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2017 IUI/IVF

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Hey ladies! I have an 18 month old daughter from my 6th round of IVF back in 2014 and we have started the process of trying for baby #2 in 2017. We may do a couple IUI rounds before using our frozen embryos from 2014. Any ladies who will be doing IUI or IVF in the new year?

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Hi kmk those are awesome numbers!!! Hope they double for you tomorrow. Keep us posted!
Hi mnor... you must be super excited to start.... hope time goes quick for you between now and transfer and hope you have a nice thick linning.

AfM I am just a little bit behind you 2. Finally my test on Friday came negative... they said I should get my period if haven't already gotten it.... so the bleeding I had last week definetly was my period. I should expect my next one by the end of the month... so transfer should be sometime between the first and second week of August. I am soooo ready to start :)

6 years ago

Hey mnor0406 : glad you've started!

Kmksmd : glad you're baby is making itself nice and cozy inside of you!

Ma_espe : it'll be August before you know it!

ASFM : yesterday, Aunt Flo FINALLY showed up!!!!! Which means I get to start Estrace tomorrow. I'm just so thankful to be starting!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!

6 years ago

Mnor, thank you so much! I hope you had a good 4th of July! Congratulations on starting meds for transfer! That’s so exciting!! Your transfer will be here before you know it.

Ma_espe, thank you!! I’m glad you finally had a negative test so things can move on. How awesome that you transfer will be here before you know it! August is not that far away!! :-D

Dancemom, I’m glad AF finally showed her face for you! Congrats on your esterase starting!

Beta today at 14dp5dt was 1241… up from 438 on 12dpt. Doubling time ended up being 31.9 hours. I’m so excited! When I asked the nurse about next steps I found out that they want me to have another two betas (7/10 and 7/14) before my ultrasound which will be 7/19. It feels so far away!! I didn’t do any tests yesterday but took my FRER at work today (no Wondfo because I gave it to a co-worker who thought she might be pregnant!) and my tests at 10, 12, and 14 dpt (today) are showing great progression. I’m so excited and starting to get less nervous with each reassuring test/lab. :-)

6 years ago

Hey kmk_smd : I am so, so excited that things are indeed progressing along, nicely! Do keep us posted :-)

Happy Hump Day, all :-)

6 years ago

O.M.G. AF is kicking my butt! Not sure if it's from the endometrial scratch or just from being on active bcps for 43 days straight to line up this FET so I have extra lining to shed or what...GAH! I really hope this transfer works and I don't have AF for another 2 years again lol.

6 years ago • Post starter

I've never thought about pregnancy including that extra perk of

6 years ago

Hello friends! I just got the results of today's beta. It was 1241 at 19 dpo, and today was 12,638 at 24 dpo. This doubling time was 35.8 hours (first one was 31.9 hours)... its in the top of the normal range for singleton pregnancies and in the middle of the normal range for twins... yikes! My first ultrasound will be next week so I guess we will find out then! Stick, baby, stick!!

Mnor, I hope your AF had lightened up a little bit! Sorry to hear it was kicking your butt.

6 years ago

Hello kmk_smd :

So glad you're keeping us posted! Yes!!! STICK BABY STICK!

Your story inspires me and I'm hoping some of that rubs off on me!

6 years ago

Kmk- Those are some nice looking betas! My daughter's pregnancy started out as twins. Both embryos stuck and I had 2 sacs, 2 yolk sacs, but only 1 fetal pole with heartbeat at ultrasound. My betas were high as well. 429 at 16dpo, 3360 at 21dpo and 33,000 at 28dpo. 2 babies is a definite possibility because your #'s look like they are even higher than mine if I'm doing my math in my head right lol (like 1200 around 19dpo and 10,000 around 24dpo???)

Af is finally over as of today. It was sooo long and heavy. I hope my lining is thickening up ok. Lining check is on Friday. Fingers crossed we don't have to push the transfer because of Af.

6 years ago • Post starter

Hey all!
How's everyone been doing?
We've been pretty quiet lately...

Update on me - I am on day 11 of estrace (estrogen), metformin (for PCOS related issues), DHEA, CoQ10, and a prenatal multivitamin. I adding progresterone suppositories on Tuesday. I will continue this until the 27th, and then wait for AF. Stimming will begin on CD 3.

I'm just so excited that I've finally began the IVF egg retrieval process. Whoo-hoo!

How's everyone else doing?

6 years ago

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