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14 days past ovulation

shanta77  3 months ago
No symptoms really..I did vomit but could have been the food..and occasional back pain...didn't get a positive on test


Nic21nac  4 months ago
I'm seeing most of the pregnancy symptoms, but the most prominent is my need to urinate. I'm going soooo often!


Adalina13  4 months ago
I have majority of the 'positive' signs. The dull cramps were quite intense yesterday and this morning. AF is expected to arrive today.




Scarlett65  5 months ago
Hip joints/back hurt. Boobs 'seem' bigger/heavier. Feel bloated, but no cramps.


Mummabear3  7 months ago
Vivid dreams and AF cramps sore under arm boobs no CM Just waiting for AF to show now


Mememe32  8 months ago
Still no AF but feels like shes here i check but nothing ?..sweating in sleep ?.not sure what going on Will test in morning if no AF


Queenofkings05  8 months ago
boobs bigger and fuller and slightly sensitive. nipples big and darker. lower back pain. insomnia. abdomen bloated. hot flashes. legs hurt.


member_294603  9 months ago
Extremely nauseous! Have been for the last few days but today is the worst


MamaKesi  9 months ago
Achingly sore nips. They burn on and off throughout the day. Breast size increased. Breasts sore. Dizzy, nauseous, tired, smells, constipate


aikencdy  10 months ago
Noticeable pain in my left lower pelvic.


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