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9 days past ovulation

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MrsMac86  4 years ago
Tired, heavy sore breasts, cramping to left side and a sharp lightening (sorry tmi) through my vagina downwards.


MrsMac86  4 years ago
Vivid dreams again, very tired during day. No cramps which is unusual as I normally do cramp around now if af is coming. Sensitive breasts.


OhBoyOrGirl  4 years ago
Boobs just started having a burning sensation in them.. new for me




catgocrazy  4 years ago
Breasts/stomach feel like they are burning. Lots of creamy CM. Super vivid dream last night.


Hafsa26  4 years ago
Dull hip pain and body weakness. Reduced appetite,mouth tastes bitter. A little pinching feeling in lower right abdomen.


MCallicoat  4 years ago
Still having milky white cm. Hopefully that’s a good sign. It was kinda stretchy this morning but not since.


nasamama  4 years ago
Pink CM one time when I wiped. Pulling/pinching and dull cramps low in pelvic region most of the day. Constipated.


Tasmin13  4 years ago
Ewcm all day, cramps & twinges, heart burn, weeing a lot, pains in boobs


Phoenixrisen82  4 years ago
9dpo: pinching/pulling pelvic area on left side, fatigue, sensitive tender breasts and yesterday had very light spotting (pink) but so light


Jessica169  4 years ago
8 or 9 Dpo . Pinching on both sides . Mild cramping on and off , Find my self peeing a lot. Heart burn. Mild Headache


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