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9 days past ovulation

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WishUponAStar95  3 years ago
Cold like symptoms . Feel warm - no temperature. A little bloat .


Ayosky  3 years ago
Metallic taste and sensitive nipples


JessBirnbaum  3 years ago
Light tingling (bubbly feeling) in uterus, every sore boobs and slight nausea. Egg white CM.




LaPortia  4 years ago
Nauseated, back pain is on 10, fatigue, and appetite went up.


Francobaby90  4 years ago
Felt bubbles popping in uterus area, light pink spotting very little, sore sensitive uterus like weird stretch sensation.


MAYBEBABY456  4 years ago
Horrendously painful boobs - I haven’t slept properly for 3 nights because of them


Mrsfurge713  4 years ago
Sore boobs with sensitive nipples. Twinges like a mf and I've never felt those before. Possible vvvfl this morning.


From324  4 years ago
@tasmin did you test?


Tasmin13  4 years ago
Twinges,Cramps, a warm burning feeling in uterus back ache, Brown spotting Feeling dizzy with head ache


tionna  4 years ago
@brittany1001 were you preggo??


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