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7 days past ovulation

Em1895  16 days ago
tender breast, a cramp here and there. Had a kidney stone last month that caused infection and i was nearly septic. Thrown off since.


Em1895  11 weeks ago
Easily annoyed today. Less cramps than yesterday, but breast more sensitive near cleavage area. Nips not as sore as 2-5dpo.


Phoeboes  12 weeks ago
Boobs hurt. Nipples sensitive




Em1895  12 months ago
Cramping since 1dpo. Breasts hurt bad kinda burning and really sensitive


Em1895  1 year ago
Random yellow stretchy Cm today. Alot of cramps.


Jajamuva  1 year ago
Very faint period like cramps


tabby101  1 year ago
Heartburn which I never get boobs sore and sensitive back hurts pinching pulling on lower abdomen always hungry extremely tired


Nikkiknit  1 year ago
7 dpo- Nausea, bloating, gassy, sore boobs, feel preggo and uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy, which I always do.


AGamersWife  1 year ago
5dpo felt a sharp pelvic pain comes and go now it's a nuisance pain. My boobs had been itchy since then too. Never happened to me.


tionna  1 year ago
Still confused dont know if I feel preggo or pms.lmbo oh and my back hurts when I sit to long ????


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