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TTC June/July 2020

Hello ladies, wanted to get a post going for anyone currently TTC for June/July 2020.

I’m currently on my first round of Clomid 50 mg, CD 10. Crossing my fingers that it works the first time. We had to do 4 rounds a couple years ago to get my first son.

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Hi! Fingers crossed it will do the trick for you faster this time!

I’m CD 12, we didn’t prevent for 7 months but have only been TTC for 3 cycles now. Hoping this will be it.

10 months ago

Hello Bonnie, good luck and lots of to you. We started trying in January, we knew we would need the medication assistance again so my OB asked us to try again for 6 months before she would start treatment.

So here we are, 1st round .. we will only get 6 tries before they refer us to a specialist.

10 months ago • Post starter

Thank you! Luck and baby dust to you as well!

Shame they didn’t let you start off with it, but at least it wasn’t longer. Stay positive, I’m sure it will work for you!

The things we do for these tiny humans

10 months ago

CD 16 of our first month TTC baby #3! Good luck to you all! Cycle is due 9/26. I'm stocked up on internet cheapie tests and want to start testing 9/21 ????

10 months ago

Thank you Bonnie! Welcome Em, I am just about where you are and my apps are telling me to test on the 21st as well. Best of luck and to you too!

10 months ago • Post starter

Any of you ladies struggling with PCOS? How in the world do you know when ovulation is if you keep getting negative tests?.. what I mean is.. for the last 5 days every test I’ve taken has two considerably dark lines where they look nearly identical in color. I’m not considering them positive but also when I conceived my son I never got a positive on the ones I took with him either.. it was a shock when I found out I was pregnant.

I’m going to add a photo of the last 4 days for “tools” but not sure when to actually start testing if I don’t know when ovulation is going to occur.

10 months ago • Post starter

Hi Em! Fingers crossed for you! I put off testing as long as I can, I tend to drive myself crazy with them.

Mommy heart I don’t know much about PCOS, you’ve had 2 dark lines on each test for the last 5 days? I personally would BD every other day even if it just might be positive.

That way you at least cover a window of that time just in case.

10 months ago

Hey ladies,!
We've been TTC since July this year. Had a miscarriage that month, negative tests in August, praying that THIS will be OUR month.

10 months ago • Edited

Welcome Alvsim!
I’m so sorry, that is always so heartbreaking to hear. Yes, I agree I hope this will be our month for all of us. Time is going by sooooo slow.. I’m in the 2ww now. How are things going for you this month?

10 months ago • Post starter

Thank you!
I'm expecting my period in 5 days, so I'm going to take a "clearblue® early detection"- test tomorrow morning. If it turns out negative, fingers crossed for Sunday.
I'll have you in my prayers tonight

10 months ago

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