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14 days past ovulation

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MamaKesi  2 years ago
Achingly sore nips. They burn on and off throughout the day. Breast size increased. Breasts sore. Dizzy, nauseous, tired, smells, constipate


aikencdy  2 years ago
Noticeable pain in my left lower pelvic.


aikencdy  2 years ago
Headache in the morning and legs pain as always out of nowhere.




Numommy37  2 years ago
Light, spotting


aikencdy  2 years ago
i have blood stain on my undies.


Gizmo10  2 years ago
AF is supposed to show today. Digital was BFN yesterday. Feel all the symptoms of BFP and not my AF. Fingers crossed


tia6fulkerson  2 years ago
been spotting drops of pink for 3 days nothing more then a few drops to where I can barley see it.


bnmouw  2 years ago
Tired, had cramping on/Off the last few days, waves of nausea, tested about an hour ago and got a bfn. I'm going to try again in the morn


Twinmama14  2 years ago
Crampy all day. Low appetite. Feeling nauseous. Back ache. Cervix really high that i cant reach it. CM creamy/clear. No spotting yet.


Twinmama14  2 years ago
Crampy like AF is coming. Low appetite all day along with felling


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