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14 days past ovulation

Queenofkings05  4 days ago
boobs bigger and fuller and slightly sensitive. nipples big and darker. lower back pain. insomnia. abdomen bloated. hot flashes. legs hurt.


Mummydee81  34 days ago
Extremely nauseous! Have been for the last few days but today is the worst


MamaKesi  35 days ago
Achingly sore nips. They burn on and off throughout the day. Breast size increased. Breasts sore. Dizzy, nauseous, tired, smells, constipate




aikencdy  8 weeks ago
Noticeable pain in my left lower pelvic.


aikencdy  3 months ago
Headache in the morning and legs pain as always out of nowhere.


Numommy37  3 months ago
Light, spotting


aikencdy  4 months ago
i have blood stain on my undies.


Gizmo10  4 months ago
AF is supposed to show today. Digital was BFN yesterday. Feel all the symptoms of BFP and not my AF. Fingers crossed


tia6fulkerson  5 months ago
been spotting drops of pink for 3 days nothing more then a few drops to where I can barley see it.


bnmouw  5 months ago
Tired, had cramping on/Off the last few days, waves of nausea, tested about an hour ago and got a bfn. I'm going to try again in the morn


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