egg, as ivf with my eggs didn't work. So I know that in case of de ivf failure we still have chance with surrogacy. Thank you for your kind words! Wish you all the best!

7 years ago

Hi girls! I also can't carry a baby by myself. I was born without a uterus. There is no chance for me to get pregnant and feel my baby pushing into my stomach. Still I'm grateful there are places and people who can help us with our problem. At the same time this is really hard to find good agency or clinic. There are so many scammers, who want to become rich, using poor people like us. We were looking for reliable clinic with professional doctors and high rate of successful treatments. We decided to concentrate mostly on Europe. As India was closed, we were choosing between Russia and Ukraine. Ultimately we chose Ukrainian clinic. Reviews were mostly positive and this clinic has high success rates. Though we had some doubts about their medicine, we decided to go there and check everything. Our concerns faded away when we talk to our doctor and program coordinator. We saw fashionable design of the clinic and modern equipment. And the most important we saw so many couples there! People all over the world came to this clinic for surrogacy and de ivf programs. We have no regrets! We are so lucky we went straight to this clinic. Our daughter Kristine was born in May 2015. I hope this info will help you. I wish you good luck with your procedure!

7 years ago

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