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9 days past ovulation

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Mememe32  1 year ago
Yesterday all symptoms disappeared and dip in bbt then this morn AF type cramp ..bbs are HUGE at side's and hurt ..vivid dream of preg


machatwell  1 year ago
Woke up feeling like a zombie! The fatigue is real. Nipples have been sore for 3 days.


Queenofkings05  1 year ago
Vivid dreams every night for the past week. Boobs are very full and heavy, nipples still sensitive.




mizzluvly210  1 year ago
Got BFP today at 9dpo


mizzluvly210  1 year ago
Lower backaches, vivid dreams, milky discharge (cm), pulling and sharp pains from left ovary to uterus. No sore breast, no ib


Shellycameron  1 year ago
Had a strong pinching stabbing pains lower abdomen never had that before


Seriouslyfnny  1 year ago
Absolutely exhausted even after lots of sleep. Sore joints.


cierraclarke  1 year ago
Breasts sorer than yesterday, has gone from just nipple sensitive to full sore breasts.


KaylaStarMucha  1 year ago
No different then 8dpo. Dull cramps, sensitive nipples, legs were about last night I'm bloated..


Irishmountain  1 year ago
Bloody nose, runny nose , bloated and tired - preggers???


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